Swedish National Heritage Board PRO 6:50am, 4 June 2010
Today we launch a new set with photos of towns from all over Sweden. Please help us find the photo locations today, take a photo and post it as a comment to the photo.



/Johan Carlström
By posting this newly taken picture, olga s helped us locate the street in Malmö and she also located a school building on the old photograph to be the second building to the right instead of the first building as we thought. We're very pleased about it. :)

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/olgasch/4685382624/]Slottsgatan. Photo by olga s

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board

/Anna B, Swedish National Heritage Board
More pictures will be uploaded to the set, starting today.

For example this one from a street in Gothenburg / Göteborg, on the Swedish west coast:
Göteborg (Gothenburg), Västergötland, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board

and this one from the Old Town in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden:
Old Town, Stockholm, Uppland, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board

Would be just great to see some modern pics posted in comments...

/Anna B.
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