Today you are to make a card that features your LEAST favorite color. Don’t think too much—what comes to your mind first?—go with it. Of course, you may like some shades of that color or in certain circumstances. It needs to be the main color of the card, but you can add a splash of another color & you can include neutrals like white, kraft, black. For me it was easy—Orange is my least favorite color. Remember, you must include 1 Hero Arts stamp or digi image. Think you don’t have inks or papers in your least favorite color? Get creative—how about your kids crayons or images in junk mail or magazines? You can always add a Hero Arts greeting in another color!

Here’s how it works: Make a card, upload it to your photostream, tag it quickcard16, put it in this thread within 90 minutes. To add it to the thread you highlight the URL, control C, [ control V ] & a picture of your card will show. Please say what the color is since it can be hard to tell from a photo. You can add the description after the 90 minutes. Also remember to add it to the Hero Arts group so everyone will see it! I’ll be here to help. The main thing is—HAVE FUN!

Hero Arts is giving away a digi image & I will give away 2 little prize packages. I’ll tell you today’s “twist” at the end—suspense!--LOL

Orange card for Scramble by gg nurse (Greta)

Scramble second example by gg nurse (Greta)

First is the digi kit from Hero Arts. Hubby drew a name out of the basket & it is Rosemary D.--congrats! Flickr mail Tami to get your prize.

Orange & yellow were the "winning" colors, so for my first prize package the names of everyone (except Linda) who made a yellow or orange card were put into the basket & hubby drew Stampin Sue--congrats! Please flickr mail me your address & whether you want the ornament or stocking stamp package.

Now for the twist--hope I don't make any enemies--LOL! I thought it would be fun to have a non-stamper pick a winning card. As we all know--beauty is in the eye of the beholder & sometimes that's not a paper crafting expert! Hubby is very supportive of my craft, but has his own likes & dislikes--sometimes we agree & sometimes we differ! He loved his college art class & has an eye for color & design. He actually offered to help me with the challenge, so I said OK--you pick a winner! He looked at all the entries (except Linda & Lin) & I have to tell you, he had a hard time! In the end he narrowed it down to Sharon's card, saying "the words go with the butterfly--pleasing composition--not too busy but has life--everything ties together." I have your address, Sharon, so will get your prize in the mail next week.

If this was your first Hero Arts scramble, Flickr mail me your address & I'll send you a little something.

A huge thank you to everyone for playing in my scramble! I was really nervous, but it was fun! Loved seeing what everyone did & I'll be leaving comments soon! You've all inspired me!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all my USA friends--we are blessed. And those of you in harms way of all the severe weather, be careful!

I forgot that Rosemary didn't want to be included for the prize, so names went back in the basket & this time hubby drew Janet--jintyoo7. Flickr mail Tami to get your digi kit--congrats!
kimba7669 7 years ago
GREAT theme....LOVE IT!
C ya in 90 mins!
Very clever, Greta! Love that you're getting us out of our comfort zone. . .off I go!
jintyoo7(Janet) 7 years ago
Great challenge, Greta - love your examples :o)
Virginia L. 7 years ago
Aw.. ORANGE is my NEW favorite color!! hm... this is hard, because there is no color that I don't like. So I'm going to try using the color that I used the least! Is that OK?
Hannah Nicole F 7 years ago
Hmmm, ok.....I'll be back later ; )
Sharon D. from Canada 7 years ago
Fun challenge, Greta! My least favourite is orange too! I'd better get on it!
If you looked at a group of toothbrushes or flowers & had to decide, what color would you eliminate first? I think that'd be your least favorite. Probably if you hardly ever use the color, it's your least favorite, so go for it, Virginia!
Rosemary D. 7 years ago
what a fun idea, greta! my least favorite color to craft with is orange, just like sharon... hardly ever do anything using that color. so... off i go to figure something out!
quilterlin 7 years ago
GREAT idea, Greta! This is how we grow - off to think a bit!!
Still plenty of time to join the Scramble! 75 minutes left as we end at 1:30pm Pacific time.
Suenj99 7 years ago
I am a little challenged when it comes to this as I have not used Flickr before. Going to work on the card and see what happens

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B
gg nurse (Greta) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gg nurse (Greta) (member) 7 years ago
Hi Sue! Join the Hero Arts Flickr group, if you haven't yet. I think you're set since you were able to post this comment. I'll keep an eye out! Thanks for playing!
kimba7669 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kimba7669 (member) 7 years ago
Here's my card. I LOVE game. My least favorite color is Purple.

90 Minute Scramble - May 28th copy by kimba7669
gg nurse (Greta) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gg nurse (Greta) (member) 7 years ago
Wow you're fast, Kimberley! Great card! Your least favorite color is purple, right?
Irishmist2009 ( Donna ) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Irishmist2009 ( Donna ) (member) 7 years ago
Here is my simple card, purple or eggplant is not one of my favorites, it is my daughters fav, but not mine, so this is what I went with, sorry no fancy bling or anything, under the weather today, best I could do.


Gretas Challenge 90 Minute by Irishmist2009 ( Donna )
Wonderful card, Donna! Sorry you're not feeling well--take care of yourself! Glad you were up for playing anyway.
You still have 45 minutes to finish your card & upload it. Good luck!
Hannah Nicole F 7 years ago
Celebrate all day by Hannah Nicole F

This one is hard for me because I like most colors, but I really don't care for the dull shades.
Could not play in your challenge, was ok this am, went down hill, that is how my life is, I go with the flow, will be ok at some point, thanks.
Good job, Hannah! Dull purple, huh?! Certainly not a dull card! Thanks for playing!
ima dz2 (Daria) 7 years ago
I'm with you, is my least favorite color. Here's my card:
May Scramble by ima dz2 (Daria)
Just for the record, I agree with Hannah, I like most colors, and it was hard to decide which to go with, so I picked purple, deep purple, almost went with orange, but I do like it as well. Fun challenge Greta!!!
Well, using your least favorite color didn't bother you at all, Daria! Well designed birthday card you can be proud to send!
Here's my card - featuring a bright yellow. Thanks for the fun Scramble, Greta - please leave me out of the prize drawing. Now I'm off to shop with my sister who, thankfully, was at lunch with her hubby and a couple of their friends after flying into town for a couple days. She just got back and I said - done!!

Scramble least fave color
jintyoo7(Janet) 7 years ago
Greta, like you I seldom use orange, it seems like it is a popular "least used" colour - LOL. You are to be congratulated, Greta on increasing its use today. Brilliant challenge - Thank you !!!!

Greta's 90 minute Scramble by jintyoo7(Janet)
Wow, Linda! I always include yellow as a color I'm not fond of, but I'd love to get this card! Beautifully done! So glad your guests "cooperated" & let you play--LOL! Tell your sister thanks from me & have fun shopping!
Here's mine. Like Virginia, I don't have a color that I dislike, but yellow is one that I don't use very often, at least not for the main, focal image. This was so fun! Thank you, Greta!

90-Minute Scramble by bdengler4 (Barb Summers Engler)
Linda van Vliet PRO 7 years ago
I have the same problem with orange and yellow Greta. but I managed something this time! Mainly thanks to the cheerful flowervine I think!
Well done, Janet! The punched edge makes for a lovely card--even in orange--LOL! I wondered how many different colors would be involved in this. So far we have orange, purple, bright yellow.
Virginia L. 7 years ago
My least favorite/ used colors are gray and yellow. The color combo actually work together. Here's the result!
hello sunshine
Thank you, Greta, for getting us out of our comfort color zone :)
susafras Posted 7 years ago. Edited by susafras (member) 7 years ago
Here's my card! Hope it doesn't turn you GREEN!
Boy am I impressed! Beautiful cards Barb & Linda! You did yellow proud!!
susafras 7 years ago
Wow girls, I love yellow!
25 minutes to go! Gorgeous gray & yellow card, Virginia & lovely green card susafras--& I caught the play on words!
Rosemary D. 7 years ago
here is my card for the scramble... lots of orange!
Thinking of You by Rosemary D.
Suenj99 7 years ago
Okay. Trying to post my pic. My least favorite color is gray. Just had surgery a week ago and I miss my Mommy . This color suits my mood :D I knew I had this Hero Arts Stamp It: Critters for a reason.

Hero arts challenge 1b by Suenj99

vegasgal47 7 years ago
Everyone's cards are so beautiful! It's amazing how these beautiful cards could be done so quickly. Congratulations to everyone for such wonderful work!!

I can't figure out how to post my card to this topic though. :-(
gg nurse (Greta) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gg nurse (Greta) (member) 7 years ago
15 minutes to go! Here's vegasgal47's card
thinking_of_you2 by vegasgal47
quilterlin 7 years ago
Red is mine......only use it at Christmas and when I'm forced to by a challenge :))))

quickcard16 by quilterlin

GREAT challenge, Greta! Please leave my name out of the winnings, as I was a winner last time.
Suenj99 7 years ago
Vegas gal. I am new and just learned how. You will copy the link to your uploaded card and paste it in your post here. You have to put it between the square brackets [ card url ]


Happy Scrappin'

Sue B
vegasgal47 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by vegasgal47 (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for posting my cards ladies!! :-)

Sorry, I can't figure out how I get the image to show up in my post.

Rachelle (ucanorIcan) is here doing her card. She'll show me when she's ready to post her card. :-)
kwdueholm 7 years ago
Here's my terribly photographed picture. It's lovely in person :) I can't wait for more than one sunny day in a row.

Thanks for the challenge, Greta. I love to wear orange, but rarely use it when it's not Halloween or Thanksgiving. The stamp was stamped in Versamark.

kimba7669 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kimba7669 (member) 7 years ago
Here is my 2nd card. Thanks so much Greta for hosting this. AS ALWAYS this is SOOOOO MUCH fun!

I have a question - and this applies to me...not sure if you all can relate, but for seems like I can come up with pretty nice card when I am under this 90 min time constraint. When it comes to a challenge and I have like 2 mojo goes on vacation...LOL!!!

In any case, thanks again Greta!

Oh my goodness--you guys are good! Maybe I do like orange, Rosemary! Darling gray card, Suenj99! Perfect use of lime green vegasgal! Red & gold--beautiful--& not a Christmas card, Lin!
Tina (julmat) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Tina (julmat) (member) 7 years ago
I enjoyed so much, Greta. It was my first time to partecipate and I picked the yellow (it is more yelloow in real life), since I don`t use it a lot.
Yellow flowers by Tina (julmat)

Thanks for the fun!
kimba7669 7 years ago
And oh...BTW the way MY FAVORITE color is ORANGE.....for all you out there...LOL!!!

Tina (julmat) 7 years ago
Oh, I forgot to add. I think I love yellow right now!!
I'm loving it more too now, Tina!
kimba7669 7 years ago

I can't get the card to show up. Let's see if this works.
Sue McRae Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Sue McRae (member) 7 years ago
I picked yellow for my least favourite colour. It was hard to choose a colour because I really do like them all...
Quickcard 16 - Yellow by Sue McRae
Karin Koekoek 7 years ago
90 minute scramble by Karin Koekoek

I don't use orange and yellow much as main colour on a card.
Good job using orange, kwdueholm! Kimberley, if you put the symbol [ in front of your URL and ] at the end of the URL your card will show here. A great purple card! Hard to believe you don't like that color!
Here it is Kimba:
90 Minute Scramble -NUMBER 2- May 28th by kimba7669
Sharon D. from Canada 7 years ago
Here's mine:
thanks for lifting my spirits (90 minute scramble, round 16) by Sharon D. from Canada
Well, I may change my opinion of orange & yellow! I love your yellow card, Stampin Sue and such a gorgeous orange one, Karin.mysoul! Everyone has inspired me today! 4 minutes left!
Tina (julmat) 7 years ago
I need to put my kids to bed, now. Sorry that I have to leave the fun and can`t comment your beautifull creations. I will check them later or tomorrow if I will fall asleap with them. This is such an amazing group of nice and talented girls. Hugs to you all.
kimba7669 7 years ago
Thanks Barb!!

I is ALWAYS a hit or miss when getting the card to show...ROFL.....thanks again Barb!!!

Everyone's cards looks so great!
Tina & Sharon--how did you do that?! Absolutely fabulous cards! Thank you for joining the fun!
Time is up! Back in a minute with info!
CreationsBy(Martha) 7 years ago
I know time is up. Here is mine. I definitely scrambled! But it was fun!

Oh I really enjoyed this! Hope you all did, too! Thank you so much for taking time on a weekend to play! I'll be back soon with the winners--that's where the twist comes in!
U can or I can (Rachelle) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by U can or I can (Rachelle) (member) 7 years ago
Sue McRae 7 years ago
Thanks for a fun challenge Greta!
Wowzer Martha! I do like yellow after all because I love your yellow card! I won't count you for the Hero Arts digi kit, but since I'm giving the other 2 prizes away, I'm going to be a tiny bit lenient & count you in! I'll also look in the group for any others posted there in time. Back soon everyone!
Sharon D. from Canada 7 years ago
Wow - just in time for me!!! My desk is such a huge mess!!! Thanks so much for a really fun scramble, Greta! I'm off to check out everyone's creations...
Suenj99 7 years ago
Thanks for the fun Greta! Glad I got to join in this time.
Thanks for the fun challenge.

Even though I missed the deadline I still had lots of fun!

Beautiful cards everyone!!!
Rachelle--you're in for the prizes I'm giving. Perfect card to make using orange!
Love everyone's cards! Wonderful creativity!

Thanks so much, Greta! You were a perfect host!

I'll be commenting on everyone's cards later. . .need to go get downstairs. Looks like a tornado warning will be issued soon in my area. . . .
Thanks Greta! That is so sweet of you. The colors are an yellowy/gold and a burnt orangy brown thing. I don't really care for either of those colors nor do I care for southwest style too much.
Sharon D. from Canada 7 years ago
Oh no, Barb - praying that the storms will pass quickly and without any tornadoes!
susafras 7 years ago
Be safe and thanks for the fun!!
Virginia L. 7 years ago
Love seeing everyone's fabulous work!! Now we may look at the color that we use to dislike in a whole new way! Thanks , Greta, for the awesome challenge!
We're in the clear now. They ended up just issuing a thunderstorm warning. We had heavy rain and some hail but it's now past. Phew! Always makes me nervous! :) I'm off to comment on all the fabulous cards now. . . .
Sharon D. from Canada 7 years ago
Wow - what terrific cards, ladies! Wonderful job! Greta, thanks so much for hosting such a terrific challenge! I'm seeing my least favourite orange in a much more positive way now!

And Barb thanks so much for letting us know you're safe!
bdengler4 (Barb Summers Engler) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by bdengler4 (Barb Summers Engler) (member) 7 years ago
Congrats to Janet, Sue and Sharon! Woo, hoo!

Greta, what a fun way to pick the winners! And thanks again for a great scramble! :)
Linda van Vliet PRO 7 years ago
congrats to the winners! What a great way to get your husband involved in stamping :)
Sharon D. from Canada Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Sharon D. from Canada (member) 7 years ago
Fun twist about the orange and yellow, Greta - I kept wondering what it would be! Congrats to Rosemary and Sue! I'm so excited to have won too - give your hubby a big hug from me! :)

Thanks again for hosting such a terrific challenge - I had fun!

Ooops - I missed the update: adding in my congrats to Janet!
Tina (julmat) 7 years ago
Congrats to the winners. This was so much fun, thanks again!
CreationsBy(Martha) 7 years ago
Congratulations, to the winners!

Thanks, Greta, for a fun challenge!
kimba7669 7 years ago
ENJOY your goodies!!!!
AWESOME cards ladies!!!
Sue McRae 7 years ago
Thanks for a wonderful challenge Greta and your twist was a fun touch. Congrats to the winners and how exciting that I won! Thanks!
Scrapper43(Dana) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Scrapper43(Dana) (member) 7 years ago
Just wanted you to know that I am extremely sorry for not playing like I had planned Greta! I had a miagraine headache and spent most of my time in bed. I will check out all your cards tomorrow.
Congrats to the winners - again, fun Scramble Greta! My sister and I went shopping after I uploaded my card, then she, BIL and I went out of dinner with some family and drove around the neighborhood where they used to live. Fun evening. So now I'm able to finish commenting on all the beautiful cards!

Glad the storms didn't get you, Barb - my dad called to be sure we were taking cover - we were out shopping and it was just raining a bit up here! Sorry you weren't feeling well, Dana!
Jenifer Ann 7 years ago
It's been some time since I've had a chance to play but I always find time to check in and glance - This looked to be such a fun challenge, Greta! All of these cards are amazing! I can't believe how many beautiful cards came out of everyones least favorites....beautiful.

Congratulations to you all!

Greta, it brought smiles to see your husband involved and the two of you having so much fun :)
rcwidow_indy (Linda) 7 years ago
had to go out of town for a graduation yesterday. so sorry to have missed the scramble. Looks like fun!
I missed yesterday's challenge, I was at a scrapbooking all day crop. I made cards, but I was filling in for a friend who couldn't make it. Sounds like fun! Orange is my least favourite colour too, I may just have to make a card in that colour to stretch me a bit.. and no, I will NOT do pumpkins.
I forgot about the scramble yesterday! So sorry I missed out on all the fun. These cards are stunning and I love your theme, Greta! Congrats to the winners!
kimba7669 7 years ago
Thanks so much Greta for hosting! You did a fantastic job!
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