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Kununurra Historical Society ADMIN April 2, 2017
CALLING ALL Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums and any other Private, Non-Profit Historical Societies, 'Keeping Places,' Business (linked to region with archival material eg. the Argyle Diamond Mine), Government, or Private Collecting Institutions, that may have images of the Kimberley Region as an experiment in making Kimberley history more 'Discoverable,' hence MORE 'Accessible' to all!

Group Description

Anyone is welcome to add their #KimberleyHistory photographs to this group pool. Please DO put information and accompany the photographs with any stories that are relevant.

About #KimberleyHistory in ANY collecting institutions (GLAM Sector) anywhere in the World, or any Private Collections to use this single 'hashtag' (#KimberleyHistory) for any posts on Facebook or Twitter to Help Make #KimberleyHistory Collections More Discoverable! (FB preferred for more than 140 characters :^)

Warning! This site contains images of people who are deceased.

This it is hoped will be a Flickr Group for anyone with an interest or with a Kimberley Region (Western Australia) Collection of history - Photographs or scans of documents to share to create a history collection of images of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, in particular we are asking that records from the Kimberley are held by Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (the GLAM Sector :^) and other collecting agencies and institutions as well as many records tied up in Private Collections from all over the Globe.

Search YOUR Collection now then Post to us on FB with some statistics? See and FOLLOW the #KimberleyHistory Group on Facebook - All are welcome to assist us in "Making #KimberleyHistory more Discoverable for All!"

Kununurra and the Ord - Part of #KimberleyHistory - Share Yours to Share in our History!

Has your archive got images of the Kimberley? - Be part of this use of Flickr for Accessibility.

View the profile of this group's Creator - Visit the KHS Gallery, Archive, Library & Museum (GLAM Sector ;^) ; & Research - OR go to []

Group Keyword:
[Do same for others as a single word ending like these with "History" eg #DrysdaleRiverMissionHistory

History Kununurra Wyndham "Halls Creek" "Fitzroy Crossing" Camballin Derby Broome Stations "Aboriginal Communities"

Member Keywords


For more detailed information on this Project of Discoverability see the KHS website...

Group Rules

#KimberleyHistory - Group Rules

This Group #KimberleyHistory - Started life as Kimberley History in Archives with little success in 2011 - So re-vamped in March 2017 - See - :^) - Group Pool Rules - Group Keywords to Use - General Group Rules.

Group Member Keywords

If possible create the following main tag and add this to each image, uploaded to the group pool, as follows.

1. Use this main tag KimberleyHistory (Note that when entering TAGs or Keywords in Flickr there is no need for the hashtag] for the " Kimberley History Group Pool (The Group Tag) - Other Group TAGs that are encouraged for the Town, Station, Community - Use eg. (ignore the hashtag) #BroomeHistory - #DerbyHistory - #MargaretRiverStationHistory

Any #KimberleyHistory photographs (not general contemporary scenery photos) of any Kimberley History

The better tagged the image the more likely it is to be found in search engines, and or data harvesting.

General Group Rules

As well there are the following general rules for the group.

1. Honesty, fairness, independence and respect.

The KHS has four key values for this Flickr Group: honesty, fairness, independence and respect. Try to incorporate these values into any work you contribute to KHS, and also in your interactions with other members of the KHS group on flickr.

2. Keep it legal.

The KHS is responsible for all content published on it's site, so any material which could put us in legal hot water may not be approved or will be deleted. This includes material which is defamatory, and material which is in breach of copyright.

3. Play nicely.

We welcome debate and dissent, but personal attacks are not OK. We ask all group members to think about the context of their comments, and the likely affect they may have on other people.

4. Commercial material.

KHS is not a commercial space, so please respect this. While you can link to your personal site, advertising on this space is not appropriate and will be removed.

5. Appropriate images and themes.

To keep the pool safe for viewing at home and at work, no nudes or pictures with disturbing themes are allowed.

They will be removed by moderators if deemed inappropriate.

That's all there is to it. Easy! Thanks for joining.

Welcome and Hope you enjoy the Group

Ord History in Archives Group Rules - Group Keywords to Use - General Group Rules.

Seriously if you've come this far please consider contributing your archival images to this valuable contribution to accessibility for this remote and in history, very inaccessible unique region of the Kimberley.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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