Lars Pohlmann 8:08pm, 16 May 2015
Hi folks,

finally I had the time and patience to get flexplore working again.

waltzcore PRO 3 years ago
Thank you!
Just some dust 3 years ago
Thank you! I love Flexplore.
jojonas~ PRO 3 years ago
woah -yes! thanks :)
dezinfectant 3 years ago
How come this app is so awesome? XD
i've been using flexpore for a month and it's too awesome. More ppl needs to know about this.
decembre 1 year ago
Seems your app have a problem to connect with flickr:
i test the 2 option and i have a message "Ooops... Something went wrong... go back".

An update or a solution ?
dezinfectant 4 months ago
Is the website down?
The server is down :-(
decembre 3 months ago
Always down ????
dezinfectant 3 months ago
is there any way for us to support flexpore mate? 😗 it's a great tool, we would love to help too
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