Xerxes2K 7:05am, 27 September 2013
We'd like to see your favorites of this week's selection. Check out the pool for your favorite #OnceUponATime photos, create a gallery with them and post the link to your gallery here for everyone to enjoy.

If you have general questions about this week's theme, come over to the main thread for this week.
Lady Goshen 5 years ago
Here are my choices so far:
JordyR 5 years ago
Here are my choices:

Jojanju Photography Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jojanju Photography (member) 5 years ago
My choices...I would have also added Gunn Point, Duncan George and Steffi Au, but I can only add 18 to the gallery... :)
tao-of-m 5 years ago
Selections, to date. Many interesting submissions that have led to a more eclectic gallery than I initially thought it might be.
Derek Hall 5 years ago
Sorry I was a bit late in submitting my picks of this weeks theme, but here you go.
Caitlin Tobias 5 years ago
Love this theme and the images!
Here is my gallery:
DESIGNGEP 5 years ago
Hi, this is my photo, could you include in the Flickr Friday group ...https://www.flickr.com/photos/designgep/10057464156/
reminiscent toy [deleted] 5 years ago
And here is mine.
There are many amazing pictures. Congrats, everyone !

Pittypomm 5 years ago
Here's mine:
elPadawan 5 years ago

I can't seem to even see your picture. Flickr says "Page not found". If you want to have your photo added to the pool, make sure if follows the rules, (there's a discussion thread recapitulating them in several languages), then you can submit it to the group pool yourself :)
Jouss_ 5 years ago
As always, I very much appreciate discovering the FlickrFriday submissions!
Here is my selection:
Franz Walter2013 5 years ago
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