Lars Pohlmann 5:29am, 24 May 2012
Please post any bugs you find in Flexplore in this thread.
jojonas~ PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by jojonas~ (member) 6 years ago
tried it at work now to see how ie handled it for me.

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ie verion used: 8.0.6001.18702
Mariana.Halliday 6 years ago
First it just showed a blank (white) page, now it shows "website not available" : (
-fs- 6 years ago
I am not sure whether this is a bug or a feature: I have my browser clean up all cookies on closing. Now, in flexplore when I ask to get a new computation I am added into the queue, but when I log out then I get kicked off the queue. For example last time it said I need to wait 4hours.
Does this mean I actually have to wait for 4 hours (with open flexplore window)? Then I left the flexplore web site and when I checked later I found out I got kicked off the queue.
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago

You don't get kicked out of the queue. Anytime. What could happen is, that the queue is full. When you request a calculation and the queue is full you will get a warning message, but that will disappear after a few seconds. I admit that this is not optimal, I will change that.

You don't need to leave your browser open during calculation. The calculation is done on the server. I'll admit that the design of the queue suggests otherwise. I need to think about this...
zany letter [deleted] 6 years ago
Have 200+ favorites, but Flexplore can not calculate and is reporting only 160 images as favorits. This is bug...
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
I see 199 Favs in your stream. Maybe some of your favorites are marked as "restricted"? Flexplore can only deal with public photos...
shukri amri 6 years ago
I also had the same problem. Have some 200+ favorites but flexplore stated i only got 3
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
@shukri: try again. should work now.
@XoXmX: You need at least 4 more public photos as favorite, then it should work.
zany letter [deleted] 6 years ago
Thanks Lars.
momò 6 years ago
Hello Lars. Same problem for me today, and I faved almost 6000 pics...
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
@momo: try again...
momò 6 years ago
Perfect, thank you!
ChaseDownTheSun 6 years ago
Sorry, you need at least 200 Favorites on Flickr. You have now 123.

I have over 200 though...=\
jojonas~ PRO 6 years ago
is there some way to find out how many of ones favorites are public photos?
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
@ChaseDownTheSun: Try again.
@jojonas: I don't think so.

@all: This is a bug, but I don't know how to solve it, yet. It happens when the connection to the flickr api breaks during the process of fetching the favorites... I'll think about it...
jojonas~ PRO 6 years ago
I have yet to try flexplore at home, with another browser. (I only seem to have free time at work, hah!)

but I can report from using ie that I can not interract with the photos in anyway and I seem to have to connect to flickr every time I connect to the site (even after just closing a tab with it and going to the page again, though the second time I don't have to confirm atleast)
Lars Pohlmann Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lars Pohlmann (admin) 6 years ago
@jojonas: Sorry, IE won't be supported for quite a while (IE Version < 9 never!) I only have OSX and Linux at home, no Windows... I could start up a virtual machine with Windows and IE, but I have no time (or motivation) to fiddle with this abomination of a browser in my free time...
ukaaa PRO 6 years ago
Sometimes the loading of new photos after clicking "Show me more!" takes a very long time. Any idea why? It took over 10 seconds one time!

I like the fact that it opens a news page now though, so you can go back to the previous pages.
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
Flexpore needs to fetch information about the photos to show from flickr. Sometimes flickr lags a little...

Flexplore does a lot of caching, but caches need to be filled before they can speed things up...

But also Flexplore isn't optimized as well as it could be. This is an ongoing process. Mind you, there are already 2 Tables in the Flexplore Database with more than 8 Mio. entries each.
Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
Should be a lot faster now. :-)
Just some dust Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Just some dust (member) 6 years ago
Here's what appears to be a design flaw. The aspect ratio of the photo in the screen shot causes the "similar photos" button to cover the "post comment" button. I can't post a comment on this photo because of it. I can only ask for similar photos.

I've encountered several photos with this problem.

Lars Pohlmann 6 years ago
Please try again. If it still doesn't work: Which browser are you using?
Just some dust 6 years ago
It appears to be working properly now.

The comment box is smaller, and the "post comment" button no longer appears behind the "similar photos" button.

(I use Chrome.)
jojonas~ PRO 6 years ago
I've had the same problem with some pano shots I think. but the comment box was easy to get out of the way then if I remember correctly.

that was when I was using firefox. firefox has let me down though, crashing all the time...

but I can say that flexplore looks nice through opera :D
Project Weather Sean 5 years ago
Is the flickr API stuck at the moment? Flexplore is stuck thinking I have 193 favorites even though I added a dozen more last night.
elston 5 years ago
I haven't been able to connect for at least a week or two:

Oops! Flickr doesn't recognise the "oauth_token" this application is trying to use.
An external application has requested your login credentials and permission to perform certain actions on your behalf, but has failed to include all the required data.

You don't really need to know what this means, except that you can't use the application until this problem is fixed. (It's a third-party problem, not a Flickr problem.)
ordinary robot 4 years ago
ordinary robot 4 years ago
Firefox and Chrome now have problems with the oauth token and Safari doesn't seem to connect properly
Just some dust 4 years ago
I haven't been able to use Flexplore in weeks. I get a 404 when I try to go to "Your Flexplore".

I use Chrome.

Did the "new" Flickr kill Flexplore?

I miss it.
elston 4 years ago
The info on the page is funny:

We have calculated 1499 Flexplores for 655 Users so far.
The average time for the calculation of one Flexplore is 44 Years.
A User had to wait for 44 Years on average before his request for calculation was fullfilled.
ordinary robot 4 years ago
I've emailed Lars but so far no reply.
decembre 4 years ago
Seems not working very well at this time:
No photos, etc....

It's only me ?
ordinary robot 4 years ago
Flexplore doesn't work for me on any browser that i try.
Lars Pohlmann 3 years ago
Should be working again :-)
decembre 1 year ago
Problem to connect to flickr (the 2 options fail)....
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