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noisy art [deleted] 1:27pm, 19 April 2007
Introduce yourself to the group.

I am Georgia, I live in Athens Greece, am 36 years old or young.

If you are from or have been to the Lithuania, mention something or you can mention allot on your stay there.

If you feel comfortable mentioning an experience that took place there, then feel free to do so right here, we won't tell anyone.
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fluffy drop [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by fluffy drop (member) 11 years ago
Labas visiems! I am Zesa, I live in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, I'm 46 years old and I'm the owner of the Litauen Infobasis (www.litauen-info.de).
astagelyte 12 years ago
I am Asta who lives in Vilnius, just finished photography courses. I am 26 year old.
spotless bottle [deleted] 12 years ago
Paul (41) from London. In Vilnius for two weeks now but hoping to stay a bit longer if I can.
Lentavas 12 years ago
HI;) I'm Valentas. From Lithuania. born in Silute, study in Klaipeda
jennvirskus 12 years ago
I'm Jenn, I live in Lithuania, and work for a magazine as photo editor. In my spare time, I coach the national children's ski team www.kalnuslidinejimas.lt/ereliai
laarsonas 12 years ago
Im Steffen, l live and work in Lithuania/Kaunas, from Germany.
Rima - 12 years ago
I'm Rima from Lithuania :)
Edmis 12 years ago
i'm Edmundas from Lithuania, I study in Vilnius
hospitable table [deleted] 12 years ago
hi, I'm Dorota from Poland. I visited Lithuania 3 times. It's lovely country!
common jelly [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi, I'm Andrius from Birštonas, Lithuania. I live and work in Lithuania.
<Benoît> 12 years ago
Laba diena, I'm Benoît from France :)
Ramūnas 12 years ago
I'm Ramūnas from Vilnius, Lithuania :)
Gedas Girdvainis 12 years ago
Guten Diena, Telšiai, Lithuania
Kodamma 12 years ago
Hi I am Adriana.I live in Lithuania. In Vilnius.
Skaitmeninis Muilas 11 years ago
I am Vitalija, I'm old 23 years of.
I liveing in Pasilaiciai in Vilnius in Lithuania.
I love photographs.
My photographs has art in it.

Hello everybody!!!
Loeffle 11 years ago
Labas :)

Im Andreas, born and living in the Grand Duchy of Baden :)
Rev It 11 years ago
I am Andres. Live in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Saulius Krušna 11 years ago
Saulius. Alytus in Lithuania. 34 years old.
Olivia Joy StClaire 11 years ago
Labas :D I'm Joy, from Ohio. I'm of Lithuanian heritage (grandparents came from Lithuania around 1905), & would love to get there some day. But for now, I look at your photographs!!
gizzmo2z Posted 11 years ago. Edited by gizzmo2z (member) 11 years ago
i'm liat. i went to vilnius and trakai for 5 days this summer with my family to visit my mom's old high school and university friends. i also have an aunt and cousin who are lithuanian (the aunt lives in lithuania now).
rutada 11 years ago
Hi, my name is Ruta. I'm from Vilnius. Nice to find such group in Flicr.
Gremliniuke 11 years ago
hi,i`m ruta from lithuania,marijampole..i love photography and i`m very amazed that i have found this group in FLICKR ;) P1010407
ivama 11 years ago
hi, i'm iva, czech republic.
i spent only 4 days in kaunas, but i like it.
in some way it reminds me my country, my childhood...
ukybartas 11 years ago
My name is Ugnius. I like living in Lithuania, but not very much during winters.
I'm not a professional photographer, but photography is a hidden talent in my DNA. :)
Graham Hodgson 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Graham, Crewe in England!
I visited Lithuania with my girlfriend to see friends in Winter '04. We didn't see as much snow as I expected, but it was still a lovely place!
Croson Farms 11 years ago
Labas. My name is Gerald. I live in Arkansas, USA. My wife and I made two trips to Lithuania in 2005 to adopt our son Lukas. We chose Lithuania because one of my grandmothers was Lithuanian. My heritage really helped the process.
dilgeliuarbata 11 years ago
sveiki visi =) I am Rasa from Mazeikiai, Lithuania
doribig Posted 11 years ago. Edited by doribig (admin) 6 years ago
Hi for everybody!
~* Cute Doll *~ 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Ugne.I like in the capital of Lithuania -Vilnius.I'm 18.:)
healyium 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Ian from Halifax, Canada. My first trip to Lithuania will be in May and I am very much looking forward to it! Cheers.
doribig 11 years ago
why you are coming here? =)
feigned action [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi! I'm Anna from Poland :) I visited Lithuania twice - July 2006 and August 2007. Absolutely I love this country :)
vytisn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by vytisn (member) 11 years ago
Hey everybody...
My name is Vytis (same as Lithuanian blazon) and I'm proud to be lithuanian.
Good to find such group.

See you in Kaunas ; )
P a U L i u S 11 years ago
Hello, I'm Paulius from Kaunas, it's in Lithuania :-)

Drozdik 11 years ago
Hello, I am Nastia. i was borne and lived in Lithuania for up to 4.5 years ago, when i moved to England. nice to meet you all!
Do. 11 years ago
hello :) Dovile from Lithuania, Vilnius :)
disaogthora 11 years ago
Hi! I´m Asdis from Iceland. Been to Lithuania ten times, both for work and as a guest. Some of my best friends are Lithuanian and sometimes missing them it´s nice looking at photos from you guys!
ošiantis 11 years ago
Hello everybody, I'm living and graduating from Vilnius University at this time. Previously used to live in Kaunas, Jonava and Alytus :)
ilma b 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Ilma. Originally from Kaunas, Lithuania. Now live in California, USA.
sarune zurba 11 years ago
Labas. I am Sarune from Vilnius
Ivan JRG 11 years ago
Greetings =]
Nice to see so many diffirent people here.

My name is Ivan, graduating student who lives in Vilnius, Lithuania =]
mrarturas 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Arturas from Kaunas. Lived in London for last 10 years...
lina jarmond photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by lina jarmond photography (member) 11 years ago
labas visiems. Net nezinojau, kad flicker turi tokia faina grupe :)

My name is Lina, and I currently live in North Carolina, USA.
F a b i o 11 years ago
Labas :-) I'm Fabio, I'm Brazilian but living in UK, I think Lithuania is a great country, I love the culture, the places, history etc... I would like to learn more about it and maybe one day go there for holiday :-D
P a U L i u S 11 years ago
Welcome! Feel free to participate in our discussions, vote in the contests, share photos and have a good time :-)
antanask 11 years ago
Lina, smagu girdeti geru zodziu.. Lauksim tavo lietuvisku interpretaciju - gal tai net stumtels diskusijas, kokia turetu buti si grupe.

Su geriausiais!
mdanys 11 years ago
I am Mindaugas from Vilnius.
Thanks for sharing your photos!
lukristina 11 years ago
Labux, im Kristina, Currently living in London.Love photography, lucky to find you
whole harbor [deleted] 11 years ago
laimoncia, vilnius. myliu vilniu :)
fresh-cherry Posted 11 years ago. Edited by fresh-cherry (member) 11 years ago
Labas :)) My name's Lucie, I'm from the Czech republic. I spent 10 days in Lithuania in October, visited a lot of places of this beautiful country and I still have many friends there. They came to visit us in return (it's a school project) in May this year so one of the Lithuanians stayed in my home. Lithuanians are very nice people, I really like them! Look fwd to my photos. ^^
kastytis 11 years ago
Julius aka kastytis -- found this group by doing a search. In Hamilton Canada. Canadian/lietuvis, born in Canada, been to Lietuva several times, developed my love of photography when in Lithuania/Lietuva. I like to think my work is inspired by my Lithuanian upbringing, but from afar. Hamilton flickr group. It's great the world can connect like this where before my parents' homeland seemed like a fair tale myth. Now I see daily photos. Long live the web and long live flickr.

andriuspeleda 10 years ago
I`m Andrius from Lithiuania. I live, work and study in Vilnius, where i was born.
optimal hobbies [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sparkling trends (member) 10 years ago
Arnas Žiedavičius, bŪsimas studentas iš Panevėžio /
tfrisch99 10 years ago
I am thorsten. I am from Germany, but since one year, 1month and 10days I am living in Vilnius.

Who is intrested to make togehter pictures in and around Vilnius?

Hello everybody, my name is Justinas, I'm from Kaunas, Lithuania :)
rakteliai 10 years ago
I'm Aukse from Lithuania, Vilnius. Myliu Lietuvą ir jos kalbą kasdien vis labiau, ypač po ilgų kelionių sugrįžus :)
*vapaus 10 years ago
I'm Alyssa from the United States. My first time to Lithuania was the end of last month.
even place [deleted] 10 years ago
Laba diena, I'm Sydney from the US. Moved recently to Vilnius from Kyiv. I am in love with Vilnius -- and hopefully the rest of Lithuania when I get a chance to see more.
P a U L i u S 10 years ago
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing interesting photos of yours in this group :-)
celofanas 10 years ago
Hello everybdy!. I'm Tomas from Mazeikiai/Vilnius :)
hi ,my name is violeta .i'm from kaunas ,but i live in italy 20 years ,i like to visit your group
healthy horses [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm Evaldas from Panevėžys-Vilnius :)
The Art of Feeling 10 years ago
Iam Tristanas. Just comeback from Moon.
kristupas.milasius 10 years ago
Hello, I am Kristupas from Vilnius, Lithuania ;)
l.e.g.e.n.d.a Posted 10 years ago. Edited by l.e.g.e.n.d.a (member) 10 years ago
Sveiki! Hello! I'm Jaroslav (a.k.a Jaroslavas, Jaris, Jarekas, Jarek). My native land is Turgeliai - village near to capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. Since 2000 live in Kaunas, where came to begin studies.
Photography becomes my hobby just several months ago =] I simply love to freeze moments.

Thank you for great shoots! ;]
Vėjūnė 10 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Vėjūnė and I'm also from Lithuania, from Kaunas. I'm 19 years old and I'm a university freshman :)
I love Lithuania as much as I love photography :)
amber912 10 years ago
Hello, I'm Jūratė. I'm Lithuanian and I live in Kaunas.
past cast [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello , I'm Edy , ( Edis , Edvinas , kaip tik manes nevadina ) and , I'm from sun city , or Šiauliai. :) Happy to be here.
rhoro 10 years ago
Hi , i'm Romain from france ( my grand mother was lithuanian )
great group for a beautiful country ;)
mikescottnz Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mikescottnz (member) 10 years ago
Visited Lithuania/Lietuva in 2006 . I live in New Zealand ,there are more Lithuanians living in nearby Australia. I have an Irish heritage one of my favourite towns is Chicago in the USA , with migrants from both these nations and many others. Would like to return during a summer.
Happy Millenium for 2009 !
foje64 10 years ago
Hi I'm Jan from your neighbour Sweden. Live in Strängnäs not far from Stockholm.
Visited Lithuania for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful and interesting country. I was in Vilnius, Kaunas and Trakai, all ver nice places!
workable horn [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Ieva from from lithuania from Panevezys :))
anatolijamaria 9 years ago
I am Marija from Kaunas. I am amateur in photography....
great show [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by great show (member) 9 years ago
Hi everyone. My name is Barry I live in London England and will be visiting Lithuania for the first time next week, staying in Vilnius but visiting some places outside the city too.
Paska photography 9 years ago
Hey as Paulius ish Kauno/ from Chicago Labas visiems!
HDR fotos?
Lab Twat 9 years ago
Hello!I'm Živilė from Vilnius,Lithuania!:)
Hi :-)
Nicola, from Italy.
I had a trip to Lithuania in 2005 and did love it.
;))) 9 years ago
Hi, my name is Edita I live in Reading UK but my hometown is Raseiniai, Lithuania ;))
Dluga droga do domu 9 years ago
Kasia from Poznań (Posen), Poland :)
juanchonesa 9 years ago
Labas !
Juan from Colombia, spent one month in several cities in Lithuania, loved the country and people, no so much the winter tho :)
half of my life is there!
gabuciukea 9 years ago
Hii.;} I'm Gabija, a.k.a. gabee from Vilnius, Lithuania and I just LOVE photoshooting ;>>
adhesive silver [deleted] 8 years ago
my name is Rebecca, I'm from Italy but I'm living in Vilnius for Erasmus project right now =) I'm in love with this country!!
Tiina- 8 years ago
Hi , Im Augustina from Lithuania, Klaipėda. I love photography :)
PeteZab 8 years ago
Labas! I'm Peter and live in Nottingham (UK); my father was Lithuanian. We managed to visit Vilnius and Kaunas this year so that my children could meet their relatives and although we do not speak the language we had a wonderful time.
Janina Leonaviciene 8 years ago
Labas, Aš Janina. Esu žemaitė, bet jaunystėje aviacija atvijo į Prienus;)
Hi to everyone, nice to meet you here. I'm Janina from Southern part of Lithuania (Prienai)
bizarre kettle [deleted] 8 years ago
Yo!.....Im Gintas i live in Cambridge (England) for over 11 years now, but moving back to my beloved Lithuania this summer....cant wait!!...so excited!!. Photography and graphic design is my passion, looking forward to do lots of work in lithuania and meet some interesting lithuanians who has the same passion. love you all people;)
drawgas Posted 8 years ago. Edited by drawgas (member) 8 years ago
Sveiki, Mantas is Vilniaus. Fotografas megejas :)
Jau kuri laika Flickr'yje, bet tik neseniai sumasciau paieskot Lietuvos grupes :) Ir net nustebau pamates, kad joje yra tiek nariu.
Tiesa, nepanasu, kad grupe butu labai aktyvi, ar tik man cia taip atrodo?
P a U L i u S 8 years ago
Sveikas prisijungęs :-) Taip, grupėje žmonės nėra labai aktyvūs - seniau darydavom nedidelius konkursėlius, tačiau ilgainiui labai mažai kas bebalsuodavo...
drawgas 8 years ago
Taip, maciau konkurselius :)
Visai smagu butu sudalyvauti, paaktyvinti zmones.
Juk fotografuoja, kelia nuotraukas, gal ir zodi tartu koki
Gdaiva 8 years ago
Sveiki! Malonu, kad visdelto tiek lietuviu prisijunge, nors ir nelabai aktyvus. Gyvenu Amerikoj 16 metu. Las Vege ir Alaskoj
Kristijonas Dirse 7 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Kristijonas from Lithuania, Vilnius.
There are some of my works:
Weakvoices 7 years ago
Hi, I live in Stockholm and began to travel to the Baltic States for over 10 years ago. Have been in Lithuania a few times now, the coast, Kaunas and Vilnius, and some traveling by car.

I hope with my pictures show some of what I experienced in Lithuania, a friendly and exciting country so close to Sweden, and still both very similar and different. Which makes it exciting and stimulating.

Best regards, Johan Larsson
Sadovnik Muller 7 years ago
Iam Sergey from Belarus, 45 years old
xpisto1 7 years ago
I am Chris, born in Malta, grew up in England, living in Poland for the last 7 years. I was in Vilnius in April, and look forward to returning soon for a longer stay.
baptman1 6 years ago
Labas, Hi!

Thomas from Paris.i had been living a bit in Lyon then two years and a half in Germany: in Frankfurt M then Berlin.

I have a Lithuanian band singer friend from Klaipeda but who is currently living in Vilnius.Unfortunately i've never been to Lithuania- but i am looking forward to one day in Vilnius at her place's
Ell@neese 6 years ago
Hello everyone :) I am Elena, from Lithuania. I lived in USA for a while, but now I am back to where I belong :) I am so surprised to see so many people from all over the world here :) It is really great!
danielepescatore 6 years ago
i'm daniele, from naples in italy, i've been in lithuania this summer and i can't wait to be there again!!
Joie 50 6 years ago
Hi..My name is Johanna Born in Chicago, IL USA. My grandparents on my dad's side were both born in Lithuania.

Although yet to visit this most beautiful country, the pictures posted on this site allow me to dream in anticipation of when I do...

I am so very proud of my Lithuanian hertitage...

Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy this most beautiful country!
J.O.S.H.U.A. 6 years ago
I'm Daniel from Munich, Germany. Met some really nice people from Lithuania a few years ago and visited the country twice since then. More visits will follow for sure :-)

Joie 50 5 years ago
My name is Johanna, I am of half Lithuanian descent, both my dad's parents were born & raised in Lithuania. I am my dad's daughter. Although not yet having visited, I will.

I am very proud to be Lithuanian & I so appreciate this site, being able to view this incredibly beautiful country through others; Thanking all the contributors to this site!
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