nicknormal 4:32pm, 8 May 2007
is there any way to have ELA not show Wordpress Pages in the archives??

pages are a different type of structure and thinking, and we would like for ELA to only show posts. is this possible?

thank you,
Nick Normal
typogrammer 12 years ago
I was just able to solve this problem myself.

In WordPress 2.1, it majorly changed how it organized pages and posts. Now the old 2.0 method coders used to differentiate between pages and posts doesn't work.

It's really just adding queries to check if post_type is post into the script. If I could give simple instructions, I would, but I can never seem to do that. Perhaps soon I could upload some modified files to help.
scientific rail [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by scientific rail (member) 12 years ago
I would love to add an asterisk next to pages, but I do not know where the databsase is queried (in what part of the plugin) to retreive the posts/comment count and so on. It would also enable me to add timestamps to the listings, in turn this would help Nick with his questions.

If someone could let me know I would be more than greatful, and I am sure Nick would be too.

Thanks in advance,
scientific rail [deleted] 12 years ago
Can anyone help me to find what part of the plugin is used to draw the archives and what part is used to query the posts? This would help me and Nick greatly.

Thanks in advance,
nicknormal 12 years ago
anyone out there?
orthoclase 12 years ago
I did this on my own blog:

Basically, everywhere you see WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ you have to add AND post_type = ‘post’. Sometimes there’s a p. in front of it. I made changes in af-extended-live-archive.php and af-extended-live-archive-include.php

Unfortunately, I have a different problem -- ELA works in Safari, but not in Camino, and I have absolutely no idea why.
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