misty transport [deleted] 11:34pm, 26 November 2011
I'm really happy to find a group with these rules, as all I shoot on is my evo 4g.
I have 2 back battery covers, one of which has a partially dismantled rikenon 50mm lens (it came with a broken old ricoh camera I got) glued over the camera hole.

In addition to giving me a huge vignette, it allows me to focus to less than 4cm, producing amazing macro shots. I've posted a few in this group, and herein lies my dilemma: is it okay to still classify these photos as taken only on an evo?
Thanks for reading, please leave an opinion! I know you guys can see this on your phone ;)
Dogapult 7 years ago
I have a similar question. I have macro, wide angle, and fisheye lenses that attach magnetically to my Evo Shift camera. Is it appropriate to post those here?
Should be!
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