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Indiana shutterbug 10:40am, 3 December 2008
I just discovered this group yesterday and now wonder where everyone is from and their primary interest(s) in photography. It would be interesting to see if anyone is from my area. So I'll start -

Lafayette - Landscape, Animals, and Portraits (fine tuning in this area)
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toledo589ad 2 years ago
Indianapolis Southwest side, near Kentucky Ave and Holt rd. Shoot just about anything but am in love with Candids anywhere and everywhere. I believe my intention is to capture ideas more than objects or people.
Indiana shutterbug: Martinsville, IN
Tony Vasquez Photo 2 years ago
Columbus, Indiana
markthepaintballguy 1 year ago
Crown Point Indiana
Jolie B Studios 1 year ago
Columbus Indiana
wsry1754 1 year ago
Star City, Indiana / Headlee, Indiana
Teddy Alfrey 1 year ago
Bloomington, Indiana.
I've been into photography since the early 1970s and shot professionally during the late 1970s and all through the 1980s- Over 300 weddings and typical small-town photography stuff in Crawfordsville, Indiana.
I got burned out on that kind of thing, but picked up a camera, again around 2005,
Geohoosier 1 year ago
Lanesville, Indiana. Armature photographer focused on landscapes, city scapes and some street photography.
mrsgoofy5 1 year ago
Chesterton/Porter, 5min., from Lake Michigan
rural landscape artist 10 months ago
Madison Indiana. Halfway between Cincinnati and Louisville on 5he beautiful Ohio River.
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