Daniel Hans Peter Christensen 8:56am, 27 September 2011
Hello fellow photographers! :)

I just got me a wonderful Konica C35 EF camera and it looks to be in excellent condition. The light meter also seems to be working fine, but i'm not sure how old the cell battery is. I read somewhere that these mercury cells are very hard to kill off, so I am thinking if it works fine it wont be necessary to replace it? But then again, if I were to replace it, what replacement battery should I choose? Some people say it will work great with a 1.5v alkaline cell battery, but won't the higher voltage damage the cameras electronics?.. :/

Thanks in advance!

- Daniel Hans Peter Christensen
Barreur/Skipper 7 years ago
I have a C35 and did a test with a zinc air battery (1.35V) and a 1.5V battery. At 400 ISO, there's a max. difference of ½ stop overexposure between both readings. So, don't worry. Use it with a 1.5V battery. It's gona be fine. Or increase the ISO setting by ½ stop with a 1.5V battery.
darronbarnes Posted 7 years ago. Edited by darronbarnes (admin) 7 years ago
I personally prefer the Zinc Air 1.35v as it has a very similar drop off to the original mercury cell towards the end of its life. I found that the 1.5v gave me some funky readings towards the end of its life and this was not evident until film development.

One thing to note though is to insure you drill a small air hole in the Konica C35 battery screw cap as mine never had any and it can starve the Zinc Air battery of air which in turn will play with its performance.
ChrisPerriman 7 years ago
The zinc air ones are pretty cheap and fit without any modifications. Look on ebay for 'zinc air hearing aid batteries'.

i never thought about drilling a hole to let it 'breathe', makes sense though.
Hyun Yu PRO 7 years ago
I put in a Rayovac "green choice" hearing aid battery in my C35. It's rated at 1.45v. I just got my first test roll through the C35 back, and the exposure seems spot on. At the local drug store, the Rayovacs were $11 per set of eight, expiration date of Jan 2016. These aren't zinc air, so no need to drill an air hole, and the size is spot on as well.
Hans Pama 6 years ago
I have a 1.4 hearing aid battery, the lighting seems a little off compared to my manual lightmeter.
Also, the size is a little smaller than the original, but it seems to work.
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