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adorable farm [deleted] 9:18am, 16 January 2007
GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v2 (by doc18)

Back in Oct last year I did a little GM script to automate more personalised replies (used to do it manually with a little bit of HTML). It has been tested by quite a few of my contacts and I've just updated it to include some of the useful suggestions, so I thought I would throw it out to a wider audience.

It adds name_reply and icon_reply links at each of the comments under your photo. When you click on the link, the buddy icon html code will be added into the Add your comment box, where you can show nicely who your replies are directed at. Experiment with preview and you will get the hang of formatting your replies in no time. (Should work on photo and discussion thread pages).

It skips over deleted accounts and only offers the name_reply link if the contact has no personalised buddy icon. Unfortunately this might conflict with other GM scripts that you have installed and I have no time to test them yet.

v1 initial photo and information is here
v2 updates information is here
v2_2 bugfixes: name_reply function now works with apostrophes in usernames & group admins
v3 localization and improved (all credits to mortimer? for this great work!!!)

Please go to the new thread for new comments and suggestions,
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♥ shhexy corin ♥ 12 years ago
doc18 .... .... this is ace!
mortimer? 12 years ago
you are really everywhere!
shalf 12 years ago
Hm... I think the quotes in Rippie's name cause a problem for the name reply function.
shalf 12 years ago
And I still see it as Corin accusing Mortimer of being everywhere. Somehow the icon looks like a blockquote to me rather than a replacement for the name.

Just spitting into the wind here...
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago

I will look into that, shouldn't be hard to fix :) thanks
Christine Lebrasseur 12 years ago
doc18 Thanks :)
mortimer? 12 years ago
do you think it would be better to use the icon at the end of the sentence ?
Mr.Child♫ 12 years ago
it's really cool~
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Way cool - thanks!
evanescent memory [deleted] 12 years ago
Yes, mortimer?, that's how I use them, and it's way cool!

I had been wondering about this, when I saw it occacionally at my friend's stream. Thank you , I love it!
flawless robin [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by flawless robin (member) 12 years ago
It does not look like a blockquote to me... more like a bulleted list, as I tend to reply to many in one comment, it allows me to label the verbose replies to some of the comments, and not use it for all the other simple "Thank you." ( example )

I hope it does not give it an air of giving a star-sticker for comments!

One comment, not a big deal, is that if one is using the script that makes the reply comment from the photographer all bold, then the "name quote" is not very useful. I had to switch to quoting names in italics thinking of people viewing the page with my replies in bold. This script sends me back to an easy bold, so it is not useful for that one. However, the icon reply is the biggie here.
doctor.boogie 12 years ago
this is very kool and the gang....cheers
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
thank you :) all suggestions are welcome!

name reply is a new function I added so am still looking for the best way to do it, and there is already a bug that I need to escape some of the characters in people's contact names.
flawless robin [deleted] 12 years ago
yeah, I read about it above.

I guess this is more about interaction with other scripts, than what is good for your program. It would be best to retrieve the person's name if given. So, clickling on the link for mine would show "fernando" rather than "fernando [pixelstains]" for those that reveal a name (of course).

at any rate, this is a minor thing... I find the icon tag to be the real good application of this script :)
mortimer? 12 years ago
The "name_reply" doesn't seem to work in group discussion when the user is admin of the group as there is the little yellow star before the name. The script only inserts "<b></b>"
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
details of the v2_2 bugfix update is included above

Rippie likes to put lots of apostrophes in his username! but I think I have fixed that now :)

ah I have not looked into accessing the real names via the API yet. I guess that will be the next interesting thing to do which will potentially improve the efficiency of this script. I will let you know after I take a look.

group admin username is now fixed :)
mortimer? 12 years ago
Thank you for the update. Have a look at this thread to find out how easy it is to make an API call to flickr with GM:
Thunderchild7 12 years ago
Please don't access real names it will ruin it for some people.
Claudecf Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Claudecf (member) 12 years ago
Is it supposed to work in two stages.
First, you post your reply and when you save, the icon reply tag appears and then you can post? Or do I get it wrong
o3boR 12 years ago
It's Great!!!
Rafal S. 12 years ago
NIce work
shalf 12 years ago
Well, sort of .

But using it this way seems like a peculiar affectation, rather than a useful reference to the subject of your reply.

I agree, when several are stacked it does take on more of a bullet-list connotation, and less of the blockquote. Actually, I quite like it used this way. But I still misread mortimer?'s most recent post as doc18 thanking mortimer? rather than the reverse. If I'm the only one with this disability I'll just shut up about it.

I find it works well to click on name reply or icon reply then just add my text after the blat of code. Then click the PREVIEW button to be sure I didn't mess up the code or make a typo before clicking the POST NOW button.
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
thank you :) It will be very useful!!!

ok I am only looking into it. I will not implement functionalities like that without respecting users' privacies and seeking opinions.

Simply click on one of the reply links and start typing your reply to that contact. You got it first time with your comment :) The icon can indicates who your are addressing followed by your reply. You won't need to preview after a few tries.

& Glad that you like it :)

I remember my contacts visually by their buddy icons so I instantly recognise them that way, i.e. for me using the icons makes it much easier to read than text. I guess I am using it as a substitute to text usernames rather then any particular conversational direction etc.
evanescent memory [deleted] 12 years ago
Did someone already mention that it doesn't seem to work with Flock?
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
oh I have never tried Flock I presume that it is Greasemonkey installed as add-on for Flock that you are using? (I have no idea how Flock works with Flickr)
GustavoG 12 years ago
If I'm the only one with this disability I'll just shut up about it.

You're not. I also keep interpreting the icons as attributions.
Everywhere in flickr we see the buddy icon of the speaker flanking what they say. It seems only natural that we extend this into attribution when seeing text right next to the (smaller) buddy icons...

doc18: Perhaps a colon might help (in lieu of the name, at the beginning of this line), or the (rather common) use of the @ symbol to address others.

: maybe this could be less ambiguous.

@: ...or perhaps this.
Rafal S. 12 years ago
I tend to use the colon. Or inline the icon (use it where I would put the name).
Eddie Birk 12 years ago
@ : this is a great script! thanks.
clever passenger [deleted] 12 years ago
This is great! Thanks!
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
glad that you guys like it :)

it is everyone's personal preference. I will look into letting user set prefix and suffix for both types of replies to suit their own style.
evanescent memory [deleted] 12 years ago
: Yes, I use greasemonkey on Flock. Most GM scripts work, but this one unfortunately doesn't. No biggie, just FYI.

Try Flock and see for yourself: It's great *especially* with Flickr! But I still alternate between Firefox and Flock.
alto maltés 12 years ago
As soon as I finished writing my first GM script, I came on Flickr Hacks to post it... and discovered yours, which does pretty much the same thing, though your implementation seems to be more sophisticated...
I posted mine anyway...
Mine does not insert buddy icons, but it has the advantage that it inserts a backlink to the comment...
You are welcome to integrate this idea in your script if you like.
Vaguely Artistic 12 years ago
: Now that I have everyone's attention :D
This is an interesting discussion that really got me thinking. I first saw this in use on one of 's photos. I had to scroll down a page or two to get to the comment box, when something caught my eye: It was small version of my buddy icon. I had forgotten about an earlier comment I made and would never have seen 's response so in my mind I see it as an attention-getter. When I started using it that way myself (pre-GM) the response was so overwhelming that at some point I actually created a snippet of text with all the HTML instructions (and a credit linked to , of course!) for all my replies.

Flickr's lack of a "quote" function -- something that is pretty common in online discussions -- has always baffled me, and I think by the time I saw this idea I had resigned myself to taking this approach. This is all pre-GM and, in retrospect, I think the notion of being able to "customize" Flickr in any way so foreign to me. If had originally used the icon as an attribution instead of an "@" placeholder I'm sure I would have been just as wowed :)

: You make a crucial point. Using the colon is key to this approach. Visually, it "anchors" the icon to the text and distinguishes the small icon from the large floating icon. When I see a small icon I just assume the colon is there, but scrolling back up to scan the previous messages I realized you may have identified a main source of the ambiguity!
sable balance [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for a great tool - seeing the "@" above ...

@doc18 : would it be possible to add this to the name reply to really address the person (like this goes to doc18)
@Vaguely Artistic this to Vaguely Artist.

evanescent memory [deleted] 12 years ago
@Lutz-R. Frank : This would be VERY easy to add manually ;-)
Vaguely Artistic 12 years ago
Hmmm.... It looks like some people are just haters ;)
Rafal S. 12 years ago
The argument they use that the pages load slower due to that is imply invalid. The browser has to load the icons anyway. And once loaded putting them all around doesn't cause any extra requests to be sent.

Perhaps somebody should offer them a GM script to remove all the buddy icons (including the standard ones) from the pages?
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
sorry for the silence. have been busy offline so not been actively discussing the usability issues here. one can never please every user. the geek in me wants to make it infinitely configurable for the users, but I also know that the most successful designs are just a simple effectively way that works for most people. so I would probably add a config page for users to specify their own prefix and suffix for both types of replies. what do you think? :)

I will have to look into that but might take some time before I get around to it

the biggest overhead is GM parsing and that might have kicked in after the page is loaded i.e. the browser has already gone off to load all the graphics?
Rafal S. 12 years ago
: it is not that the haters would care about GM performance. Who doesn't like it, wouldn't install at all.

What they complain about is that when you or me put the icon reply, the page would load slower for them because of additional graphics load. Which is simply untrue.
Finecrafted by Nori 12 years ago
This is just the coolest thing, ! Thank you so much for sharing.
malik ml williams 12 years ago
doc18 thank you. i have been looking for an automated way to do this. (used to do it manually too.) very hot!
verybigjen 12 years ago
OMG this is so great. Me loves da greasemonkey!
josue salazar 12 years ago
exfordy Posted 12 years ago. Edited by exfordy (member) 12 years ago
Thanks for your quick reply to my mail. It works! It's great. Thanks.
brainy touch [deleted] 12 years ago
@fotochap 12 years ago

Thanks :D
insite 12 years ago

cool, bin wonderin how the cool kids did that
Quinnypin 12 years ago
Hee hee, this is so cool. :D
Kelli© Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Kelli© (member) 12 years ago
Umm how do you actually install it? Help!
Chatdurouge 12 years ago
Ummm...I have a question and I guess it might sound dumb but I really don't know anything about the technical stuff. A contact of mine says that she uses adblock and doesn't see any of the images like invites and such that are posted in comments, does that mean she also doesn't see the buddy icon reply?
caramel*vanilla 12 years ago
this is good :-)
wenzday01 12 years ago
This is sweet!
what are the known compatibility issues with this script and other GM scripts?

I´ve just installed it, and it seems normal. I have plenty of Gm scripts running on flickr (PM, more links etc.).
eszter 12 years ago
Thanks very much, this is great.

Kelli, you have to be using the Firefox browser and have Greasemonkey installed for this to work. Get Firefox first, then get Greasemonkey. You'll have to close and restart Firefox for Greasemonkey to start working. Then you can start installed GM (GreaseMonkey) scripts. Just click on the link above and a button will come up that you can click to _Install_.
_saurabh_ 12 years ago
it is A W E S O M E
ngai 12 years ago
This is killer, . I've been doing this manually for too long.
biggest thanks for this!!!
Perla* 12 years ago
Thanks for making it available!
Perla* 12 years ago
Why is it not working for me?
I can see as below

says: name reply / icon reply
but when I click on it nothing happens... Help, please?
mortimer? 12 years ago
This is currently incompatible with the Commenting Tools (the one that shows a WYSIWYG edit field)... the developer of that script is looking at why it's like that.
bwana 12 years ago
Sick script. Loving it.
nulikka Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nulikka (member) 12 years ago
@ yep, that's a nice one. thanks!

@mortimer? ...and thank you, too! that solved my problem!
would be great if they work together, but for now it's okay for me to switch between those scripts, as i rarly need both in the same comment and it's already a big help for me.
...btw: knew NOTHING 'bout how to use html before and i'm quite surprised how much i can learn 'bout this here.
did not expect this on flickr!
you all are doing a great job here! thanks a lot!
adorable farm [deleted] 12 years ago
thank you everyone that have tried out this little script :) I have heard compatibility issues recently but at the moment I do not have time to look into this. I will do so asap.

(N.B. this script assumes the Comment Box to be at a certain place for inserting the icon html code, maybe that's why it is not compatible with the Commenting Tool?)
forzet 12 years ago

BillyWarhol 12 years ago
doc18 I love this thing*

U should maybe have a little ? mark so people can Find U*

kind of like the Flickr comments one*

altho it won't look aestetically as clean*

Congrats on a wonderful Hack*

It doesn't seem to work form me :(
worked out it is not compatible with flickercommenttools hack
E.M.M.A.N.U.E.L.!. 12 years ago
I've been writing out the html by hand, to get the same effect; I to believe I'll enjoy using this script instead. Thanks for doing this!
Jose+Euge 12 years ago
Super King
Works well. Thanks for the script
Kealoha1981 12 years ago
I've been looking for this. I just recently joined and dislike that comments cannot be directly replied to or threaded, but this script perfect for that. Now I can finally reply to my comments :D
The Flooz 12 years ago

hooray! finally got the hang of it :)
Vanessa Pike-Russell 12 years ago
Brilliant! Thanks :)
Cooriander 12 years ago

stupendous cattle [deleted] 12 years ago
Good stuff! :-)
abhic 12 years ago
another vote to help allow the smilies script and this one co-exist.

thank you.
Valentin.H 12 years ago
Yep, that's a sweet script but it would be cool to use it with the smilies and other wysiwyg scripts ;-)
Bye and thanks!
Kezzaroo 12 years ago
Hmm.. i have the little monkey chap in the bottom corner there but when im on the page with the script and click install, nothing happens? :(
Darlington girl 12 years ago
I upgraded to the Mozilla thingy, added Greasemonkey but when I click on that link up top, I just get a bunch of html and when I click install, nothing happens!

Can someone help me out?
Lumendipity 12 years ago
excellent, really very helpful!
I installed firefox and greasemonkey just for these kind of useful scripts for flickr...
quirkylemon 12 years ago
Having a little problem with this using Flock GM... any ideas?
[s e l v i n] 12 years ago
wanted this for a real long time...
any one of you working on finding on which user is online on flickr & allowing a chat interface...would be great!
..I've also suggested this to the flickr guys..hope someone is working on it! :)
[s e l v i n] 12 years ago
....testing my insanity...it worked! ;-)
mortimer? 12 years ago
check that out:

I don't really know who's using it though.
Michelle Brea Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Michelle Brea (member) 12 years ago
I get an error message!!!!!!!!!! And I´m not usng the comment tracker!!! HELP!
Trucker Pete 11 years ago
@ ⇒ ⇒ I don't have Firefox and don't really want it, so is there a way to do this on ie7, the way you do it.
mortimer? 11 years ago
Well, everywone around here can extend firefox because it's open source. Most of us want to make it better because we had it's open source.

If you come with such attitude, perhaps you should ask the makers of IE7 to integrate such new features in their browsers... I am just not sure were the feature request box is.
Juan Pablo Giusepponi 11 years ago
That's awesome man!!
Everybody is using it now :) Counting me...
SimonWhitaker 11 years ago
Nice script! I've been seeing those little buddy icons in replies here, wondered where they came from. :-)
*Stiletto* 11 years ago
I'd been wanting to learn how to do this and kept on trying to figure it out until one of my contacts pointed me here.
I've actually installed Firefox (which I had been resisting, my basic needs being happily met by IE7) specifically to use your script and am now delighted to have done so; Firefox really improves the Flickr experience!

So a big bunch of thanks from me! :-)
SuperKarmen 11 years ago
OH thanks.. its fantastic!
striped spring [deleted] 11 years ago
This is really a neat script... bravo
sincere pan [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sincere pan (member) 11 years ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh - maybe I am just being thick but I cant get this to work - I just get a runtime error every time
mortimer? 11 years ago
are you using Firefox??
sincere pan [deleted] 11 years ago
Firefox I can download but AOL doesnt seem to like Greasemonkey
Aly De Villers 11 years ago
I love this script :)
Stitch 11 years ago

thanks for this one!
deniman 11 years ago
The buddy icon reply doesn´t work now, in spanish flickr :o(
【A】 11 years ago
The buddy icon reply donesn't work in 繁體中文 flickr too~.
S.D. 11 years ago
Works nicely for me! Thanks for writing it!
adorable farm [deleted] 11 years ago
sorry for the lack of response :( been busy at work. so this is broken for non-english languages...
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