Aleksey K. 10:19pm, 25 December 2008
Hey there

I recived a Lubitel 166b off of eBay about a month ago. The other day I was messing around with it and noticed that the viewfinder lens turns. (I don't mean the geared ring around it that's supposed to turn, I meant the actual lens itself.) So I started turning it untill it came out, I put it back in and noticed that it changes the focusing. Now I don't know what to to or how far to screw it back in.

-Thanks a bunch!
Aleksey K.
Aleksey K. 10 years ago
Oh, I forgot to mention, I shot a roll, all at infinity and all of the photos came out fine, but if I try to shoot anything other than far away things, They turn out out of focus.
chicheronis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chicheronis (member) 10 years ago
There is a topic of discussion titled' Focus stuck on infinity!' here in the Lubitel group. There are links and suggestions there.Try them and let me know.
Aleksey K. 10 years ago
The things listed on that post didn't really help me, but they gave me an idea of how to fix my Lubi.

chicheronis 10 years ago
You can always send it to a camera repairman . The work needed is not difficult in itself but requires a learning curve and concentration and tools. There's also the need for extra patience in case you are not experience in mechanical work. I have done it . It is rewarding and will teach you how to properly focus the Lubi. A skill that may not come easy for many.Cleaning the lens elements is also very rewarding. A light film on lenses ,unnoticeable while assembled is easily wiped off to yield nicer texture in the shots.
Benn Murhaaya 10 years ago
Hi chicheronis,
I've came across this and the lubitel stuck at infinity discussion today while trying to fix my lubitel and it helped, so thanks.

I seems to be common problem for with lubi. Mine came and both lenses could turn independently and the viewing lens didn't focus to infinity. I managed to set the viewing lens straight and tried the 4 screw thing... now both gears fit tightly but I will have to unconnect them once and refocus the taking lens and hopefully everything gonna be alright.

kinda makes me wonder why i didn't pick up flexaret VI for basicly the same price, but who wants camera that shoots sharp out of the box right? :)
chicheronis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chicheronis (member) 10 years ago
Well... I was just informed that Lubitel means 'amateur' in Russian .
Something I had surmised on my own or more precisely I thought it meant learner's camera . A lot of the lubis do become loose in the gears and others are simply not adjusted to focus as if they had left the factory the day the adjuster got sick(this is truer of the older ones and much less so of the 166 models) . The point of their nature being , I thought , was to learn to focus intimately by getting intimate on how the camera works for real .That made me able to go back to a collection of other tlr's and find out that they also needed adjustment. That the viewing and the taking lenses were not really coordinated so I ended up taking many rolls that only seemed to hit focus randomly . Some had more complex viewing and focusing systems and others had the adjustment on the focusing knob .Since I got the lubis for cheap I decided I would try to do my own adjusting with them as really screwing them up in the process ,a distinct possibility always , would not set me back much . After trying and being succesful I managed to get a good idea on how to proceed with the others whose brand I won't mention but were top notch .
You could have bought that flexaret and maybe it was nicely adjusted . Maybe not (I don't own one of those yet ) . Maybe it would become misadjusted by something or other loosening up a week after you got it . It can happen. With a lubi being this 'transparent' now , I feel I am more in touch with the basics of focusing which becomes a sense of power . Try that with a digital camera. For me lubitel may mean 'get serious' just as well .They do have a capable set of lenses . Just browse through other members's stuff. You will find everything. Some stuff is just stunning .
Benn Murhaaya 10 years ago
chicheronis: yup, it does mean it :) amateur or hobbyist. but i think it in the meaning of somebody devoted to his thing, lover per say...

Today, I've finished refocusing. I've refocused the viewing lens again since one day rest gave me opportunity to see it was not really focused. Then I focused the taking lens as well, shot a first roll (I had to shoot on f/8 1/250 ISO100 since it was really sunny today). I met my friend, shot her few times (It would be great if lubi would focus nearer for medium format face portraits!) few time at inifinity few times at shortest focus I could get... developed it in ID-11 punk style (hot tap water, mixed in a bucket, cooled by a fan...) and the negative looks astonishing! As I was checking it with magnifing glass while it still getting dry it was sharp!!!

This made me sooo happy I didn't choose the flexaret and didn't threw it away, I go some skills, I have this camera for not even a week and I know every screw in it. I think I will love him. :)

I had similar problem with my trusty Olympus OM-1, for another reason the film plane was misaligned with focal plane, after many wasted films, I've fixed it and now I love it... there is something great about fixing such nice things as cameras. I feel like I can do anything now (I won't do anything but I feel like it and it's nice :))

thanks for the info, I will post some scan ASAP.
chicheronis 10 years ago
Glad I could help somehow . Thanx for the developing tips . They are new to me . I will try them if I find ID-11 . I have an OM1 and did not know it could go bad that way . It´s a recent acquisition . I always wanted one . They are awesome . I was given an OM2n in 1980 as birthday gift that I still have and it works well .Again, I doubt whether the present crop of digitals will be working by the year 2039, Any of them .
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