S_Peter 11:25pm, 3 October 2010
Is Georgia considered Eastern Europe here? I do, and would add my material to this group, and not to any Asia groups.

akk_rus 8 years ago
As I know, Georgia is a part of Asia, not Europe
S_Peter Posted 8 years ago. Edited by S_Peter (member) 8 years ago
Not for everybody. Culturally and historically it is hardly Asia, geographically perhaps....after my stays there it consider it Europe. Anyhow, if there is too much debate (which I would understand, it is really not clear), I will not post anything here (-:
sned 8 years ago
I would say Georgia is Europe.. only going on the fact that they compete in European football tournaments!

Please post your photos of Georgia here!
Moldovia 8 years ago
Georgia is in europe and not asia.
robotwolf 8 years ago
Europe: West of Ural Mountains and Caspian Sea.
So we welcome your Georgia photos in this group.
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