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jessprkle 3:42am, 2 February 2007
if so, i'd love to see your shop! share it, please!

here's mine:


anyone else?
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complete hat [deleted] 12 years ago
bunnyhop PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bunnyhop (member) 12 years ago
Hello here's mine
eight bucket [deleted] 12 years ago
maile&justin 12 years ago
I am! fossa.etsy.com
pammcfadyen lurearts 12 years ago
KatKrafty 12 years ago
WinifredZB PRO 12 years ago
feingoldjewelry 12 years ago
1Cher 12 years ago
Count me in!


Now I'm going to check every one you you out!! Whee hee!
actually hill [deleted] 12 years ago
uniq_pieces 12 years ago
I am from etsy and pretty new both in etsy and flickr. Do check out my shop.

equi.libria 12 years ago
Mme. Bisoux 12 years ago
This is my etsy shop:

jittery advice [deleted] 12 years ago
I am! *waves to everyone*

dramatic wave [deleted] 12 years ago
msbellee PRO 12 years ago
I'm on Etsy too! Have a look around my shop!

L8o PRO 12 years ago
"Welcome!" all you New Members!
aspiring pet [deleted] 12 years ago
calm idea [deleted] 12 years ago
Hı from Turkey...
norahz 12 years ago

I too am on etsy. Check out my shop!
Anna Stassen 12 years ago
Hello I'm on etsy too

Pavoreal 12 years ago
I'm also on Etsy!
uniq_pieces 12 years ago
I m also on etsy.

L8o PRO 12 years ago
Nice to see all you Etsy members here. I just love browsing all your work. :`))
liquidanbar PRO 12 years ago
mee too :)

mebdesigns.etsy.com 12 years ago
Lots of etsyites here! Glad to be in your company. www.mebdesigns.etsy.com
charmednblum 12 years ago
Yep. I love etsy!
The Family Brick PRO 12 years ago
LOL, I'm on Etsy too: aprettyrock.etsy.com
red rose [deleted] 12 years ago
budgie100 12 years ago
Cicely Margo 12 years ago
Hi there!

my etsy:

monkeybluesglass 12 years ago
m0lly74 PRO 12 years ago
Hi there, yes I am:
actually hill [deleted] 12 years ago
norahz 12 years ago
luziernaga 12 years ago
lily baubles 12 years ago
Here's mine:
L8o PRO 12 years ago
Nice to meet you all. :`)
pequeniocraft 12 years ago
Finally i'm in ETSY!!

Please visit to me! www.munieca.etsy.com
AlphabettiSpaghetti 11 years ago
feltland 11 years ago
marisoltoledo 11 years ago
this is my shop. i hope that you ike it.
plant pigs [deleted] 11 years ago
do you like these pieces?
dangerous relation [deleted] 11 years ago
GalleriaLinda 11 years ago
My Etsy shop!

Jewelicide 11 years ago
Samaelle PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Samaelle (member) 11 years ago
LightFlier 11 years ago
etherealgirls 11 years ago
I have a shop on etsy that features my fused glass pendants with unique images fired onto them. I opened my shop about six weeks ago, and really like it there.

Cavanagh Craft 11 years ago
Hi, I just joined flickr, but I've been on etsy since Oct. '06. This looks like a fun group!

I'm a jewelry designer; there are a few photographs and woodworking items in my shop as well.

Cavanagh Craft
tisjewel_art 11 years ago
WunderkammerByCL 11 years ago


I have signed up to sell on Etsy but haven't started yet. I do have a store on EBay, though. Please come check it out if you get a chance! Here's the link:



Wanda :)
Sara's Texture Crafts 11 years ago
Here's mine www.SarasTextureCrafts.etsy.com

I sell jewellery, accessories, artwork and rag dolls inspired by texture.
coccinelfe 11 years ago
I have opened one last week www.coccinelfe.etsy.com
Cas's Handmade 11 years ago
I just started www.castleroom.etsy.com
I make some beads motif (in particulary small bear).
bonnyjewelry 11 years ago
wow - lots and lots :)

Here's mine: bonnyjewelry.etsy.com
Miss Andrea B 11 years ago
I'm on Etsy too. ;-)
lisahammerglass 11 years ago
ebbandflo_pomomama PRO 11 years ago
adinobella 11 years ago
Crystal Kitten Jewelry 11 years ago
WOW!! Alot of fellow etsy members out there!!
Here's my shop www.crystalkittenjewelry.etsy.com
I am working on getting it stocked, most of my sales have been in person, but Etsy has given me great exposure.
ccdesign 11 years ago
Hi, I'm on etsy also here is my shop
Sand Fibers PRO 11 years ago
Love etsy! My shop is www.sandfibers.etsy.com
"a rare thing" 11 years ago
maria's lovers PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by maria's lovers (member) 11 years ago
earthexpressions PRO 11 years ago
Hello!!! :)


I love ETSY!!!
I am now selling on Etsy....here is the link:

catrocks2007 PRO 11 years ago
Fab Laura 11 years ago
As you know, www.dampiera.etsy.com :) GREAT idea posting this!
fussjewelry PRO 11 years ago
I'm really enjoying etsy, www.fussjewelry.etsy.com
urartist 11 years ago
im a true blue etsian! :)

RedFenyx 11 years ago
Me too! ^^

arthur hash PRO 11 years ago
TQB Designs 11 years ago
ebbandflo_pomomama PRO 11 years ago
i've tidied up all my online shops into one page - pomomama.googlepages.com and they can be reached by clinking on the home page
Everlasting Glass Art 11 years ago
Cynthia Del Giudice 11 years ago
I've just oppened an Etsy shop too!!! I'm very excited!!! Check it out:


Iris Mishly 11 years ago
I'm on etsy too :) - i'm a polymer clay artist

The Junk in my Trunk Posted 11 years ago. Edited by The Junk in my Trunk (member) 11 years ago
jennypepper Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jennypepper (member) 11 years ago
Hi, just found this group. I'm at

itsalovelycake 11 years ago
Go see yummyness!
GraceChristie 11 years ago
Hi Jess, hi everyone!

New to Etsy and new here.

lelapinjewelry 11 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm new here!

Jewelicide 11 years ago
Jewelicide 11 years ago
staroftheeast 11 years ago
ZhivanaDesigns 11 years ago
Yes, here's mine:
TheEbonSwan 11 years ago
A day late and a dollar short, but I'm on Etsy too!

Jewelry and supplies for the adornment of the Lady:

known history [deleted] 11 years ago
joyous society [deleted] 11 years ago
Oh yes, handforged home decor, jewelry and chasing tools of course knitsteel.etsy.com
scarfitup PRO 11 years ago
Late but here I am:


not.rachel 11 years ago
Elektra Jewelry Design Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Elektra Jewelry Design (member) 11 years ago
-Jzh Jewellery- 11 years ago
Poundstone PRO 11 years ago
secretjewellz PRO 11 years ago
Here is my shop.

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