Laura Burlton - 1:53pm, 17 September 2005

This print is a 10 x 10 inch silver geletain, selenium toned print handprinted by me on fibre based archival paper. The original was taken with a holga camera. the print will be signed and shipped in a flat pack envelope to the highest US bidder. Thanks for bidding. Auction starts at $30.

Bidding closes at 8:00PM EST on Sept 23rd 2005.

NOT A FLICKR MEMBER? Email your bid! Be sure to include your name and bid amount in the body of the letter.
Bill Vaccaro 13 years ago
This is an amazing photograph, Laura. I'll start the bidding off at $30.
glamorous cabbage [deleted] 13 years ago
Wow--another photog still working in (high-end) traditional B&W materials. (And very generous of you to offer this for auction, considered the time/$ involved.) I'll raise it to $35; I wish I could do more.
*ivo* PRO Posted 13 years ago. Edited by *ivo* (member) 13 years ago
I raise it to 50
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