Monika Thorpe 1:00pm, 19 May 2011
To All Participants and Potential Participants!

Sorry for being out of communication with this for a while; I’ve been ill and starting up another project. However, the date for the Vivian Maier-Inspired Virtual Global Meetup has finally been set for June 18, 2011. It will be held 2 weeks in advance of the opening of the London Street Photography Festival.

The idea for the meetup is this: All groups or individuals participating is this first annual event will begin at noon in their respective time zones and shoot life in the streets of their locales, much in the way Vivian Maier did it here in Chicago and in New York. After a day (and/or night) of shooting, you can post the best of your best in the flickr page dedicated solely to this meetup. We can observe the similarities/differences in the locales and comment accordingly (not critically, I would hope, unless it’s constructive). Hopefully, we can get to meet each other through the site and maybe establish reciprocal meetups in the event we travel to any of the towns. For instance, anyone who participates and finds their way to Chicago one day are welcome to join us on any of the Chicago and Northern Illinois Meetup Group gatherings, or can arrange for any of us to meet you while you’re here and show you around.

I’m also hoping we can do something like this annually. Perhaps people can suggest other things throughout the year that can be done. We’ll see what transpires.

As the time approaches, more details will follow!
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