Facing Fury 5:13am, 5 April 2007
I don't know if this has been covered elsewhere, but my recent post in the "Do you carry your Moleskines everywhere?" thread got me thinking about this. Does anyone else carry a bag specifically tailored to or chosen because it "fits" the Moleskines?

I carry four Moleskines with me everywhere I go, and it is such an obsession that I even got a bag specifically for carrying around Moleskine sized journals and writing implements along with a cell phone, PDA, mp3 player and perhaps some keys. It's a generic woodland camouflage print military-style field bag I picked up at Target, made by Mossimo, I think. It's smaller than most shoulder bags, like a military map case I tried originally, but with more compartments and a better shoulder strap. It's actually very similar to the Revolution Tiny Shoulder Bag or Mao Canteen Bag by Triple Five Soul, both apparently discontinued.

To go to the lengths of getting a specialized bag to fit my Moleskines and the necessary writing tools and nothing else, yes, I'm obsessed and yes, I never leave at least one of my Moleskines far away. Never.

Finding the right bag for my moleskines has become somewhat of a quest, and there are specific criteria I look for: it has to be small and practical enough to carry my moleskines and other small assorted sundries without them swimming around in a lot of empty space; it has to have a rugged, yet elegant, look and feel, which like the Moleskine, would look at home in the office or in the woods; and of course it has to be durable. The one I'm lusting after right now that fits all these is the Writer's Satchel from Renaissance Art.

So, any ideas or opinions out there? Am I crazy, or am I in good company? I'm dying to find out.

By the way, my apologies, Bluman, if the links aren't allowed. I could find no better pictures of these bags to show. Just let me know and I'll edit them out.
Facing Fury 12 years ago
Oh, one more thing--I will hopefully be posting photos of my rugged little camo bag here shortly. My digital camera is out on loan at the moment, so these will have to wait.
Chet_ 12 years ago
There's a discussion on carryinig cases here:
Facing Fury 12 years ago
Thanks for the heads up. If I may, I have a respectful rebuttal as to why this would belong in said thread: the topic looks like it's specifically about carrying cases, which are for the Moleskine or any other notebook by itself, holding little, if anything, else. What I'm referring to is a messenger type bag, satchel, or backpack, which is conveniently sized for Moleskines, but can be used for a plethora of other items as well. Call it a purse, or whatever, like John Mayer did. I believe there are enough differences between a Moleskine cover and a bag for Moleskines that it may deserve an independent thread. I may be wrong, and I respect your opinion, but I think this may just be different enough. Besides, that particular thread seemed to have gone waaaaay off topic when I last looked at it. Hopefully they'll rein it in again.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that there may be some Moleskine fans out there who have the need to find the right bag or satchel for themselves, and the purchase of said bag was influenced primarily by how well it holds Moleskine sized journals, with or without a cover. As a writer always on the go, it's imperative to carry several Moles with me along with different writing tools, erasers, correction fluid, glue sticks, clear tape, etc. needed for various type of entries in the Moleskines and still have room for a cell phone and PDA.

Again, just a thought.
christyio 12 years ago
Interesting topic. I got a cheap Old Navy messenger bag to fit my laptop and notebooks, but nothing (yet) really specifically for a moleskine. That writer's satchel above is pretty!
ginny-bee 12 years ago
I have a fabulous marimekko satchel with two compartments on the front that are the EXACT size of my mini moleskines.

It's so perfect.
Helzer 12 years ago
I just recently found the perfect solution for me to this problem. Its a Victorinox travel bag (don't know which one) that perfectly accomidates the larger moleskine, and has room for the writing utencils and other sundries.
rx4all2002 12 years ago
I got a Dickies Butterslide Messenger bag a couple days before and I love it. It is a big bag, but I can fit my squared, pocket and ruled moleskines well, plus a DS,and other stuff.
heavdog 12 years ago
When I'm not carrying my big honkin' messenger bag, I carry a Sherpani Capri, which is a sling-type bag with two compartments. It's not just for the moleskines, but the moleskines are always in it, usually in the larger, back compartment. So my pens, markers and such are in the front, along with my camera and other stuff. There's usually a paperback and/or a magazine in back, too.
MaNaSsEs 12 years ago
Nice bag, but too expensive!
JoyR 12 years ago
Tom Bihn makes a variety of fabulous bags. His cafe bag comes in small/med/large and makes a great everyday bag.

heavdog 12 years ago
I usually buy my bags (yep, I confess - I have a bag fetish!) from eBags, good prices overall, but pretty killer when they have sales. And I got a $10 rebate for using Google checkout. If you haven't looked through their stock, check them out. They probably have a bag for every one of us, including Moleskine junkies :-)
~patrick 12 years ago
i just ordered this badboy...

heavdog 12 years ago
So what is it? And from where did you order it? Do tell!
hillahillz 12 years ago
no, nono. you've got it the wrong way around.

it's the *moleskine* that goes in the *bag* :)

it's only a notebook after all :))))
~patrick Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~patrick (member) 12 years ago
M-51 Engineers Bag
apparently the strap on this bag sucks, but that's a pretty easy fix...
willlaren 12 years ago
i actually just use a plastic shopping bag. there's like 15 of those suckers in there, so i look like a homeless man.
Facing Fury 12 years ago
Patrick, that's awesome. That's very, very similar to mine, except mine has a slightly different configuration of pockets, and is woodland camouflage pattern. It couldn't be more perfect for Moleskines, which is really all I carry now except for my cell phone and Dell Axim Pocket PC (which, aside from being my desktop on the go, doubles as my primary media player). The dimensions fit Moleskines in a variety of configurations. For example, this is how I have figured out the dimesions of this bag. It measures a little over two pocket notebooks wide by exactly two pocket Moles tall, and almost six Moleskines deep. If I use a large Moleskine, the measurements change to one large Mole (laying horizontally) plus two inches wide by two large Moles tall by five to six large Moles deep. Seriously, I found out exactly how many of each type of Moleskine I can fit in there. Since the Pocket ruled is my primary notebook, I found out you can comfortably fit a total of 24 Pocket Moles in that bag, or 6 large and 12 pocket, or 12 large only, as well as all the necessary writing tools and assorted minutiae. Obsessive? Yes, a bit, but quite necessary when I carry two working pocket ruled, a music notebook, a pocket sketchbook (for autographs, which I have learned opportunities for come at you anytime, anyplace), a softcover pocket weekly planner, and a pocket ruled Reporter, the latter two which I use for work exclusively.

I wish I could show a picture, but my digital camera is still on the fritz. Those to come hopefully very soon.

Seriously, do I have a problem?
speedmaster70 12 years ago
Wow, that looks great!
jjtelecaster 12 years ago
This is the one I use:


Under the big flap there're 2 small pockets with velcro which are the perfect size for a small moleskines or some cahiers, and some pen holders. Then you have a lateral pocket for a cell phone, 2 big compartments, more pockets...

adamsteelejr 12 years ago
I suffer from the same obsession! I looked at the same exact bag but decided on the Ellington Europa Field Bag instead. You can find it on ebags. I'm loving it!
Santafe1 12 years ago
I have four M's -- planner, sketch book, journal, watercolor -- and I take them everywhere. I went on Ebay and bought a large "classic" travel back pack, leather, new, 60% off of retail for all my stuff: Moleskines, pens, pencils, cell, Ipod. When I lug this around I do look I have packed for an extended trip on the other side of the globe but believe me I am obsessed and cannot go out w/o these things.
Lyric333 12 years ago
I can't resist jumping in. I am a bag fanatic, and after going through a multitude of backpacks, satchels, and art bags, I have finally found the perfect thing for my Moleskines and my art supplies: the large and/or x-large size AmeriBag, the funky looking backpack-thing that's supposed to also be good for your back. (see ameribag.com)

Anyways...the many compartments along the sides are exactly sized for large and pocket Moleskines. I can carry my Cahier journal and a couple books in the main compartment when I have it with me. Another pocket on the side is perfectly sized for my Winston & Newton watercolor kit. There's two pencil holders, one for my waterbrush and one for my pens. A pocket at the inside back is perfect for my iPod nano while the outside pocket holds my cell phone within easy reach.

The bags are relatively inexpensive, tough as nails, expandable for large and bulky items while traveling, oh - and easy on the back. :) They lay nicely along your shoulder and don't have a lot of bulk. I've seen both guys and women carrying them, so there's no panic over carrying a purse. And them come in a variety of materials and colors...although if you're doing any serious traveling or hiking, I wouldn't recommend the nicer fabric versions.
JonnyMoss 12 years ago
I'm with Joy here, I love Tom Bihn bags!
E_Journeys 12 years ago
Good choices here! I'll have to come back to this thread when my fanny pack gives up the ghost.
jchinique 12 years ago
A prerequisite to any purse or bag I buy is that my moleskine fits in the inside cell pocket, and my pens (10 or so) fit in the sunglass pocket. :)
overjoyed stomach [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by overjoyed stomach (member) 12 years ago
What's wrong with using a LL Bean Backpack?
Facing Fury 12 years ago
Hehe, nothing. :)
marleah 12 years ago
I have way too many bags, and I like to switch them up and not always use the same one. However, one that works out so that it is Moleskine-specific is my YakPak Racer. I bought it from eBags, but they appear to no longer have it. If you do a search on Amazon, you can find a picture of it. It is a small messenger bag, and under the front flap there are two pockets that will fit the pocket Moleskines. It's a tough bag, and pretty cheap as bags go - although it's a bit more casual than some would like.
overjoyed stomach [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by overjoyed stomach (member) 12 years ago
I bought a bible case for my Moleskine. It's made out of army canvas, and it has a bunch of pockets on the outside, so it's PERFECT!

And it only cost $20. :)

Oh, and it can usually hold the book I'm currently reading, too.
Facing Fury Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 9 years ago
Finally, I've gotten around to posting the photos of my little field bag. You can see how perfect it is for Moleskines. If you click on the photo it will take you to my photo page here on Flickr where you can see more of the notes.

Inside my bag.
vélovoice 12 years ago
Just found this, which hits the spot as far as I am concerned.
_dancetothis 12 years ago
i just bought a timbuk2 mini metro and i'm very pleased with it. i can fit all of my 'skines in it (regular notebook, small planner and a cahier or two) along with my other bag and journal basics. and i still have room.
tiffanyzajas 11 years ago
@dancetothis: I'm glad you posted that you've been happy with your timbuk2 bag...because I too was looking at purchasing their mini metro, and was curious if my moleskines would fit in it. Now I know! Thanks! :)
jjtelecaster 11 years ago
I have some bags in different sizes, and then I have a small one which is supposed to hold a cell phone, ipod, or camera...whatever. It has a small loop with a velcrum closure, so I can use it on the strap of any of my bags. I use it to hold pens and my cellpone. That way, when I want to use a different bag I don't have to make a big fuss about it.
Facing Fury 11 years ago
I know I keep saying in each previous post that I have found the perfect bag, but this one is more perfect, nevermind the bad grammar. It's a field bag by Rapid Dominance and is available through Amazon. It's the perfect size for carrying a couple of Moleskines and other assorted sundries. I guess for me, the size of the satchel is important, because regular messenger bags are just too big for what I need to carry, and all the extra room encourages me to be a pack rat. Here it is, you can click on the pics for the full size:

New Field Bag 001
New Field Bag 002New Field Bag, with contents

Like I said, the important thing is that I can fit a couple or three of the pocket Moleskine notebooks without them swimming around in empty canvas.
.comma h. 11 years ago
That looks great. I wonder if they make a sand color one? *checks amazon*

Thanks for the pics, Che.
Facing Fury 11 years ago
Sadly, no, they don't offer it in sand. There's a field bag by Authentic Pigment available on Amazon that comes in a sand color, except they call it putty. That was the bag I wanted, but since I got the current one for free, I never bothered. I may still order it, because I love the khaki/sand color, especially once it's worn.
feeble grape [deleted] 11 years ago
i go back and forth between wanting a bag with lots of specific compartments, and just wanting an extremely simple one. my purse is basically just one compartment, with one smaller pocket inside for wallet/pens/etc., while the main part holds moleskines, zines, planner, and a book, usually.

what i need is a bag with exactly the right amount of pockets - a main compartment for moleskines/book/zines/planner, then one for my lc-a, one for my cell phone, one for my cigarettes, and one for my wallet.
Facing Fury 11 years ago
Ah, yes. Then you should try the M-51 Engineer's Field Bag mentioned above. It's the one that ~patrick mentioned above. That's actually my next purchase.
Facing Fury 11 years ago
I just noticed your post above in which you said you'll check back when your fanny pack gives up the ghost. Why wait? It's like waiting until you fill up your current Moleskine before buying another one. Psssht. Who does that? ;)
2X45 11 years ago
I just bought a laptop sleeve from working class heroes..

they do a lovely moleskine cover too. nice little protector.
B.K. Dewey 11 years ago
(I don't know if I should be happy or sad to find people with my same obsessions.)

I don't know if my quest for the perfect bag is over, but I think I've found the two perfect bag *makers*. If I want nylon, Tom Bihn is the way to go. I have almost the complete lineup: The Id, the Imago, the Super Ego, the medium cafe bag, the Buzz, and the Aeronaut. The only one I don't think is perfect for its type of bag is the Buzz -- but maybe I just don't like sling bags. The id, in particular, is the best mid-size messenger bag I've ever had (and I've had a lot in my day). The Imago is a perfect small messenger bag, when I'm feeling minimal and carrying only an ultralight laptop (or no laptop at all). Both of these bags have great slots that are perfect for moleskines. I can't speak highly enough of these bags. (And since I'm in Seattle, I'm supporting the local economy. That always makes me happy.)

I recently bought a Saddleback Leather medium briefcase. It's a much more substantial bag than any of the Tom Bihn bags. I just throw my moleskine in the front of the divided interior pocket. This is my second "perfect bag manufacturer" -- I don't think I'll go anywhere else for leather bags.

I saw the Renaissance Leather writer's satchel referenced above. I'm also partial to that company (the whole Seattle thing again). I don't have any of their bags, but I do have the Folder Holder, one of the moleskine/3x5 cases, and a 3x5 pouch. All of these are very substantial pieces, so I have no doubt that their bags will be well-made. The Folder Holder is a particularly ingenious design that I haven't seen from anyone else. I don't use it as much any more because I now tend to carry more electronics than paper. (I did carry a pocket moleskine around in the Folder Holder.) I stopped using the Moleskine / 3x5 holder because it destroyed one of the moleskine's big appeals: it's compact size. The holder adds too much bulk. (Although it was convenient to always have the pen loop.)

In spite of my desire to support the local economy, I think I'll stick to Saddleback for my leather bags. The briefcase is well designed, comfortable to carry, built like a tank, and looks really cool. This is my bag: www.flickr.com/photos/bdewey/1567072848/

(OK, no more procrastinating, back to work...)
feeble grape [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by feeble grape (member) 11 years ago
okay, so i found my perfect bag. my thing, like i said a few comments above, was needing one with just enough pockets, but not too many or too big. and i found it - the olive n figs messenger bag on amazon.

i haven't taken any pictures of the bag yet, but it's perfect. the two front pockets are perfectly sized for my lc-a and my wallet, and it has a small inside pocket for pens and other junk. and the main compartment perfectly holds moleskines, my planner, and a book. and it looks pretty badass, too.

it's like my own personal holy grail of bags.
chicgeekuk 11 years ago
My perfect bag for my moleskines... and everything else, apparently. (GOD, I've turned into such a GIRL.)

Sunday - What's In My Bag
redhead_rachel Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 11 years ago
I love that Authentic Pigment 1902 Field Bag in denim!

*Adds grey one to Christmas List* !

Hope I added the link correctly!
Facing Fury 11 years ago
Authentic Pigment! I'm eyeballing one of those, too, but I can't decide on the putty (like a desert/sand color) or the olive drab one. Most, if not all, of my bags are already OD green, it seems to be my favourite color for "field gear," probably an acquired taste from the Marine Corps days. That's the only reason I'd consider the putty. Great choice!

I love that bag, too, I saw it on eBay, and it looked interesting. It's about the same size as my R34 field bag, which is the perfect size, but yours has more pockets.
fixed linen [deleted] 11 years ago
my bag (not only) for moleskines:

bag (not only) for moleskines
Erin Shrestha 11 years ago
This bag on etsy looks like it would serve the purpose! It looks like a manbag to me, but I would use it and I'm a girl! :)

IvanRomero Posted 11 years ago. Edited by IvanRomero (member) 11 years ago
^^ My Czech Officer's bag is really similar to that. I did not pay $30 for it. It was more like $12.

Czech Officer's Shoulder Bag

I recently purchased this bag and it fits a pocket Moleskine nicely. Cashier's also fit very nicely, on their sides, in the pocket right behind the pocket moleskine. The pen loops are a nice touch too.

Field Bag - Flap Open

I do have one of those M-51 Engineer Field Bags on the way. Should be here on the 19th. :D
jjtelecaster 11 years ago
I have one of my bags in some of my pics, but the one I'm using these days is one made of leather with room for plenty of pocket moleskines and other stuff. A present from my brother.
Colin N. 11 years ago
I am placing an order for this lovely bag.

It's a used Belgian army shoulder bag, but it is perfect for carrying a few notebooks, my camera, and some ink/pens etc.

I am considering another one they sell though, there is a nice Italian Haversack.

I just found this though, Belgian leather bag, perfect size for notebooks:
Adibi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Adibi (member) 11 years ago
After reading the discussions,it prompted me to look for a bag for my moleskine notebooks. Here is mine bag which I bought a few days ago:
Bag for my moleskine
m.fotografie 11 years ago
Any any given time, I have one of two bags I use:
+Jack Spade Leather Patrol Case - an upright messenger bag for around town
+Bree Nature Backpack-- Makes for a great "Euro" lookin' style bag
(Nathanael.Archer) 11 years ago
My Moleskines in Slovakia

A robust one that I use to carry on my moleskines, pens and so on... Merry Xmas to all ;)
Colin N. 11 years ago
Changed my mind, picked up a used WWII British Haversack

cosmiccandace [deleted] 11 years ago
Those things are cheap as chips, almost literally. I almost picked one up the other day before recalling my vast menagerie of bags.
Colin N. 11 years ago
I wish I could find them around the city here. I had to order them from the site I posted before that.

I probably paid too much, but I dig the look of them and it seems to be the right size for my notebooks, inks and camera.
airencracken 11 years ago
I think that I may have the same bag as che moleman. I call mine a "murse".
wandererchronicles 11 years ago
I have two bags I use, in addition to my actual backpack (which seems too large to fit into this discussion). The first is a monostrap pack ( www.thinkgeek.com/computing/bags/81c9/ ) which my iPod can plug into - yes, it's a backpack, but it's a small one. My laptop and a couple of moleskines fit in it just fine.

My other bag is a YakPak Flapdoozy messenger bag, similar to this one - www.yakpak.com/catalog/partdetail.aspx?PartNo=1156 - but mine is black with a 'Megatokyo' logo on the cover. I'll have to take a picture of it at some point. ^_^
Facing Fury Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 11 years ago
Wow, this topic really did take off. I'm surprised that so many Moleskine fanatics would also share my bag obsession. Or rather, I'm not surprised! I guess Moleskinners do share addictive or obsessive personalities!

Note: I've since "acquired" more bags. Not really more, just different. I sold a bunch of my older, much bigger messenger bags and replaced them with a couple of smaller, more retro field-style bags. Pictures coming up soon.

Hope everyone gets either another Moleskine or a cool bag for Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
ambie_d_d26 11 years ago
I'm going to be getting myself a timbuk2 metro bag shortly in red/plum/red. I've heard a lot about them, and it can fit my molie as well as everything else I carry on a day to day basis. So I'm pretty psyched.
jjtelecaster 11 years ago
Here's one of mine:

moleskine bag and mate gourd

I have another about the same size and larger ones (military and leather)
Anna__Banana 11 years ago
jjtelecaster, what a great photo!) nice bag
Phocion Timon 11 years ago
A couple of years ago my wife bought this computer bag to carry her small laptop. She recently upgraded to a larger laptop and could no longer use this bag. I found it in a closet and now use it for my book bag. She doesn't remember where she got it though. It's made of leather, fake stressed, with cheap plastic zippers but it works for me. It has a shoulder strap I occasionally use.

Front view
This is the front view of the bag. The Large Notebook is for scale.

Top view
Top view

Back section open
Opened back section.
calm rabbits [deleted] 11 years ago
I know I'm a little late commenting on this, but I've just found an amazing bag. It's not made especially for the moleskine, but it accommodates it quite well. It's a messenger bag made by Rickshaw Bags. You can view a Youtube video of the bag at this link: video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7699944351849998694&...
It has special, easy access pockets just for the moleskine, large and pocket-sized. It's a bit pricey though, but I really want one. ***I have no affiliation with this company at all.
E_Journeys 11 years ago
I've also got this info on another discussion thread...

Engineer's Bag

I'm currently using this M51 Engineer's Bag in my travels. (My fanny pack is still alive, but the Engineer's Bag is more convenient as carry-on luggage.) The M51 is on its maiden voyage right now and so far, so good! I've doodled on it with a silver Sharpie so that it goes with my luggage.

To get back to the original question, the bag(s) I carry must be able to fit a journal notebook. I carry one notebook at a time, along with various & sundries. What I particularly like about the Engineer's Bag so far are its pen accessibility, the front pocket on its flap, and its especially sturdy back pocket, which is perfect for holding files. Its angular construction also makes it much easier to carry by the handle than the backpack it replaced.

And I am still discovering pockets in this thing.
stevlight 11 years ago
I have used timbuk2 bags and love them--they are indestructible!! My new favorite that I have been using for a year and it looks brand new. The brand is Domke--they make camera bags. I have the J-803 digitale satchel in ballistic nylon. It has a detachable strap--the canvas ones do not have a detachable strap. that is important to me because i replaced the strap it came with, with a timbuk2 strap with deployment buckle. It allows you to make the strap longer(to wear across your shoulders) or shorter for just one shoulder. The main compartment has a great clasp that you can work with one hand--no velcro! I don't like velcro! It has velcro on the small pockets but not alot. It is waterproof and padded so I can throw my laptop in there also. The front pockets are big enough for a water bottle and one has pen sleeves. It does not look like a fancy bag so no one knows my valuable Moleskines are in there! Here is a link www.adorama.com/DMJ803.html?searchinfo=Domke J-803 Digital satchel&item_no=1
tetrari Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tetrari (member) 11 years ago
After much searching in this thread and other websites for the right bag, I finally made a decision today when I came across the REI Travel Day Bag over at www.rei.com/product/747931

dimensions: 7 x 6.25 x 2.75 inches

When I receive the bag I'll give an update on how I like it! I was just looking for a small bag to carry my two moleskines, a small book, and a few other daily gadgets, and I finally found one that looked just right for me!
m00by Posted 11 years ago. Edited by m00by (member) 11 years ago
my moleskine bag:
a manhattan portage Urban Bag

it carries 2-3 moleskines (large size, sketch, notebook, and skinny squared volant?...)

Not to mention my selection of staedtler pens, and my keys. when I'm actually in nyc, it also has my metro card, and a few other things.

I also modded it a bit to make it my own, by removing the bright red logo/patch, and sanding down the markings on the buckle... I'm weird... =D
Ssupytalp 10 years ago
My all-time favorite bags at the moment are those made by Katrinakaye, on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=15372

Their recycled army bags are great (they often have one or two kinds of vintage map bags etc as well, but I don't have one of those - yet...).
Just the right amount of space & pockets, and they are a LOT roomier on the inside than they are on the outside!

The compartments don't go all the way down to the bottom, which is a little weird at first. But now I make use of that by using a flat pouch with stuff I don't need to get at in a hurry (hair stick, small bottle with fountain pen ink, etc) and lay that flat on the bottom. That way, it doesn't really take up any space in the bag, and it sort of closes off the comparments, so things don't start to float around.

A large size Mole fits comfortably in the big compartment, with enough extra space for a pocket book, or one of those waterpaint sets.
This topic is great...Im still searchin for the perfect moley bag...
Michael Batfish 10 years ago
I also agree with the Rickshaw bags, specially designed for little Mollie. Gotta love that.
Wei Kok 9 years ago
i've just found my perfect moleskine bag...

What's in my bag?
mohamedmaher_ninja 4 years ago
I know this is kind of an old thread, but I was looking for the ideal bag for me for some time (more like 3 years or so..) and I think I finally found it! :) unfortunately I can't upload a photo (tormenting slow internet on my end), but its called a "Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster" you can google it

I like taking my notebooks with me every where I go, but I never found a bag that satisfied me (till a few days ago). I'm also a tracuer (someone who practices parkour or freerunning) and i like to freerun my way to college, training, hangouts..etc. so a normal bag was never really practical for me. But I LOVED this bag!! I was worried it wouldn't be practical to use but stragely enough It turned to be perfect for me! This is Not an ad or anything.. This bag really saved my loads of frustrating search so i thought I should share it :)
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