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doc18 PRO 9:15pm, 3 July 2008
GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v2 (by doc18)

Back in Oct 2006 I did a little GM script to automate more personalized replies (used to do it manually with a little bit of HTML). After a long period of neglect, I am trying to work on it again to incorporate some user suggestions.

GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v3.3 (by doc18)

GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v3.6 (by doc18)

It adds "(reply with name, icon, icon&name)" links at each of the comments under your photo. When you click on the link, the buddy icon html code will be added into the Add your comment box, where you can show nicely who your replies are directed at. Experiment with preview and you will get the hang of formatting your replies in no time. (Should work on photo and discussion thread pages).

It skips over deleted accounts and only offers the name link if the contact has no personalized buddy icon.

Warning: this might conflict with other GM scripts

v1 initial photo and information is here
v2 bugfixes: for iconless accounts
v2_2 bugfixes: name_reply function now works with apostrophes in usernames & group admins
v3 localization and improved (all credits to mortimer? for this great work!!!)
v3_1 added icon&name reply and presentation changed
v3_2 added Spanish localization (thank you v1m0r4) & fixed iconless detection
v3_3 moved the reply links inline with the comment context links
v3_4 updated code for the new HTML DOM structure on the photo page (does not work in discussion threads)
v3_5 updated by Eric Martin to work on both old and new HTML DOM structure, so it now works in both photos and discussion pages (many thanks Eric!!!)
v3_6_1 updated by incorporating Alesa Dam's work on parsing the new 2010 Flickr photo page layout (many thanks Alesa!!!). It now outputs the new Flickr buddy icon place holder code, instead of the static image tag. Also it works on the Gallery page, but usernames only because images are not allowed in comments there.

(N.B. since the new 2010 photo page layout does not reload the page after posting comments and redraws all the controls dynamically, the links created by this script do not get redrawn until you refresh the page causing GM to run all the scripts again. Am looking into the YUI scripts Flickr is using to figure out if I can piggyback on Flickr's dynamically events)

You need to be using Firefox with Greasemonkey extension installed. Then simply click onto the link to my script below and Greasemonkey with prompt you to install,
GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v3_6_1
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$udhakar 10 years ago
Thanks. Works like charm.
barriebarrie 10 years ago
Ever since I upgraded to FF3 I've been having terrible problems with the BIR script :-( I've reinstalled both v3 and v3.1 several times and it still isn't working again :-( This time I disabled all GM scripts but the BIR and still nothing. I get the links next to commenters' names but when I click it doesn't put the info in the comment box for me.
Skypeeper PRO 10 years ago
Thank you kind sir! It works like a charm.

I'm Flickr-happy now!
Mike Rawlins PRO 10 years ago
Works fine with Flock 1.2.1 for me :D
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
& & Thank you everybody (^_^)

ok in order to find out the problem you have to look for the errors in Firefox. click Tools > Error Console on the Firefox top menus, then only list the Error messages by clicking the Errors button to fliter out everything else.

now click the Clear button to remove all the messages before you attempt to use the BIR script. use the BIR and see what error message it is generating and let us know :)
splitlenz PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by splitlenz (member) 10 years ago
doc18 doc18 just a test. I love this thing so much! This and auto page are like nobel peace prize worthy!
solocat52 PRO 10 years ago
: Just want to say...thank you! Even for a naive person as myself, this was very simple and works well.
ÐΘ₤Θ§Ų§ 10 years ago
Pure Genius!
JMartinezStudios.com 10 years ago
JMartinezStudios.com 10 years ago
i love firefox..
Farruska Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Farruska (member) 10 years ago
JMartinez Photography gracias :-) it just works!

not sure I understand this "only offers the name link if the contact has no personalized buddy icon." tough
Through Joanne's eye 10 years ago

testing....yep it works
victor*f PRO 10 years ago
Farruska, if they don't have an icon then there is no point showing links for "icon" or "icon&name".
telling bird [deleted] 10 years ago
doc18 Testing...

Appears to be working. Cheers :)
Farruska 10 years ago
victorf I understood that but I just don't see it in practice . for example, you have an icon, but next to your name I see the links for the 3 options (name, icon, icon&name) . Or should it apply *only* in the "no icon" option and not in the opposite? :-) (either way is fine by me)
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
thank you everyone :)

it was a while back that I've tested this feature. It is possible that Flickr has changed the page code so that my script is picking up the generic buddy icon and offering the icon links. I have not seen someone without a buddy icon for ages, but I will try to test this out soon.
hey thanks.. working fine...
EpuL Leman 10 years ago
hye doc18
really cool script. thanks a lot !!
it really helping me post a comments :)
zyrcster PRO 10 years ago
Electrigrapher You can just install the most recent one, v3_1 -- you don't need to install all of them.
carie.bauer PRO 10 years ago
is there any thing like this to be used with Safari?
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
I have not tried it but there is something called a GreaseKit,
8-p.info/greasekit/ (N.B. all the usual warnings of backing up your computer before you try applies)
carie.bauer PRO 10 years ago
Works! excellent, thank you for the script and the advice.
barriebarrie 10 years ago
Ok, I removed v3.1 and reinstalled v3 and now I am getting the icon again w/ no error.
Travis Ehrlich 10 years ago
doc18 Thanks for the script.
Colpro 10 years ago

Can you tell me how to uninstall either or both scripts?
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
If you right click on the Greasemonkey icon at the bottom right of your browser window, you can click "Manage User Scripts...". You can uninstall your scripts there.
[Jim] PRO 10 years ago
Do GM scripts auto-update? I may have an older version of this script if not.
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
sorry this script does not auto update. clicking on the new version's link should install over your old version :)
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
doc18 I'm so pleased with the update! I only got the script a few days ago and I was thinking it would be great if there was a button for the icon and the username and now it's turned up without me asking. Brilliant. Cheers!
barriebarrie 10 years ago
I'm still having to uninstall the script and reinstall v3 only every time I want to use it :-(
Shellmoon ☆ 10 years ago
Thanks doc! Working for me....
bewildered exchange [deleted] 10 years ago
doc18 ~ seems to be working just fine. thanks for this :)
monoshift2 10 years ago
it is trying to load "fetching user scrip" and that's it

it doesn't work :S could you please reupload at another server?

giant cent [deleted] 10 years ago
I guess this doesn't work on IE7?
monoshift2 10 years ago
it works now, don't know why
rssarma 10 years ago
Awesome! This version doesn't conflict with Flickr PM like the previous version did.
Daniel Wischnewski 10 years ago
doc18 THANKS!
clickykbd PRO 10 years ago
Still one of the best. Thanks again!
Starlit Beaches PRO 10 years ago
doc18 thanks!
abaft ray [deleted] 10 years ago
many thanks
nee70 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by nee70 (member) 10 years ago

seems to work for me "Firefox 3.01 on ubuntu linux 8.04".

bweech 10 years ago
Oh cool. I had disabled my old one due to issues with FlickrPM, now I can have both.
Activity♠Grrrl͛ PRO 10 years ago
doc18 Works seamlessly for me, and I'm an utter noobty at this stuff. Thank you!
anomalous4 10 years ago
Yeah, I had trouble with this not playing nice with flickrPM too. Looks like everybody's happy now though.

Thanks, !!!!
first appliance [deleted] 10 years ago
doc18 Thank you this is great.
el forsa 10 years ago
doc18 GRACIAS !!!
Steffen Rusten 10 years ago
Cheers =)
MissLindsayMeagan 10 years ago
anyway to do this on Safari?
obtainable boot [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by obtainable boot (member) 10 years ago
I'm not a Safari user but this page about Greasekit may help.
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
thank you everyone :) I had a nice little suggestion on my photostream this week and it is turning those links into little icons. I will try to work on that this weekend.
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
v3_2 uploaded. Added Spanish localization & fixed the bug which icon reply links are displayed regardless of whether the user has uploaded a buddy icon or not.
Cem K. 10 years ago
I just installed 3.1. :D It's my luck; whenever I buy or download something, it is upgraded immediately.

Anyway, I was thinking that a "Flickr Buddy Icon Reply Lite" would be pretty cool. You know, instead of the whole bold "(reply with name, icon, icon&name)" section, one small "reply" link at the bottom of the comment/post [Posted X minutes ago ( permalink | delete | whatever | reply )] that does the same thing as the "icon" reply.

I'm going to work on this, eventually, but I just hate JavaScript. That's why I'm always scared to edit any JS script I find.
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
That sounds cool. I will look into that too :)

Just added something a little different and called it v4.0 where I've replaced the links with image buttons. I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but something fun. All feedbacks and button designs welcome as always!
Cem K. 10 years ago

How is this? I used the famfamfam mini icons and changed the h4 variable to get element small, instead of h4. Using icons instead of text is a great idea but it breaks that line, even if you adjust the height to 12px --the same as the "pro" icon.
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
cool. let me play around with it in the next few days :) many thanks!
Cem K. 10 years ago
No man, thank *you*. You did the hard work, and amazingly, I might add.

After a few usability and UI tweaks, this will be perfect. ;)
ѕhadowdancer 10 years ago
doc18 Nicely done! Thank you!
Pacdog PRO 10 years ago
not working here..

I'm also dumb as far as these scripts go..
Pacdog PRO 10 years ago
Pacdog PRO 10 years ago

like i said I'm not doing something right..
Pacdog PRO 10 years ago
Pacdog PRO 10 years ago
do I need the original script to make the new script work?
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
sorry I need more info about what is "not working"? you included a screenshot so I presume that the new v4.0 script is loading.
doc18 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by doc18 (member) 10 years ago
OK v3.3 is done where the reply links are inline with the rest of the standard Flickr comment context links. Like me know what you think :)

If I record correctly some GM scripts might alter that page area too. I can't test all other scripts so if anyone comes across any problem please let me know.
Sebastián-Dario 10 years ago
doc18 Excelente !!

Gracias !!
Sergio.Arturo 10 years ago
$udhakar Estoy probando.
Cem K. 10 years ago
Ah, perfect! Thank you. :)
handy cushion [deleted] 10 years ago
zyrcster PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by zyrcster (member) 10 years ago
Ah, with 4.0, the new icons interfere with PicLens (CoolIris) so that now there is a CoolIris button on the images you're using, and clicking them takes you to CoolIris.
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
I am afraid some feel the buttons are already too big, so I am looking into reducing them soon. I suggest you install v3.3 with the text links. There is no way to stop PicLens putting itself on images that I know of.
zyrcster PRO 10 years ago
Thanks, I am using 3.3 and it's fine.

I do have other scripts that use images (.png and .gif), and there are no CoolIris overlays on those images. I think because you're using .jpg, CoolIris picks those up as something to be viewed with their product.

郑马克 10 years ago
doc18 I am using 3.3 and it looks fine.
Just let have a try.
AMooseinBrighton 10 years ago
Testing 4.0 on Firefox 3.01 - all seems fine
ミシ snɹʇǝd 10 years ago
AMooseinBrighton ver. 4.0 on Firefox 3.02 & Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0 - all looks fine
gigantic base [deleted] 10 years ago
I agree the buttons on 4.0 are too big. I do like the move in 3.3 though.
atomicthumbs PRO 10 years ago
Does this work on Opera using UserScript?
Mo7amaD 10 years ago
v. nice
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
doc18 Ooh blimey. The buttons look way too big (just installed) compared to the older version. They also seem like "mystery meat" navigation, when text made it obvious what I was clicking. I'll see if I get used to them, but I hope the v.3.3 script will remain available.

BTW, I had to disable the latest update of Cooliris Piclens the other day as it was conflicting with something, but I think it was the "disable image blocker" or "easy picture post" scripts.
Vaguely Artistic PRO 10 years ago
Is there a way I can modify the script locally to include a colon after the user name? I've been adding it manually for years -- i assume if there was a demand for this it would have been added long ago -- since it's much easier to type a colon than this question :)
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
Vaguely Artistic: I'd like the addition of a colon too. :)
Vaguely Artistic PRO 10 years ago
Arty Lee Smokes: I feel a little less compulsive now. I thought I'd get over it eventually!
hesedetang * 10 years ago
I have to say that I'm switching back to version 3.3 because whilst I think the buttons are cute, they are a bit distracting to have if a photo page has too many posts.

Thanks for continually working on this script! Since I first started using it in late 2006, I've actually met a lot of people who asked me about it in Flickr and recommended it to them all.

Thank you :)
Mo7amaD 10 years ago
thanx agin>>>
BBQ Tom 10 years ago
SO how do I use this?
BBQ Tom 10 years ago
OH, like this
BBQ Tom 10 years ago

or this.
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
Even though Flickr has implemented a new "buddy icon" thing (click on "How do I format my reply?" under the comment box below), I think I'll keep using this for a while.
The flickr icon is just too big!

Flickr version:
said: I'm too big!

Doc's buddy icon script
said: I'm a nice size. :D
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
Beat flickr at its own game. Change the width and height tags for more fun!
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
oh I didn't take too much notice of the Flickr reply format :-P too much copying and pasting for my lazy butt.

v4 is still at an early stage and all suggestions welcome. I think v3.3 is my fav and many thanks for all the suggestions that got it to where it is now!!!

as with adding colon after the icon, I can certainly do that and release it as v3.3.1 or something.

thank you (^_^)
sindala 10 years ago
I love the script but the buttons in the 4.0 version are to big for my liking. But I am not able to return to the 3.x version. I tried deleting the script and reinstalling the 3.2 and 3.3 but no success. Is there an easy way to solve this? I really don't want to delete greasemonkey, I have a lot of scripts.
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
sindala Do the following:
1. Right-click on the monkeyface in your toolbar.
2. Chose "Manage Your User Scripts"
3. Click on "Flickr Buddy Icon Reply" and hit the UNINSTALL button at the bottom of the window.
4. Close down Firefox.
5. Re-start Firefox and go to the download page for the earlier version of the script and install it.

You may need to reboot Firefox once more. Note that once you've used the BIG icons of version 4, you'll hardly notice the text links in version 3, which are *underneath* comments.
I hope that works.
sindala 10 years ago
Arty Lee Smokes Thanks, its working now. I didn't look underneat the comments for the links, great tip!
charminbayurr 10 years ago
hideous hideous hideous with the new icons! Is there a way to just turn them off?
doc18 PRO 10 years ago
sorry for making icons that are not to your taste. I put them out there hoping for constructive inputs so someone with good design can help me make this free script better. I have include old versions of this script e.g. v3.3 is the most discreet so far, and it can be installed instead of v4.0
bweech 10 years ago
Personally, I'd prefer if the icons were smaller and less obtrusive.
larigan. 10 years ago
v.4 works for me although v.3 doesn't work at all so that is a big plus! However I am with that I would prefer smaller icons. I'm not complaining though - far from it! :-)
larigan. 10 years ago
Silly me! When I thought v3.3 didn't work it is because I didn't even notice the script at the bottom!! I've reverted back to that one now because the icons made the page a bit too busy along with all the group awards etc.
malik ml williams PRO 10 years ago
doc18 thanks for this. it's absolutely one of my favorite gm scripts.

my feedback: i'm liking 3.3 the best at the moment. the icons, though informative, are a bit distracting. maybe a resize to make them smaller would help.

also, do you have any plans to re-work this to incorporate flickr's new buddy icon formatting? the benefit of this i see is that it updates the buddy icon as people change them, instead of maintaining a static image. just a suggestion.

Arty Lee Smokes, btw, how did you manage to resize the icon using the flickr version?
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
For the flickr version, click on "How do I format my reply?" under the comment box below. There are some very useful tips there.
Unfortunately, the flickr version is too big for most people's tastes. I'm really not sure why they couldn't have just implemented a script just like Doc18's.
dear*eric Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dear*eric (member) 10 years ago

first of all: I love your script.
it looks more slick that flickr's own solution and it saves me time tweaking it by hand, but I do have a request:

I have already suggested this to steeev, but would there be a way to combine the "quoter" and the "buddy icon reply" scripts?

my favourite version of this script would look as follows:

- the quote button formatted as the reply buttons are in the buddy icon script (nice detail from doc18):
so inline with permalink and edit, no underscore and in blue after the words: "reply with" in grey.
- the quote starting with the user icon, followed with the username in bold, then the word "wrote" clickable with the permalink of the original post, followed by a double dot ":"
-the quote in italics, blockquoted. only quoting the selected text (awesome features from steeev!!)
- after clicking the quote button it doesn't jump to the reply box, but you can continue reading (and maybe multi quoting). also this feature already exists in the quoter script.. :)

below a jpg of how it now looks on my screen, with both scripts installed and my own tweak of the added ":"

I really hope that we can get this combined functionality in the future.
thanks, eric.

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