clear cent [deleted] 6:06pm, 12 October 2008
so... I know 2008 is not over yet, but I was going back through the years archives and realized that I've shot over 5000 photos in 2008 alone so far... how many have you shot this year?
country_boy_shane 10 years ago
For me its usually around 8000-10,000 shutter fires a year. Of course, I only keep the ones represent quality work. I can't imagine keeping thousands of shots that you'll never use!
drab fly [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by drab fly (member) 10 years ago
A little over 10k....ofcourse more than 70% of them were scrapped.
clear cent [deleted] 10 years ago
@ Shane good point... the 5k is just the ones I have kept... :)
buckshot.jones PRO 10 years ago
7358, counting this weekend up north.
Ross Sandelius 10 years ago
Not including whatever I shot with the D50 from January 1st- March... about 15,000. So... I'm guessing somewhere around 20k.
(number seems high, but keep in mind that I shot several events and went on one vacation that were responsible for 1-2k shutter clicks each).
country_boy_shane 10 years ago
Shit Ross, you'll be melting down your D300 shutter in no time!
Bobby Alcott PRO 10 years ago
On my D3, I have taken 33,650 since I purchased it in early March.
On my D2Xs, I've had 4,500 actuations this year.
On my Phase One P20, I've had 1,108.

Total this year (Jan. through Sept.): approx. 39,250

My arms are tired.
country_boy_shane 10 years ago
Wow, hearing those numbers reminds us how much we saved going digital!
Wow, you guys have a lot of free time to count them all. :P
greasy offer [deleted] 10 years ago
I have absolutely no idea how much I've shot this year, but it's at least 10,000. Now out of those, how many I've kept or felt were of decent enough quality to want to work's much less.
luna.nik 10 years ago
Ummm....A LOT! Seriously, I have no idea how I could even guess...or if there's an easier way to figure out...
Aaron Fortin 10 years ago
I'm probably in the 15-20K range. Like Ross, lots from events, about 1000 for each wedding, 2000 for a day at an equestrian competition, and some misc in between.
country_boy_shane 10 years ago
Luna, if you have your Canon camera's file system on continuous, that will do the counting for you. For instance if your folder is 101, and your file number is 8345. That means you're shutter has fired 18,345 times. The last digit of the folder number is the 10 thousand digit, and the file is always numbered in the thousands. That's the easiest way to figure it out.
Bobby Alcott PRO 10 years ago
Actually, you may even have an easier way to figure this stuff out...

To calculate how many actuations (photos) your DSLR has taken, check the EXIF data (File Info in Photoshop). The actual info is different for each camera, but for instance, my Nikon D3 'prints' the actuation number with each photo taken. Think of it as your camera's odometer.

I can find my actuations here:
-- in PS, do a File Info on your latest shot.
-- Under the 'Advanced' tab, click on the menu item called
-- "aux:Image Number" is the number of times your shutter has opened and closed.

Obviously, from there, you can calculate how many shots you've taken this year by getting the count from the first photo you took this year and subtracting from your latest.

If you're not familiar with EXIF data, IPTC and metadata, please take some time and explore this stuff. You'll learn a lot!!
karenturner PRO 10 years ago
I'm at 7500 clicks since April (when I got the D300)... How many are worthy of seeing the light of day? About six... Ok maybe 7... :D
Tego Jim 10 years ago
bobby you have a phase 1 P20.... those things are a beast. I'm sitting at a couple thousand this year. i just kinda fell out of photography this summer. Inspiration wasn't there, Now with finally a decent off camera light system to do swing dance again (i had been using a massive unbalanced and "done cheep" rig before) I hope to be back in A2 soon for swing.
*MichelleLynn* 10 years ago
Probably around 1,000 from Vegas the other many have I worked on/put up? About a dozen so far, ugh.

I'll have to do a check on the camera count, although I just passed the 3 year mark on my DSLR...I'm scared to know how many is on that even though I haven't used it too much in the last 3-4 months!
vanessamiller 10 years ago
the thing is... my first image file was img_0001... i think... since then after i've rolled over the thousands... the beginning file extension has changed... so now it says _MG_7685... or something. i read that using a raw file, and i forget what hex number you can use a chart to tell the actuations.

but cannon cameras roll over every 65,000.... with the help of my electrical engineer friend, i know i'm over that.

i don't know how to find the real number.

another guy looked at it and thought i was at either 500,000 or a million. i shoot obsessively and if it's really that many i think i should get an award.

any idears?
Aaron Fortin 10 years ago
On a Canon, the "_" in front just means you've switched your camera to shoot Adobe RGB instead of sRGB.
*MichelleLynn* 10 years ago
My Canon might count the EXIF data differently...I tried looking it up in PS and the last photo I shot is aux image number is 137...maybe for that DAY it was!
comfortable aftermath [deleted] 10 years ago

Here's your award:

E.Peoples 10 years ago
Well, if Shane's method translates to Pentax (my camera's naming system looks like the one he described) that means I'm at 13,443 since buying the camera last May.

vanessamiller 10 years ago
i love cookies...

aaron... _ yeah that was in the memory banks. whoooops. ugh.

ah wells.
BaldyGull PRO 10 years ago
here's another...

My First Cookie Decorating Experience
vanessamiller 10 years ago
ha. oh man. awesome. nom nom nom. thanks guys.
six smash [deleted] 10 years ago
Way too many! I overshoot.

I shoot about 700-1100 per wedding.
Portraits, about 300 within an hours time.
E.Peoples 10 years ago
I've been going over my folders and it looks like Pentax's system doesn't match what Shane is talking about. I have no idea how many pics I've taken.

edwardjohnphotography 10 years ago
I'm at 50,000 for the year and the shutter on my Nikon D80 is dying. Half of the shutter appears in the shot when I take anything over 1/200 sec
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