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decor8 ADMIN August 20, 2010
Budding or Pro stylist? Photos that you have styled, with a professional touch, belong here!

♥ No collages of multiple photos
♥ No decorative borders/type
♥ No photos meant to promote your business
♥ No flash photography (unless using pro lighting)
♥ No duplicates
♥ No nudity/profanity
♥ No people in photos (pets okay)
♥ No snap shots
♥ Your photos + work only
♥ Must fit overall aesthetic of the group

Thanks! - Holly, decor8

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

Hello and welcome to the decor8 Interior Styling group. This is a group for all budding, hobbyist and professional Interior Stylists and Interior Photographers to showcase their best creations. This is not a place to put photos of rooms in your house, this is a specific group for those who want to share arrangements of things in their home.

Do you like to style tablescapes? Did you recently put together a charming collection of pottery on your bookshelf? Did you decorate your living room? Whether it's a pretty teacup with a magazine or an entire room, this is a space for you to get cozy and share the things that you love!

Remember, a portfolio is only as strong as its weakest photo, so please submit work that you are proud of and would like others to see and offer comments on.

Everyone is welcome to contribute however I have the right to remove photos that do not fit the aesthetic and theme of this group. I would like this group to become a gallery of beautiful interior styling and interior photography where all can be inspired but also receive helpful feedback as needed. And another word of advice: No flash! Well, unless you use professional studio lighting, otherwise photos taken with a flash are not allowed in this group.

Please keep the group professional by reading the group rules, which include no nudity, flash photography, duplicate photos or photos that look very similar, no profanity and no porn. The administrator of this group is me -- Holly Becker -- from the blog,, and I reserve the right to delete submitted images that do no belong here, without notice.

Please tag your photo -- Interior Styling -- and most of all, have fun!

Group Rules

Post only your best work that shows thought and care into producing a good photo and style. By submitting images to this group you are giving approval for them to be featured on my blog,, so I require all images to be no less than 500px wide. All images will be credited and linked. Do not submit photos to this group if you do not wish to see them on decor8.

- no candlelight shots
- no macros (close ups), we need to know what we're seeing!
- photographs taken indoors only
- photos need to be styled, meaning that photographer thought about the objects shown in the photo, arranged them just so, then took the photo.
- no humans in the photos :)
- no flash photography
- no text on photos unless it is a a very discreet copyright notice along the image bottom
- no fancy borders around photos (rounded not allowed, only straight edge)
- no black/white
- no sephia
- Photos in color only
- Shot in natural daylight or if studio lighting is used it needs to be done so professionally
- No home tours -- this group is exclusively for showing the thoughtful arrangement of things in your home
- No multiples of same image
- Please do not upload 20 photos of the same view, please edit, edit, edit! Less is more!
- No porn - soft or hardcore.
- No nudity, including showing art in your home that may contain nudity.
- No profanity
- No collages of several images, one image only.


And finally (sorry for all the rules), if you join and some of your photos are rejected or removed, please do not get upset. If your photo was removed, it is most likely because of lighting, composition, or that you broke one of the rules, that's all.

Please continue to upload photos and I'm sure some of them will be accepted, if not all. I don't want this group to end up a photo dump of everything, as some groups become this way and there is no longer control being exercised. I want to keep this group curated so that only the BEST photos are seen and enjoyed by all. The more you see good quality work, the more you grow. :)

And PLEASE comment on others' photos and participate in group discussions. No dump and runs!!! Leave a photo, leave a comment is the general rule of etiquette in groups, especially this one!


Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 4 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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