cheironbrandon 2:07pm, 8 May 2012
Please join me for 90 minutes of card making fun!!! I will be hosting my very first scramble this Saturday!

When: Saturday May 12 at 4 pm EST

Where: Right here at the Hero Arts flickr group

Why: For fun and a FABULOUS PRIZE!

The theme will be revealed at the start of the scramble. Hope to "see" you all here on Saturday!
So sorry I won't be able to play, Cheiron! It's normally a perfect time for me, but because it's the day before Mother's Day, I'll be at work until 8:00 that evening. I'll be sure to check out all the cards when I get home.
Linda van Vliet PRO 6 years ago
EST is the time in New York? If so I can play. It will be 8.00pm here in Holland: perfect for a scramble. i'll invite Christa to come over so we can have fun together!
cheironbrandon 6 years ago
Yes Linda it is the time in NY! So glad you will be able to play!
marcyk924 6 years ago
I want to be in Holland! :)
Neat and Tangled PRO 6 years ago
I'm going to try to make it! :) It would be my first time participating! :)
hilde1978 6 years ago
Ahh, I'm not home Saturday night.....But wish everyone lots of fun!!
Tina (julmat) 6 years ago
I hope I will be able to play, Cheiron. We are having a barbecue party in the afternoon and if friends leave till 8 p.m., I will be there.
JenandPaper 6 years ago
I am looking forward to giving this another try -- I wasn't very fast for my first scramble so I'm looking forward to giving it another go! :) Will put my running shoes on for this! Thanks for hosting!!! :)
ThePurplePlace 6 years ago
Yippee! I hope to play and as along as I am home, I'll be happy to join the fun!! :) 4PM on Saturday ! :)
Chris Millar 6 years ago
I'm trying to work out the time zone thing and just wondered if you could please tell me what city you are in Cheiron?
marcyk924 6 years ago
Hi Chris,

Cheiron is right outside of New York. It's Eastern Standard Time. :)
Chris Millar 6 years ago
Thanks so much Marcy, so if I've worked it out it will be 6am Sunday for us QLD girls. If I find myself up and out of bed at 6am I'll definitely join in!!
jintyoo7(Janet) 6 years ago
OH NO!! I will have to miss this one too :(
Have to work Saturday - data entry deadline!!

Have a lovely creative time everyone - Cheiron you will be a perfect "Hosting Hostess: :)
CreationsBy(Martha) 6 years ago
Cheiron, so sorry I will miss your scramble!
Cat Craig 6 years ago
Yea, I love these scrambles. See you Sat. Thanks for hosting!
AngelaP2011 6 years ago
That works out to be 8am Sunday morning here. Not sure if I can take part as it is Mother's Day here. Will see how I go.
CeciliaHsieh PRO 6 years ago
It's 6am Sunday, can't think of a better way to start Mother's Day!!
cheironbrandon 6 years ago
Hey gals, I am about 10 miles outside of NYC. You can put in NYC if you are trying to use a time converter.
Lucille K 6 years ago
Oh darn, will miss this scramble, have fun everyone :)
ettevyke (Lexike99) 6 years ago
Sorry can't play; as Linda said it's in Holland 8pm, that's the same time as in Belgium. I've a dinner party that evening, so no time. I'll check out the creations on sunday. Have fun!
meghan-solo 6 years ago
I should be home from work in time to play - can't wait!
pajalu (Paula) 6 years ago
Woo hoo - Happy Mother's day to me ;o) it's on at 6am (Sunday) here in Australia. Now that's doable, especially if I can sneak downstairs before the kids miss me lol
Midnight here . . . should be in bed by then (although it's 1a.m. now and I'm up!!) We'll see.
corgidusty 6 years ago
So sorry I have to miss this one. I'll be in Charlotte, NC to see my brother and watch Michael Phelps swim. I know it will be a super fun time!!!
Sorry to miss your Scramble, Cheiron! We'll be starting our Mother's Day celebration a day early :)

Hope you have a great time!
mkmermaid (Maureen) 6 years ago
So wish I could, but weekends belong to hubby and I must step away from the craft studio! Will be anxious to see all that you gals do, tho! Enjoy!
cheironbrandon 6 years ago
just bumping up....
Sharon D. from Canada 6 years ago
Gosh, it's been a long time since I scrambled... not sure if the timing will work, but I will try, Cheiron!
kimba7669 6 years ago
That is AWESOME news!!!
phaskin 6 years ago
Wish I could join in on this fun time but I have company coming. I'll be with you in spirit though.
We're doing Mother's Day on Saturday early before it gets too hot here, so I'll be home by 1:00 p.m. to start here in California. Angelina and I will be having some fun tomorrow stamping together.
quilterlin 6 years ago
Bumping this up for Cheiron........I'm hoping to join you!
Trollet65 - Katarina 6 years ago
Hmm, I'm a little confused. According to the timeconverter, it will be 23.00/11 pm here in Sweden. But some of you european girls say 8 pm? We do have dayligth saving time here now, but that should only count for one hour difference.
If it is 11 pm, I'll have to see if I'm still up, if so, I'll be here.
dasa.paperplay 6 years ago
hmmm if it's 8pm in EU I'll play..if it's 11pm ...I won't be able because I'm going out
chark at glitter in my kitchen Posted 6 years ago. Edited by chark at glitter in my kitchen (member) 6 years ago
It looks to me that Sweden is 6 hours later than EST in the states--which would make it 10pm. For example, right now it's 9:54 am on Sat the 12th EST and it says that it's 3:54 pm Sat the 12th in Sweden. Good luck figuring it all out--hope to see you at the scramble!
Trollet65 - Katarina 6 years ago
IÒK, maybe I got it wrong somehow. I'll just hang around and see when you all start. We usually are 6 hours later than the US east coast, but now we have dayligth saving, which should make it 7 hours... I think...
JieYing90 6 years ago
how long more to go?
Linda van Vliet PRO 6 years ago
I think I made a mistake in my earlier post. It is indeed 10pm (6 hour difference with NY time) Still, no harm done, I can do that!
tesa4Him (Theresa) 6 years ago
Yay!! I'm in!!
Tina (julmat) 6 years ago
So sorry, Cheiron. We still have guests and I think I will drop after they are gone. It has been such a long and stressful week for me.
cheironbrandon 6 years ago
Ladies I am sorry for any confusion with the time. It is 4 pm New York City time. So if you just put in New York, New York you should get the correct time. The converter is telling me:
10 pm Sweden time

Tina, sorry you can't make it, enjoy your guests and maybe have a cocktail! Deep breaths :)
Trollet65 - Katarina 6 years ago
Ok, thank you everyone. I'll join you at 10 pm, should still be awake then :)
mellieshea1 6 years ago
whoot! I'm able to join for the first time :)
Scrapper43(Dana) 6 years ago
I have been laying low today due to having bronchitis and just watching a movie. But I will try to play along later today. Can someone please confirm the time with me for New Brunswick Canada. I think that it is 5p.m. I cleared away my scrappy table lastnight and I am so happy that I did. I forgot this scramble was happening but so happy that I am all ready to go. Thanks Cherion for hosting today.
marcyk924 6 years ago
Oh shoot, Cheiron - son #2 just walked in and will be here till Monday. I now have to herd Bobby and him up to the studio because they want to make me cards! I will check back when I'm relaxing in bed tonight and see all the gorgeous cards! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess! :-)

I can play!! I didn't think so, but I had to back out of a surprise birthday today.... I am just not well, but I'm praying it's just allergies gone wild. I hope to be done lunch, as it's cooking in the oven as I type!
jennshurkus 6 years ago
I'm ready to play!!! :)
Sharon D. from Canada 6 years ago
I'm in! And since I have a few minutes to spare, I'm going to go make a clean spot on my desk...
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