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Lord V PRO 7:25pm, 13 March 2007
Tutorial on how to do an animated GIF from a sequence of photographs.

1. Take all the pics into photoshop and crop the first shot ensuring that it encompasses the same background as in all the shots. Copy and paste this shot onto the second shot.
Open the layers menu and also open the levels adjust and brighten the pasted shot as below


Align the lightened shot on top of the frame and then crop the shot and delete the layer- save the cropped shot


repeat this process for all the shots using the same copy of the first shot- don't forget to save each cropped frame including the first one.

Move all the cropped shots into a separate folder, I have an animation folder on my desktop for this purpose. Open up adobe Imageready and use the Import/folder option. You should end up with a screen like this.


In the timing bar (showing all the pics) click on the forst pic and hold down shift and click on the last pic- this should highlight all the pics. click on the 0sec timer to pull down the timing bar


Try setting them all to 0.5 sec and then click just on the first pic and set that to 1 sec. Try running the animation using the play button and see how it looks. Play with the timings until you are happy. I think it's always worth putting a longer timing on the first shot just to show where the beginning is.


When you have finished this you need to reduce the pic size. This depends on how much cropping you did in the first place but pull down the Image/Image size menu and reduce the size to give between 600 and 800 pixels on the longest side.
When you have done this save the file using the Save Optimised As menu.

You should then end up with an animated gif suitable for web posting between about 500K and 1Mb

caterpillar animation
mrselfdestruct0 11 years ago
omg... thank you Brian! I was looking for a good tutorial on this and everyone I found was very badly written.
Great explanation and demo, as always... Thanks Brian.

By the way, I just got my wife addicted to your Stereo 3D images. She's hard to impress, but she's down there going through your images as I type.

Cheers, John
Lord V PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Lord V (admin) 8 years ago
Thanks John - glad you found it useful.
Hope your wife does not go permanently cross-eyed !
Interestingly you can do 2 picture stereo wobblograms using this technique

Brian v.
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