Xerxes2K 10:06am, 4 October 2013
We'd like to see your favorites of this week's selection. Check out the pool for your favorite #AfterDark photos, create a gallery with them and post the link to your gallery here for everyone to enjoy.

If you have general questions about this week's theme, come over to the main thread for this week.
AppleFanDE 5 years ago
This week, the pictures are looking amazing ! This is my selection...

So many great ones to choose from!
Danko8321 5 years ago
Lots of great images to choose from! Here's my selection

Pittypomm 5 years ago
Here's mine. I have really enjoyed this week's photos...
Joanna pictures this 5 years ago
I really enjoyed this week's theme. Here is my selection:
ColleenM 5 years ago
momentos simples de la vida:

This thread is for showcasing other people's photos, not your own.
crossword_steve 5 years ago
Here's my FF After Dark selection...
Derek Hall 5 years ago
Great number of submissions for this theme. Here is my favourites.

Powerpointjim 5 years ago
Loads of great shots this week, here's my first gallery.

ColleenM 5 years ago
Remember that you can use the square brackets method to create a clickable image for your gallery.

Just copy the gallery URL, and paste it between the square brackets in a comment, like this:

Here is my selection, but again, I would have added a few more if Flickr allowed for more in a gallery... :)
I'm loving all these galleries! I really love when the creators of the galleries are commenting why they chose the photos they did (when looking at the gallery, gallery creators can comment on the left of the photo). It really helps me look at different photos in new ways and learn from others!
tao-of-m Posted 5 years ago. Edited by tao-of-m (member) 5 years ago
Interesting that this theme was, in a sense, the opposite of the last one. Makes for a cool counterbalance. In any case, here is my gallery:

Thank you for taking the time to look and I shall be enjoying yours, as well.
Franz Walter2013 5 years ago

I'm sorry!!!! I didn't know that!
Carlos Shibata 5 years ago
My Gallery:
Lady Goshen 5 years ago
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