John FotoHouse 6:16pm, 22 February 2010
Thank you Tim for last weeks theme and thanks to Little Miss VB for providing us with this weeks theme ... The First Signs of Spring ... macros at the ready folks ;-))

Please post your images here, medium size. Usual rules apply and can be found here:

but mainly:

- Photos should be taken after the theme is posted each Sunday
- One photo from each person each week

If you want to post something that you've shot previously that fits with the theme then by all means do so - BUT NOT UNTIL THE NEXT THEME HAS BEEN POSTED. That's quite important. That's why it's in capitals. (Taken from the above guide.)

Have fun!
JupiterDew 9 years ago
well that rules me out unless i sell my soul to santa for a macro lens lol
Moonrhino 9 years ago

I have Canon fit Kenko extension tubes I'm happy to loan out. flickrmail me if you are interested and can collect from Leeds City Centre.
Little Miss VB 9 years ago
First signs of Spring through the snow
John FotoHouse 9 years ago
Nice shot and a great start to your theme this week :-)
first signs of spring! you've got a dark humour John ;oD he he!
JupiterDew 9 years ago
Thank you Moonrhino that's very kind, I'll get back to you
tim2ubh 9 years ago
Signs of spring (by tim2ubh)
(Does going to Kew count as cheating?)
JupiterDew 9 years ago
42/365 Spring showers
weak attempt i know but am suffering with the foot and a sick child
si's donkey 9 years ago
first signs of spring
baggyjumper Posted 9 years ago. Edited by baggyjumper (member) 9 years ago
Catkins - Spring
DrupkaTheUnclear 9 years ago
There are resolutely no signs of spring round my way (snow on Ilkley Moor this morning!) though I've discovered the reason that I don't have any snow-drops flowering, is that *something* is eating the growing tips!!!!!
Damn - I've totally failed to get a cliche shot! ;-)
John FotoHouse 9 years ago
hyacinth ...
foto.phrend 9 years ago
first signs of spring
John FotoHouse Posted 9 years ago. Edited by John FotoHouse (admin) 9 years ago
crocus ...

Alternative photo for LeedsFlickrGroup TOTW #159 'First Signs of Spring'... Temple Newsam Estate - Leeds
disastrous hands [deleted] 9 years ago
Spring is Here
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