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colinjcampbell ADMIN January 5, 2015
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Group Description

Emotive | Evocative. Get yours at

This group is about glimpses of something greater than ourselves . . .

“Behold I know not anything. I only hope that good may fall at last far off, at last to all and every winter change to spring."
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

For design, art and photographs which represent wistful echoes of this Something Greater; moments of truth or beauty as found in inspirational visual captures and creations.

The image should be of a high aesthetic standard and accompanied by a title or description/quote/lyrics indicating how it reflects an aspect of this 'greater than ourselves' beauty if it is not obvious. All types of visual art are included not just photography.

There is no daily posting limit at the moment - just make sure what you're posting is relevant. Images deemed off topic or of poor quality will be removed to maintain the quality of the pool. A good quote does not qualify an unexceptional image for inclusion.

This pool values it's naivety and innocence in a world wide web already brimming with the opposite. Nudity/semi-nudity and dark/disturbing imagery is not allowed and will be removed so please keep it pure and enjoy evoking!

Submissions to the group pool are reviewed by a moderator to ensure the quality of the pool. Inappropriate submissions will be refused. Please DO NOT repost refused images as it just gives the admins more work. Excessive repeat posting may result in banning. Members must familiarise themselves with the group guidelines for content.

For more information on evaluating image suitability see
Clarification of submission criteria
Example Imagery


A creature you will not bother to name
but that can name itself in anything,
I push up through the stems of flowers
and step out onto lawns.
I am a star-swan, am newly-frozen rain
cracking under paws.
I am imagination; brushing against railings
they glow.
I leave light in trees, know not whether
it is a lawn or a universe I am crossing.
So be quieter my friends, do not talk too much of me;
Some vision of this planet may come and go
while you put into words my wonder.
I am what wakes you from comfortable beds
to come shivering–
nightgowns around you–
to press faces against freezing cloud.
And I am what you step towards in wonder,
the rainbow found breathing in bushes,
the first creature seeing through mists
new planets floating.
Whatever shape I take
I will not call you; I am silence,
in my immensity wander all your senses;
I am the paradise never lost, only
you must evaporate before reaching me.

Rauin by Brian Patten


Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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