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Scrapbuster Swap – Round 3
Here’s are the details. If this is your third round with us – most of these will be review…but we are welcoming lots of new swappers – so I want to review the guidelines.

Round 3 – Scrappy Depression Block
One Scrappy Depression Block by JulieFrick

Kona White (or a comparable bright white quilter quality solid square middle.)
Don’t be scared of half triangles – we have a fabulous tutorial to use to make assembly SUPER easy: (Thanks CaKath!)

Gather all your scraps (modern fabrics please!) – cut them into 5 inch squares and sew on!

We are using this tutorial to make our swap blocks - a 5 inch square creates 4 - 3 inch hst blocks. Sewn together the finished block is 10.5. If you have other ways, and smaller scraps to use - just get to a 3 inch hst block and you'll be golden.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME Sign up here in this thread – committing to how many blocks you want to swap – increments of 5 please. So that means – 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 blocks. You can join at ANY TIME – as long as you can meet the ship deadline!

The swapper is responsible for shipping to me (All the blocks are sent to me – one location – to save EVERYONE postage $$)….I will then SWAP all the blocks, we’ve had great response to this swap – so you should receive a different block from each swapper. It creates such a lovely scrappy quilt! The swapper is also responsible for providing return postage, either via cash/check or pre-postage envelope. International Swappers are welcome!

Ship Deadline is July 20th

I love running this swap, but alas administrating, swapping and post office trips takes quite a commitment. Because of this, each swapper is asked to donate one quilt block. Round 2 – folks sent an extra spiderweb block, but those blocks were so timing consuming – I felt so bad! Round 3 – you have 2 choices – either send an extra swap block……or help me finish my Mod Tree quilt by designing a Mod Tree block. (Check out the Mod Tree thread for details.)

Round 3 Swappers:
{dreamfctry} - 10 -
Around the Quilt Block - 15 -
Beach Pam - 10 -
CaKath - 10 -
carocrumb - 10 -
creativeinspiraciones - 5 -
EmmaJ1 - 5 -
FairlyMerry - 10 -
flickrdeb50 - 10 -
guiltyquilter - 15 -
hehehe922 - 10 -
hip fabric - 5 -
Jennspen - 5/10 -
jmb8161 - 5 -
kckellner - 10 -
Kreated By Kari - 20 -
KyleAnn1951 - 10 -
Lisa Redmond - 10 -
lollydo - 20 -
loulouloves - 10 -
Mad Maddy - 10 -
Marci Girl Designs - 10 - 10
namawsbuzyquiltn - 25 -
neetermo - 10 -
QuiltGenius - 10 -
tator9961 - 5 -
TheCraftyBlackbird - 5 -
Watch Meesh Run - 5/10 -
Mad Maddy PRO 7 years ago
Maddy - 10 blocks
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
Quick Question...What size does the finished block end up, or does that matter?

I know that I can make one 5" block, and cut it into four (like the tutorial,) and then figure out the triangle size in order to use smaller scraps that aren't 5."

I guess my question is....should we all be prepared for slightly different sized blocks? Doesn't really matter, just curious!
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
Marci - Great question! I was going to go down in the sewing room this weekend and use the tutorial to make our scrappy depression blocks - so I can determine what the finished size will be. We will want all the blocks to be the same size.
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Kari, I think you are going to like this link. the math has been done for many size half square triangle blocks:

Don't you love it when someone has already done the math?
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Forgot to say, but we can make any size block you want with the link above giving us the numbers or telling us how to calculate the size of the initial blocks.
hehehe922 7 years ago
Sounds good! I'll say 10 blocks to start and see how much time I have!
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
How cool is that! Ok, so all needs to decide is are we sticking with the 5" size or something else!
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
I'm in for 10.
namawsbuzyquiltn PRO 7 years ago
Have any of you tried triangulations? You get PERFECT HST no measuring, since we are making many blocks they would be great to use. You can also go to google and type in half square triangles and there are many places that have free directions you can print off.
I will make as many sign up, looks like 13 currently
Somewhere I read 12 1/2" blocks , is that correct, I am confused about the 5" post
kckellner 7 years ago
I'm in for 10 blocks - can't wait!
Sew Cherry ;) 7 years ago
i will aim for 10 :) hopefully i can do more though!!
Mad Maddy PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mad Maddy (member) 7 years ago
HI all, I am a newbie so I have to make sure I understand right:

We cut 5" squares, by the time we stitch 1/2" on all sides and cut this diagonally twice, we have 4 squares.
So a block of 16 of those, 4 rows, 4 columns, will give one block?

Agree, we want all the blocks to be the same size...

Really excited about this, I have already picked the fabric for your Mod tree block, Kari, what size does it have to be?
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
Ladies watch the you tube video link at the beginning of this discussion and it will answer your question about the 5" squares!

Oh and see the other discussion post for Mod Tree Block sizes!

Hope this helps!
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
I am in for 10, and hopefully I can do 15. So put me down for 10 and if I do 15 great!
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
One more question and I swear I am done! When looking at the picture you have definite "rings" because the pinks/reds are together and then the next "ring" is shades of green. We are doing this right? But just in different colors. Like white center (always) then blues, then greens or white center then reds, then yellow. Keeping the scraps in the same tones so they stand out in "rings" around the center?

Just making sure, because this is what I will be doing!
Sew Cherry ;) 7 years ago
i just checked out that tutorial and it's sooooooo easy!!! i should definately get more than 10 done with how easy that is!!!! it makes sooo much sense! My life is forever changed from viewing that pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
I love the idea of the rings - but with this being a scrapbuster swap - it's not a block requirement. If you have the scraps to do it that way - awesome, if not, I think it's a great looking block just by itself.
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
I whipped up 6 blocks yesterday afternoon! The tutorial is easy peasy. Sadly, I used all my larger scraps with the last 2 rounds of this swap......guess I just need to cut more quilts out to create more scraps. :)
paper starfish PRO 7 years ago
So how big did the blocks end up being? I know there was a link above on different sizes but I didn't see 5" blocks on that one. I want to try this soon and make sure I'm happy with my work before I send out blocks that aren't up to
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
When I use 5" blocks to start with, I end up with four 3" HST from each pair of 5" blocks. I think that means we will have 10.5" cut blocks and 10" finished (using the 4 across and 4 down pattern).

I think the tutorial is based on 5" blocks because she was using Moda charm packs for the quilt.

We all need to remember that we're working with bias endge of fabric and it's really easy to streeeeeeetch it out of shape. I say this from sad experience!
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
I did the math from the second tutorial. 5" blocks x 64% = 3.2" HST. In a 4 block pattern, that would be 12.8" minus 1.5" seams, equals 11.3" blocks. If you trim your HSTs to 3", we would have 10.5" blocks, 10" when sewn. .

Have I answered the question or confused you more?
paper starfish PRO 7 years ago
I'm going to bow out of this one. I fear I'm not quite precise en
paper starfish PRO 7 years ago
Oops! What happened? What I said was I don't feel like I"m quite precise enough to swap in this round with this block. I would hate for my blocks to not fit in with the others to make a quilt. I"ll keep an eye out for round 4!
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Dear Paigeraper,

I hope I didn't scare you with the math. I did a practice 5" block and it all worked out magically. Had to trim the HST's a little, but that takes care of my own lack of precision. It's really an easy easy block to make.
breathe and sew 7 years ago

Where was this tutorial when I made my nephew's pinwheel quilt last year???? I may never be scared of 1/2 triangles again. Count me in for 10!!!

(we need to start a support group, like alchoholics anonymous, to help me stop signing up for swaps and bees!)
Sew Cherry ;) 7 years ago
i totally need to join that support group - we are in a lot of bees and swaps together haha!!!

Oh and i don't think the block size matters all that much really so long as everyone mkes them the same? if we all follow the tutorial using the 5 inch squares, they will all come out the same size and there shouldn't be a problem...?

and i agree about the rings. I don't really have enough scrap colours for that and it makes it quite difficult and it looks effective either way :)
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
I agree with so long as we all use the 5" tutorial, I don't really care what size the finished block ends up!

And I don't think I have enough scraps either to make the rings, I might, but now that I really think about it, I don't think so! If I can, I will, if not, oh well!
namawsbuzyquiltn PRO 7 years ago
OH goodness where can we get a support group? I need one for all things quilitng, swaps, I was in 11 last year, wore me out
Fabric- I have more than the average bear
Ok I got out my fabrics, so get ready, get set go............
Mad Maddy PRO 7 years ago
Help! I have been going through my stash. Now, I know I should be using cotton fabric. Trouble, is, my stash has been contaminated by poly-cottons from other sewing and random impulse buying.

Is there a good way of telling cotton from polycotton? Suppose I could try to iron on a high heat, it is melts, it has polyester... but not very good for the iron LOL
EmmaJ1 7 years ago
Okay. I'll do 10
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
I always lit a candle or match, and then lightly hold the fabric edge to the flame. If is melts then it has poly in it, and if it burns/chars then it is cotton. I'm sure there is a better way, but this is what I've always done. Just have water nearby just in case!
silent step [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm in please. put me down for 5.
tator9961 7 years ago
Count me in for 5 and hopefully more!!
carocrumb 7 years ago
I would love to join and happy to send 10.
neetermo 7 years ago
I would like to sign up for the swap. I'll dip my toe in with 5 blocks.
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Kari, saw your photos - wow, the blocks look great. I believe I will be upping my numbers on this block also.
QuiltGenius 7 years ago
I'll go for, to find some white kona...
kristina.withak 7 years ago
I'll start out at 10 :)
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
I think you missed it in all the conversation, but

is in for 10!

I didn't want someone to not be included because of all the chatter!
Manda Made Quilts 7 years ago
Can I initially commit to 10? If I find that I can get more done, can I change my commitment? If so, when is the deadline for that?
namawsbuzyquiltn PRO 7 years ago
Sorry I forgot to say how many..making 20 so far
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
Glad you can join.

With this swap - your block commitment is just an can actually send more or less depending on how crazy your life gets. No deadline to change your block estimate - just the ship block deadline of July 20th.

Thanks for catching that....we've got lots of gals swapping this go round - should be great fun!
Watch Meesh Run 7 years ago
Please count me in for five (or ten if I get my bum in gear). Fun!
Manda Made Quilts 7 years ago
So, we aren't concerned with the light/dark values to make the rings of the block?
EmmaJ1 7 years ago
Can I just thank CaKath again for that tutorial link?
I whipped up ALL my HST in about an hour yesterday! (And I'm making 10 blocks).
That was the best!
Now to trim them up and put them together...
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Thanks for all the thanks:) When I first saw this tutorial I was in shock. How could anything be so simple and work so well? But it does!
QuiltGenius 7 years ago
I'm also curious about the value differences in the blocks to make the rings. It looks as though some people aren't doing that. So the question is, should we or shouldn't we?
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Sounds to me (see Kari's posting above) like you can if you have the fabric, but not a requirement. It is a scrapbuster swap. But we're all using Kona white in the center. I only just got my May 20th deadlines out the door today, so I haven't decided what I am doing just yet. Probably will play with the placement of the scraps - just can't help myself.
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
Yes, some of us are doing the blocks by value and some aren't. I originally thought I would, but then after I looked through my scraps I realized it wouldn't work for me.

It is completely your choice!
Mad Maddy PRO 7 years ago
I am a bit concerned about "modern fabrics" LOL..... Thought I was going well, with bright colours and geometrics, etc, then a craft store here introduced anew "Feedsack" range, which is , after all, traditional patterns. Havent bought any yet (that was hard!!!) but they wouldnt be "modern" would they?
FairlyMerry 7 years ago
I'll join this scrapbuster group. I didn't participate in the last one, and now I have an abundance of scrap, especially after Tokyo Subway.

I'll need to purchase even more Kona white, I should just order a bolt of that stuff.

I'm in for 10 - for now. And, I love HST!
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
Welcome! I always buy at least 10 yards of Kona White whenever I have a 50% off coupon! I seem to use it for everything.
creativeinspiraciones 7 years ago
I am in for 10!
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Dear Mad Maddy, I haven't seen the "new" feedsack fabrics, but if they have a new look or new colors, then perhaps they would work. I mix anything I am unsure about in small bits with my modern fabrics. If I get the look I like, then it's mod enough for me! I don't think we are that tightly wound a group.
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
I take modern to mean fabrics printed/made in the past 5-10 years, doesn't matter the actual style. But I agree with CaKath about mixing things in! Just make sure there is no polyester! :)
Mad Maddy PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mad Maddy (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for your replies!

Kari, and all you lovely US residents, what sort of price do you pay for Kona White by the yard? Am a bit shocked at the price of it in Australia, I mean, I like to support my local shops, but it seems a lot cheaper, even with post, to order from US online shops (especially with our A$ being worth more than the US$ at the moment!)
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
I couldn't put the 'modern' fabric description any better!

Kona White is normally $6-7/yd at the local shop, I buy with a 40-50% off coupon usually. In a pinch you can get it for $5/yd at

Hip Fabric 7 years ago
I'd like to sign up for at least 5 blocks- hopefully more!
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
Great! Welcome
Beach_Pam Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Beach_Pam (member) 7 years ago
Count me in this round for 10. has Kona in every color for $5.98
Thru 5/31 use coupon code DM1105 for 10% off
lollydo 7 years ago
Please put me down for 20, I have a lot of stash busting to do :)
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
Fabulous - 2 more swappers! Welcome and
creativeinspiraciones 7 years ago
So I cleaned up all of my fabric in the hopes of having atone of fabric to will my scrap bags and I am finding that I do not have a whole lot of 5" pieces. This is good but also sad. I might not be able to reach 5 blocks let alone 10. So I might have to go to the fabric store and check out their scrap basket. :)
Jennspen 7 years ago
I'd love to join! I'm gonna commit to 5 blocks right now but hopefully I can turn out 10.
neetermo 7 years ago
So can I change my number - I'm kind of feeling like I might be able to get 10 blocks completed before school is out. My free time after school is out for the summer will be much more limited...
carocrumb 7 years ago
Mad Maddy - If you are still looking for a good quality Kona White fabric, Spotlight now have in stock a really nice quality quilters cotton which feels and looks lovely. Also if you like Denyse Schmidt fabric (playground) they now have some of this in stock too - but you may have already heard :-)
Dawn OHara 7 years ago
I just finished squaring up my HST and ended up with 244 3 inch blocks. So I am in for at least 15 finished blocks for now.
Mad Maddy PRO 7 years ago
Wow, quiltyquilter, that sounds impressive!

Thanks carocrumb (I didnt realise you were from Oz too!), I did buy my white quilters cotton from Spotlight. Will have to look out for the Denyse Schmidt on my next visit. My partner reckons there should be a dedicated "Maddy" parking spot at my local Spotlight. I am so lucky to have Spotlight 5 minutes away from my home (and Ikea too, but thats another story!)
BrandieL 7 years ago
I'm in for 5
loulouloves 7 years ago
I'm in for 10 at this stage please. Many thanks for organising.
Kreated By Kari 7 years ago
Welcome to all the new swappers! So far, we are a total of 260 swapping blocks, with 25 participants. Should be great fun!
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Hi all - I have now finished my 10 blocks and posted my photos. If I have time, I'll make more, but right now it's a wrap for me! Look forward to seeing many other blocks.
Marci Girl Designs 7 years ago
I saw your note about not shipping until after July 10 - which is what I will do along with other fabric that I will need to send you for the other bee that we are in together.

I have finished my 10 and my block for Kari! Can't wait to see what you guys create!
Is this swap full? If not, then I would love to join...making 15 blocks.

Thanks! :)
aquilterstable PRO 7 years ago
Also curious if we can still join for July 20 ship date. If so, count me in for 10 blocks please.
Kreated By Kari Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kreated By Kari (admin) 7 years ago
Welcome and

So glad you can join! We are NEVER full! As long as you can make the July 20th ship date - we would love to have you.
So...I just watched the tutorial from the link above...and that is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I think I will love HST now! Thanks! :)
KyleAnn1951 7 years ago
I think I will sign up for 10. :-)
aquilterstable PRO 7 years ago
Sorry to ask the obvious, but we can use any 'scraps' we have - no specific color we're going for?
Mad Maddy PRO 7 years ago
I think the only specification is "modern fabrics please", but with such lovely colours around.... so much choice. I have just fallen in love with Kaffe Fassett!
aquilterstable PRO 7 years ago
Great - just confirming! Thanks...
Dawn OHara 7 years ago
15 plus 1 blocks done and ready to be shipped next month.
namawsbuzyquiltn PRO 7 years ago
I am finishing up my last few , I am making 25 twenty-five, and still have the tree to make.
Will have them ready to mail for July
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Kari, will we mail to your current address on July 10 or will there be a new address for us to use? I would hate to have our blocks swirling around in the "forward to" bin at the post office.

Hope your summer is going well and that you are packing like crazy!
CaKath PRO 7 years ago
Ooops, I meant after July 10 (with July 20 as the mailing deadline).
Lisa Redmond 7 years ago
I'm in for 10. Maybe even a few more that I can squeeze in over the next few days! :)
Beach_Pam 7 years ago
The summer is getting away from me! Too much outdoor time & not enought sewing time - I'm sending 5 blocks in the mail today, plus your "thank you block". Thanks Kari
hehehe922 7 years ago
Mine are in the mail!
carocrumb 7 years ago
I have posted 10 blocks plus a thank you tree block. I have sent you a flickr message Kari.
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