Tracy Sutherland (was OSD) 4:22am, 24 October 2013
I have to confess, I find the idea of "exceptional" very intimidating. Can't be too easy or it will be ordinary instead of exceptional, can't be too hard or I might muck it up...

I think I know what I'm going to do though - another idea that has been floating around in my head for ages. It will take me the full two weeks to pull it all together though so I think I'm going to need a back up idea in case it doesn't work out.
redwoodscoast 5 years ago
=) You've got this!

I popped my shoulder out of socket after a fall from a rockface during a shoot - so I'm trying to think of what I can do without aggravating it too much!

I think the images from this assignment will be really freaking great!
Ian York 5 years ago
My exceptional photo. The " Hitting The Wall" for assignment #14 had a little help from photoshop, so for this assignment I decided to do it all through photography and other than curves and saturation tweaks, this is all in camera.

Assignment 15
redwoodscoast 5 years ago
Ian York:

That is all in camera/!?!

Let's see the setup shot please! I'm so curious! What is the subject?!
Ian York 5 years ago
This is a similar set up for my shot above

Set up for 15
Well executed, Ian
Never Enough Time (John McAllister) Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Never Enough Time (John McAllister) (member) 5 years ago
I'm extremely pleased with the composition of this image. I'm not so pleased with the over-processed look but that's down to my post skills. Nevertheless, it took a fair while walking back and forth, trying to get just the right perspective, waiting for the exact moment for the light. I feel that I made this image.

Cold in the City

There again, this one is a contender too. I am much happier with the processing, the texture and contrast draw me in with plenty DOF. Being shot from down low, it took several shots at varying angles until I found the perspective I wanted.

Metalworking [Explore on 4th Nov 2013]

Very different subjects to choose from, now which one?.
amusing stove [deleted] 5 years ago
Never Enough Time (John McAllister):

I would go with the first one John, i think it suits the assignment better...
annwstudios 5 years ago
My Image for the assignment is a Bao game board. Bao is a popular game in East Africa.

thur-assign15-ann-wahome by annwstudios
stephhoney 5 years ago
Tracy, I am also finding this intimidating, as I don't think I've ever had an "exceptional" photo and if I only wish I could just crank one out.
Chris_Dean 5 years ago
Never Enough Time (John McAllister):

I'm with Andras. I like the second one but I much prefer the first one, and I think the processing adds to the heavy mood of the weather / clouds, and makes it look like a futuristic / historic mashup (e.g. the Walkie Talkie and the Gherkin vs. Tower Bridge, with the streetlights somewhere inbetween).
amusing stove [deleted] 5 years ago
here is my submission for this assignment...
...and this is the original file...
Never Enough Time (John McAllister) Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Never Enough Time (John McAllister) (member) 5 years ago
Inspired by the recent CL broadcast, I decided to set myself a challenge to try something new (to me).

I used one flash, set in different positions over six separate shots and compiled in Photoshop. It is surprising how time-consuming this can be.

Assignment 15: Becoming Exceptional

Here are the individual images.

BTS for Assignment 15: Becoming Exceptional
Exceptionally ridiculous?

I give you: Pool Dancer

Assign#15 exceptional

(one of eight dancers, by the way, for which I think we deserve full credit in the "make not take" department)
Paula Puffer Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Paula Puffer (moderator) 5 years ago
That is a great shot Tracy.

Ian I really like your shot as well. I had no idea what you had done when I saw it.
Thadd G 5 years ago
OK....exceptional....well....I put a lot of effort into it, but I'm not exceptionally pleased with my shot. I thought I'd do a product shot and really pushed the envelope by doing a shot of water splashing off a shampoo bottle. So picture this if you can: I have the bottle sitting on the shelf in the shower with my camera on a tripod. To the left is one flash with an umbrella partially open so that I can put the light stand around the toilet and still fit it in the shower, to the right I have another flash bare with a blue gel bouncing off the wall. I'm throwing water at the bottle a cup at a time and trying to catch the splash as it happens. Come to think of it, no wonder I'm not overjoyed with the result! I spent hours trying to get it just right, and this is the only shot I'd even consider posting. I hate how the splashing water partially obscures the Suave logo, I suspect if it were done for an ad for Suave, it would be rejected on that basis. I'd love to see a studio set-up for a shot like this.

So here's the shot I called

Moisture Made Easy

Moisture Made Easy
Damian Powell Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Damian Powell (member) 5 years ago
I haven't had chance to make a shot for this assignment. I've been really busy with both work and some stuff for the band. However, since the band-related stuff has included a lot of photo and video work, I thought I'd slip some in for this assignment. So here goes.

Rannoch - Between Two Worlds (Album Sleeve)

Rannoch - Between Two Worlds (Album Sleeve)

This is the work-in-progress artwork for our album that's out later this month. It's not finalised yet because we need the proper barcode details and we need to decide on the exact physical format so that we can get the dimensions for each panel, and the spine. In fact it will probably be a 6-panel digipack (rather than the usual plastic jewel case) so there will be two spines, possibly of different sizes.

The image is the interior of an old, abandoned school. We wanted to try to show two different aspects of the same physical location which is why we have the dark stairs going up, and the light corridor going into the distance. As you can imagine, that was quite a challenge from a dynamic range point of view. While it's not HDR, in the tone-mapping sense, it is a combination of exposures with some blending to make them match a little.

We also wanted to make the whole thing feel quite grungy so I overlaid a couple of textures on the top. Both of the textures were from images taken at this location because we wanted to make all of the artwork from real things that we physically went out to find, rather than using images from the interwebs. Picky, I know, but if fits with the ethos we've had for this whole of this album. That is, almost everything was made or done by us, with the exception of the mixing and mastering which we had done by a professional. The two textures we used in this image were some pealing paint from a wall which is most evident on the bottom few steps of the stairs and the ceiling of the corridor; and a fabric-like texture from the top of a broken suitcase that was starting to go mouldy. This second texture is most evident in the centre of the image on the wall, and in the dark areas.

This is still a work in progress as we don't know the final dimensions yet. we may also tweak the foreground of the image a little. Please excuse me for posting an image that wasn't made for this assignment, but I've put quite a lot of work into this so far, and I feel that it probably fits the assignment. At least, I hope it does! I shall not be able attend the review today - more busy band stuff - so if you have an comments, or if Don doesn't know what he's looking at, please feel free to jump in on my behalf!

Here are some of the source images.

DLP_4132 DLP_4123 DLP_3890 DLP_5143 DLP_3974
amusing stove [deleted] 5 years ago
Thadd G:

I love this image. Looks fresh, the blue gel is a great idea, well done!
Chris_Dean Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Chris_Dean (member) 5 years ago
Whoops, I'm flying very close to the deadline again.

This is Ruben, a Spanish rap producer living in Bristol, but still creating work with his friends in Spain via the wonders of the internet.

Ruben responded to my ad looking for bands to photograph for my portfolio, and we met this morning for a shoot.

We did a few different setups, and I really struggled to choose between these two photographs in particular:

Blowin-up-treez-November-2013 50_edit

Blowin-up-treez-November-2013 61_edit

Ruben's asked me to send him the photos ASAP, as he's been interviewed for a Spanish magazine, and they need a photo for the article, so fingers crossed for a tearsheet!

You can listen to his music here:

EDIT Here's the tweaked version following the critique:

Blowin-up-treez-November-2013 50
Chris_Dean 5 years ago
Really fantastic work this week everybody!
Thadd G 5 years ago
Yes...some really outstanding work in this thread. Great work everyone.

First one for me, with leading lines and interesting background.
Chris_Dean 5 years ago
Never Enough Time (John McAllister):

Thanks John - there's just something about that great big stove thing in the second photo that I find appealing.
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