Swedish National Heritage Board 11:12am, 21 October 2009
In June, we were successfully helped out with the identification of locations for 16 of Carl Curman photos taken in Norway.

Still two pictures from Germany by Carl Curman are to be located:

Hornberg, Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Germany by Swedish National Heritage Board

Town in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald). Photographer: Carl Curman

Hannover, Germany by Swedish National Heritage Board

Town in northern Germany? A Flickr member has commented about the stepped gable facades. Photographer: Carl Curman

Anyone familiar with Germany? Would be great to get som help from you to have these towns identified!

/Anna B, Swedish National Heritage Board
gnu1742 9 years ago
I just made an inquiry at the Reference Desk of the german Wikipedia. There are always a lot of people with a broad knowledge of german geography, so i'm quite sure that this will help.
zyrcster 9 years ago

In case you didn't notice, Kay posted your request for help to identify these photos posted up to our German blog [I am staff here at Flickr];

Looks like the investigation has helped to locate one of the two photos, with work ongoing for the other one. Yay!
gnu1742: You made a really smart move making an inquiry to German Wikipedia. We have already seen the effects of it. Thanks a lot for helping us this way!

Zyrcster, the request on Flickr's German blog has clearly set the community on the track! I hadn't noticed it but Kay was so kind to e-mail it to me.

The Flickr community has been tremendously active and helpful and the blue picture is already located to be from Hornberg in the Black Forest Area (Schwarzwald). The key was that the castle was identified as Burg Hornberg.

As an unexpected bonus another picture from Germany by Carl Curman was identified as Stuttgart (Schillerplatz) and not Heidelberg as our information told.

Schillerplatz Square, Stuttgart, Germany by Swedish National Heritage Board

I am really hopeful about the other picture - the community is working hard on the solution!

/Anna B, Swedish National Heritage Board
Both German towns are now correctly identified with the outstanding help of the Flickr community and others discussing the matter on the Internet.

Picture on top: Hornberg

Picture below: Hannover

It has been a pleasant thrill to follow the discussion and search.
Being on Flickr really helps us improve our data :)
Thanks everyone!

/Anna B, Swedish National Heritage Board
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