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steeev 4:41pm, 25 May 2006
I wrote a new GreaseMonkey script called: Flickr Group Pool Admin - Warn + Delete

Heres a screenshot of the script in action:

* Script Updated 15-Oct-2009 * latest changes: (added flickrpm toolbar to w+d window, if user has flickrpm installed)

* Script Updated 17-July-2009 * latest changes: When you select delete all images along with ban or kick, the image deletions will happen immediately, rather than one by one. If you dont select ban or kick and delete all, the images will still be deleted one by one.
Fixed script to wokr on /pool/tags/ pages
Updated "delete all" function to remove any visible thumbnails from the pool, so it gives visual feedback that the deletion has occured.


When a group admin sees an image thats not following the rules and guidelines of the group in the pool. this script will let them select the image, delete it and mail the user a warning/reminder which you will be able to choose from a selection of user defined messages.


* Modifies the behaviour of the "x'" link beneath images in the group pool so when clicked it deletes the image without leaving the pool page and without asking the user for confirmation.
* Adds a "w" link which when clicked opens the "Warn+Delete" popup page, giving you a number of options:
** delete the image directly from the pool page
** delete all that user's images (500 max) from the pool
** kick or ban user directly from the pool page
** email the user directly from the pool page
** save your email as a reusable template, to do this tick the "save" checkbox.
** use substitution variables in the email to be filled in with useful values when you click send

The "substitution variables" which can be used in your email messages are as follows:


if you include those "variables" in your message, when you click send they will be substituted for the actual values,


$USERNAME$ will be substituted with the username of the person that submitted the image
$GROUPNAME$ will be substituted with the name of the group.
$GROUPURL$ will be subsituted with a link to the group.
$PICURL$ will be substituted with a link to the photo.

This lets you create multipurpose reusable message templates, that will save you a lot of typing and cutting and pasting, if you admin a lot of groups.

N.B the script also works on pools/tags pages and also pools/user pages, so you could use it to delete images with certain tags in the group pool or images from certain users in the pool.

The script now has an added function that works on photo pages, to let you easily remove your own image from multiple groups more quickly. when you click on the [X] next to the group pool name on your photo's main page, the pic will automatically be removed from the group without the page having to be reloaded.

Minor update, fixed removing image from multiple groups on photo page without page refresh. Also fixed: script is now working on first page of group again.

Added a show all in pool link, modified [W] link to blend in with new style 'x's, added a '?' help link to explain how to use the substitution variables.
Added a default message template, including all the Substitution Variables

There was a bug in the previous version that wouldnt let you select your saved message templates, this is now fixed. Also fixed saved message delete bug.

Minor - Adds FlickrPM toolbar to W+D window, if user has FlickrPM installed.

Fixed to work in Firefox 4.

11 Aug 2011
Fixed for latest flickr code change

Donations gladly accepted! :) Though this script is being given away for free, it is not free for me to develop it, many, many hours have been spent programming, testing and supporting it. If you appreciate my work, and would like to thank me, and also support future development and maintenence, please consider making a donation, big or small, every little helps. My paypal link is available on my website and also on my profile page

Get Flickr Group Pool Warn and Delete

All my other flickr gm scripts are available here: steeev.freehostia.com/flickr
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mortimer? 13 years ago
This looks promising!! I'll try it as soon as I find an offender in one of my groups ;)
Leo Reynolds Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 13 years ago
After deleting an image not being taken back to page 1 is brilliant. Cheers. I'm looking forward to the other additions.
Claudecf 13 years ago
Yesssss! I love it!
clickykbd 13 years ago
the server hosting these two scripts seems to be struggling quite a bit.
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
seems ok to me...

update: oh dear looks like its gone again
mortimer? 13 years ago
@decembre, which one of my script are you talking about? I don't see a script I have made that would mess with the group pool page (except flyr pool, but it doesn't touch the thumbnails).

Have you tried to deactivate all the scripts to see which one was in cause?
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
its probably the script that adds the "all" link that is breaking this script, try disabling that one and see if that fixes it.
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
glad to hear you got it working decembre.
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
Ive added some extra functionality, and theres more to come.

You can now:
* email the user directly from the group pool page.
* ban or kick the user directly from the group pool page.
* delete the image directly from the group pool page.

Alongside the [X] there is now a [W] link below each image in the pool that you are an admin of. Clicking the [W] pops up an email window, where you can email the user who submitted the photo, this window also lets you delete the image and ban or kick the user from the group if you wish.

Functionality still to come:
* Delete all images from group pool by user.
* Save messages as reusable templates
* Better user interface/process
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
OK ive added in the "save messages as reusable templates" functionality. Please uninstall the old version before installing the new version.

theres now a checkbox that if ticked will save your message as a template, which can be reused later. after ticking it and sending your message. the next time you want to send a message the subject line
of the message will be displayed in select box above the subject textbox selecting that subject will populate the subject text box and message text box with the previously saved subject and message.

ive also added in 3 substitution variables that can be used in your templates.
if you include any or all of those 3 variables in your subject or message, when you click the "send" button the appropriate text will automatically be substituted into the message that is sent to the user.

eg if your message looked like this:
please read the $GROUPNAME$'s rules + guidelines before posting any images to the group pool. As the image you posted: $PICURL$ doesnt conform to the guidelines, and has therefore been deleted from the group pool.



When the message is sent $USERNAME$ will be replaced with the username of the person who posted the image, $GROUPNAME$ will be replaced with the group's name and $PICURL$ will be replaced with the url of the picture.

N.B these substitution variables are optional and you dont have to use them if you dont want to.
What Photos Look Like Posted 13 years ago. Edited by What Photos Look Like (member) 13 years ago
This is great but not what *I* really want (and I'm too lazy to code it):


I want to see the normal-sized pictures, not the thumbnails.

When I click "X" it should add the pic to a local-memory list, but not 't actually delete (deleting and refreshing takes time - often the biggest time-waster for me, and violates the rule of "humans are the boss and should never be sitting around waiting for the computer to do something at its own sweet pace")

When I'm done reviewing lots of images, I press an "Update" button and the script goes through the list of planned deletions and does them all at once unattended, so I can go have dinner or something rather than wait for lots of individual deletions
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
@kevin, interesting wish list, it sounds like u want something like .cks superbatch script, im sure u could modify it to do what u require. Or another way to delete lots of images without having to keep clicking ok, would be to comment out the line that has the alert() function which says "Removing image from pool" then you could simply click the [X]'s for all the images you want to delete. make sure you go from bottom to top though, as the list of images will keep jumping. BTW the "normal" sized pictures thing can be accomplished by installing Greased Lightbox, see my other thread about that.

BTW Ive updated this script again, it now has the following new features:

* an option to delete *ALL* the users images from the pool
* an option to Promote the user
* a new substitution variable $GROUPURL$ (which could be useful for directing the user to the group's rules page for example)
steeev 13 years ago
ive fixed a bug that was stopping the script working on /pool/tags/ pages
fixed version is here
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
the promote/kick/ban function wasnt working anymore due to a security update on flickr, so ive fixed the script to accomodate this. ive also added a "help" link to the warn+delete popup page, which leads to this thread.

Fixed version is here and is mirrored here
Claudecf 13 years ago
Is it me? or the script.
It will let me write to someone to say I'm deleting, but it deletes nothing. The pics are still in the pool...
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
its working fine for me.

one thing ive noticed is if you make the change i suggested previously for speeding up the deleting process, when using the [X] "button", by deleting the alert statement that says "removing image from pool" and then attempts to delete a lot of images in quick succession, the images will be removed from the screen, but not deleted. ive realised that this is because the code to delete the images is using synchronous xmlhttp rather than asynchronous. i cant be bothered to fix this, so its best to leave the alert statement in the code, as it allows time for the xmlhttp call to work properly. if you want to delete lots of images rapidly from the pool, its better to use FD's pool cleaner tool for that for now.
Claudecf 13 years ago
steeev, I removed the previous script and downloaded your latest version. I relied heavily on this script as unfortunately Poolcleaner doesn't work for me at all.
steeev 13 years ago
try disabling some of the other scripts you have installed that affect the pool pages, and see if that fixes it, as its probably a "clash" of scripts.
Claudecf 13 years ago
steeev, thanks, I'll try that and let you know how it's working.
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
@claudecf did u manage to get it working in the end?

BTW ive made a small modification to the script, instead of displaying an alert box, when using the single image delete function - [X] it now replaces the image with an explosion animation (maybe familiar to some of you from the organizer) then removes it. you should wait for the animation to complete before clicking another [X].

admining a group with this script is now a bit like playing flickr invaders LOL
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 13 years ago
Is there an easy way to pull your pictures out of a pool (not one you're an admin of)? It's horribly slow and painful at the minute.
mortimer? 13 years ago
if you go to the pool page, at the bottom of it, you will have a link "your photos".

click there, you will see all of your photos in that pool, you can stay on that page and frantically click on the X to remove each photo ;)
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
@shhexycorin using this script you should be able to click the [W] link below one of your own images in the pool then write yourself a polite little email ;-) and select "delete all images by user" in the select box, it works on your own images in the pool, even if you are not the administrator of the group :-)
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 13 years ago
Ooh, fab! Thanks, steev, you're a star.

( that was the painful bit, mortimer :) )
Claudecf 13 years ago
Steeev, yes, I finally managed to make it work after cleaning up several scripts that were not really very useful to me.
I really love it. Am going to try the latest version ;)
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
@shhexycorin hehe thanks :)
@claudecf cool, glad you got it working :)
grebo guru 13 years ago
Wow, I want to try this out pronto!
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
ive updated the script, so it now works on photo pages too, to let you easily remove your image from multiple groups more quickly. when you click on the [X] next to the group pool name on your photo's main page, the pic will automatically be removed from the group without the page having to be reloaded. you will need to uninstall the old version of the script and then install the new version to get this new functionality.

btw originally i wrote this functionality as a separate script, though i decided it would be better to merge it with this one. if you installed the old one, you should uninstall it.
grebo guru 13 years ago
Ah good, I was finding myself having to go back to the group pool and then clicking the [W] on page 3 or whatever...

Now if I could just get a script to scan the WOW group for all the photos with:
a) no comments at all
b) no 'wow' comment
grebo guru 13 years ago
I've tried uninstalling and installing the new version, and I still am not seeing the new functionality ([W] option on the photo page).

I am on an Intel iMac using OS X 10.4.7 / Firefox
grebo guru 13 years ago
... or have I misunderstood what you meant by 'it works on the photo page too'? Do you have the 'Warn' option? or just a delete without reloading the page or a confirmation dialogue box?
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
yes you have misunderstood, at present the script just alters the behaviour of the pool delete "button" on the photo page, as i figure its useful for people to remove their own images from multiple groups.

update ive thought about it a bit, and might add the "warn+delete" functionality to the photo page too at a later date.
grebo guru 13 years ago
That would be great for me. Crossing my fingers...
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
ive just updated this script to be compatible with the updated versions of FlickrPM + Multigroup Sender.
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
ive added a Preview function to the script, to let you see how your flickrmail will look after its sent, especially useful, if you are using the Substitution variables.
charming snails [deleted] 13 years ago
Thanks, steeev, just managed to successfully remove all my own pictures from the 1 million photos group.

Only downside was the delete status messages scrolling down the page. I had over 400 pics in the pool and after a while the script stopped me from doing anything else while it ran. Any way to stop the messages scrolling?

Nice script!
johncarney 13 years ago
The modification to the "delete" button is kind a neat, but I wish you hadn't removed the confirmation prompt. I just accidentally deleted someone's photo from a group I administer/ This would not have happened if you hadn't removed the prompt.
chadmiller 13 years ago
One bug, steeev: You should escape the field data so that special characters aren't interpreted. E.g, The members of a group I administer, "B&W", were rather confused by my nonsensical message.
steeev Posted 13 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 13 years ago
spiderwegian, i may fix that in a later release

johncarney, i personally prefer it without the confirmation prompts, the x's are quite small targets to hit accidentally. and the end result of deleting a photo if you do manage to accidentally click one isnt too drastic, i feel. also its faster to delete multiple images without the confirmations.

chadmill, thanks for the bug report, i will look into it.
Cedric Bramble 13 years ago
This is AWESOME! Just what I needed to clear a bunch of my own images out of some pools. Great work!
Wil C. Fry 13 years ago
Love this script. It's been invaluable in the past weeks, keeping my group pools clean.
red horn [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by red horn (member) 13 years ago
Hello steeev, I'm having some problems with the script. It simply wouldn't react to the "Send" button.

Additionally, I would like to ask whether it could be possible to add an automatic Subject with the name of the Group, and the automatic reference to which picture is going to be deleted or is referenced in the message. Do you think this could be possible?
EDIT: It seems like i's not a problem of the script but of Flickr in thsi moment: even clicking on the normal "[X]" under the picture, it seems to be deleted from the pool but, when I refresh (with no cache) the page, the picture is still in the pool.
I will try later.
red horn [deleted] 13 years ago
Well, the [X} on the photo page seems to work, so seems to do the Flickr Gamma delete [X] on the pool page, but when the script is not running (disabled). Is there any new compatibility problem out there?
Rev Dan Catt 13 years ago
Geo8: Yes the code controlling the removal of photos has changed, hopefully for the better for those that don't use the greasemonkey.

steeev: You're going to need to update your code. As an aside can you flickr mail me your IM details and then maybe I'll have more chance remembering to give you a heads up before rolling out updates.

Wil C. Fry 13 years ago
Yep. It doesn't work anymore. The "Send" button just doesn't do anything.
Leo Reynolds Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 13 years ago
On the home page Flickr have just announced the [x] for keeping a pool clean. It's always been there but Flickr have improved it so when you remove an image using the Flickr [X] (with this script turned off) it no longer jumps back to the first page.
Ingrid! 13 years ago
Oh my god it doesn't work anymore. I can't delete the pix at all! I click the x but the shots keep coming back. Help!
DrewMyers 13 years ago
Help Steeev???!!! can you fix this? This script was a life saver....
steeev 13 years ago
it looks like flickr have tweaked their code a bit, and the script has started working again :)
Ingrid! 13 years ago
yes, it is working again, thank goodness!
DrewMyers 13 years ago
Thank goodness. And thanks Steeev for a fantastic script!!!
paradox4600 13 years ago
I get a TypeError: Lines has no property error.
Louise Pedroso 12 years ago
Using this script, can I (as admin) kick another admin from a group?
steeev 12 years ago
Louise Pedroso 12 years ago
ok ok... but the script is still very good! ;)
Sick Little Monkey 12 years ago
This script is a life-saver!! I just took over a group with over 7500 members and 60,000 photos in the pool. I don't think it had ever been filtered for photos that didn't belong. I've ousted over 2,000 images in the last couple days using this script. I love it!!!
enchanted home [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by enchanted home (member) 12 years ago
Thanks for writing this.

A few suggestions: functionality wise, the "promote" feature being there is enough to almost make me uninstall it, even with the confirmation built in. There's the chance it could be accidentally clicked and that cannot be undone. "Promote" is a positive action and is not a user action I would initiate as the basis of clicking on a photo. Perhaps the top 20 groups do this, though for 99% of the users out there, kick/warn would be a negative action, so that choice doesn't make too much sense. I edited out the option in question so it's not generated in the HTML.

Also: closing HTML tags like "option" would be nice. So far it doesn't affect anything, but it might and would be an easy thing to fix.
steeev Posted 12 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 12 years ago
the ban and kick functionality of this script was broken by the recent site changes, ive updated it to fix this. ive also removed the promote function as i couldnt be bothered to fix that. you can get the new version from the usual places.

btw ive also just noticed that if you have Greased Lightbox script installed before this script, the greased lightbox functionality wont work on pool pages, whereas if you install the greased lightbox script after this script, it works, allowing you to preview the larger versions of the thumbnail images, before deleting them.
ToniVC Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ToniVC (member) 12 years ago
I just discovered this script and find it VERY useful, thanks!

But, I've noticed that it only works on the www.flickr.com/groups/* pages (the [W] appears next to the [X]) but not on the www.flickr.com/photos/* pages (where the [W] won't appear), and I think it should work! I'm the only one?

Also, I think it would be very interesting that when saving a message it would also save the state of the "delete picture" and "quick/ban user" options as a default associated to that message.

Thanks in advance!
bwilderbeast 12 years ago
Another great script and I haven't had any conflict with any of the others I've got installed so far.

The only tweak I would suggest is the default setting for deleting images should be either like the ban one or set to "don't." I've found that after sending out a lot of messages it's all to easy to forget to change it.
bwilderbeast 12 years ago
This is probably a stupid question, but what does "kick" mean?
kick = remove
or were you criticizing the word choice?
Wil C. Fry 11 years ago
One of the best scripts, ever, Steeev!

The main functionality I use is the [x] on my photo pages. I love being able to remove one of my photos from a group without the page reloading each time!
rgdaniel 11 years ago
Seems to have stopped working - related to latest GM update perhaps?
Lú_ 11 years ago
oh, I hope this one gets fixed soon -- I really rely on it
rgdaniel 11 years ago
old version of Greasemonkey is here, for those who really need this script to work...

daboogieman 11 years ago
Oh no. flickr must have changed something, this script dosen't work anymore.

When I try to delete a pic in a pool with flickr's [x[ it does not work while the script is running.

It works when the script is disabled.

If I try to use the Admin - Warn + Delete window, it tries to load and then vanishes.

I am using the old version of GM.
daboogieman 11 years ago
Am I the only one who has this problem?
Nicolas Hoizey 11 years ago
I also can't remove a group from a photo page without reloading.

I'm using Firefox 3.0b3 on Mac OS X 10.4, with Greasemonkey 0.7.20080121.0
detailed elbow [deleted] 11 years ago
The functions work ok for me. I am using Vista with firefox version

Some of the scripts stopped working when I updated firefox, so, I went back to the older version.
cheap basketball [deleted] 11 years ago
I can't get any of the links in this thread to work for me? Does this script not run on mac?
zyrcster 11 years ago
The script runs on a Mac -- you need to be using Firefox with the June 2007 build of Greasemonkey for the script to work.
cheap basketball [deleted] 11 years ago
I got it to work, I didn't realize i had to dl greasemonkey first... opps. Great script!
daboogieman 11 years ago
OK. I have located the problem, at least for me.

With Netscape I have the problem.

With Firefox I have NO problems. [A few minutes pass]

I just did several tests and I am satisfied that the problem is specific to Netscape (for me) and with Firefox all functions of the script work properly.
This is an awesome script! thanks Steeev!
Mike Matenkosky Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Mike Matenkosky (member) 11 years ago
I've been using this script for months and I really love it, but since the latest Firefox upgrade a few months ago, my template won't save. Any ideas??

EDIT: I went back to the previous Greasemonkey (Version 0.7.20070607.0)

Works like a champ again!
detailed elbow [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by detailed elbow (member) 11 years ago
I also had trouble and went back to the previous version of greasemonkey. It worked for awhile but now has not been working when I try to send a warning and delete a photo from the pool. It says "sending the mail has failed", but it does remove the photo. Is this a Greasemonkey issue or do I need an update someplace. I have Vista w/Firefox, Flock and the previous version of Greasemonkey.
Others tell me they are having the same problem suddenly.
detailed elbow [deleted] 11 years ago
Just updated to Firefox version and the "W" is gone from the admin warn delete feature using the script from Steeev.

I am lost without it!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions?
zyrcster 11 years ago
Yes, I would imagine that Steeev or someone who understands scripting needs to update this GM script.

Or, you could roll FF back to and use the June 2007 build of GM.
any chance of this update happening?
Wooble 11 years ago
I'm seeing the "W" just fine (on, but it just hangs when trying to send the actual message. Is anyone else seeing this, and does anyone have a solution?
daboogieman 11 years ago
I'm using ver 1.41 of the script and last years GM and have no problems with this script and forefox
edowds Posted 11 years ago. Edited by edowds (member) 11 years ago
@Wooble - I get the same problem but as nobody else was reporting it I thought it was my system.
The Error Console reports ...........
Greasemonkey access violation:unsafeWindow cannot call GM_xmlhttpRequest.

I also get this error when using the "Geotag Flickr via Streetmap" script.
steeev 11 years ago
ive updated the script so it works again, with the latest version of GM and the latest version of FF

btw. edowds, ive also updated the geotag with streetmap script too.
Wil C. Fry 11 years ago
edowds 11 years ago
Thanks steeev! :o)
Jeroen Tiggelman 11 years ago
Hi there! You've written 'When a group admin sees an image thats not following the rules and guidelines of the group....'

Is there a script to see if my group members follow the rules? Posting and commenting 2 after that?
BoldPuppy 11 years ago
this is one of the coolest scripts out there - but I've found that it doesn't work well with 'search'. For example, I want to clean out a pool with a certain tag, like "HDR". So, I search on the tag, and I get a bunch of photos. If I arrange them by thumbnail, this script doesn't seem to recognize the page. Is there a way to get this script to work with 'search'?

steeev Posted 11 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 11 years ago
BP, the script works with search, if you do your tag searches by manually constructing the URLs like so: flickr.com/groups/yourgroupname/pool/tags/sometag
daboogieman 11 years ago

I just tried this script since upgrading to FF 3.0 and the GM VER 0.8.20080609.0 and it works perfectly.

Thanks steeev!
Farruska 11 years ago
working great here, FF3 / osx , thank you!
BoldPuppy 11 years ago
Thanks - that worked swimmingly, and I was able to delete the photos I needed to.
SunCat 11 years ago
Great script steeev, but it has one minor little issue with videos in a group pool. The "From username" tag it rebuilds under the video thumbnail is linking to the group instead of the user's stream. Photos are picking up the proper stream URL, so this is probably just an issue with the href parsing for videos.
carlos.benjamin Posted 11 years ago. Edited by carlos.benjamin (member) 11 years ago
It's not working in FF3 for me. No longer deletes all images by a user in the pool, just the one I clicked the "W" on.

Just downloaded the new one today....
Canada Pixelgrower Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Canada Pixelgrower (member) 10 years ago
Q: I am administering a group that requires specific tags to be added to the photos that are submitted to the group's pool, is there a way to search for the tag not being present?

i.e. If I want all the photos to have tags of: somethingred and brightandshiney, can I enter "-somethingred -brightandshiney" and it displays all the images that don't have these tags?

I am doing a Twelve Days of Christmas group, and I'll have twelve tags that I'll want to search the group pool on, each day. The tags will be the same every day I perform the search. If the images have not been tagged with the 12 parameters, I would like to be able to remove them from the pool. Would this script work?

Many thanks!
(deaf mute) 10 years ago
Does this script work with images awaiting moderation? I'd love to be able to send reasons to the submitters of photos that aren't suitable for one of the groups I administrate.
Guang Ye 10 years ago
May I ask how do I activate or start using this script?

I had installed it in Firefox V3.0.5 but I don't know how to get it to start working.
zyrcster 10 years ago
So long as greasemonkey is active, just go to your groups's pool page, and you'll see a (W) next to the (X) under the photos. Click the (W) to send a warning message, remove the photo, and/or remove/ban the user from the group.

No, it does not work on the pool queue.
Guang Ye 10 years ago
Oh all right, I got it now. Thanks!

Now I am figuring how to get the Comment Sweeper to work.
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