noisy art [deleted] 1:13pm, 25 April 2007
Introduce yourself to the group.

I am Georgia, I live in Athens Greece, am 36 years old or young.

If you are from or have been to a Eastern European country, mention something or you can mention allot on your stay there.
zof 12 years ago
I am Sophia or Zofka, my Slovenian nickname. I am greek but i live between Athens, Greece and Bled, Slovenia.
I love Slovenia as my second home although i have grown up between Greece, France and the US. I moved here after falling in love with the countryside and the nature of Slovenia, although i had a bit of a hard time connecting with the people in the beginning - in my region, they are really closed mountain people... There are a lot of images from Slovenia in my photostream.
Anyway, i had to answer here, as i saw you are a greek inquiring about Eastern Europe : )
faint pencil [deleted] 11 years ago
I am from Zagreb, Croatia. Not quite as interesting as Zof... :-)
zdeto 11 years ago
I'm Andrei Zdetovetchi, 31 yo and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I'm trying to specialize in panoramic photography and 360 degrees immersive images.
Check out my photostream or my panoramic blog ( ) if you are interested in seeing more imagery about Romania. :)
Paul of Congleton 11 years ago
I'm Paul, and I'm from England. I visited Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Repubic as part of a wider project to photograph Central Europe.

I liked them all, but Slovenia has a special place in my heart, because I went back there with my wife for our honeymoon.
*Lála* 11 years ago
Hi, I see nobody posted anything for a long time...

Anyways, I am Pavlína and I am from the Czech Republic, particularly from the city of Brno. Well that's it, simple, right? :D
klklassen 11 years ago
hi everyone,
kyle here, from canada but currently living just outside budapest and loving eastern europe and the culture but sadly moving back home in december but hey maybe i may be back one of these years will miss the history of these countries!
bezmyaso 11 years ago
Hi everyone,
I'm Eugenia and I live in California, between Monterey and Santa Cruz.. I lived in Western Ukraine for more than two years in the mid nineties and was able to travel a lot throughout Ukraine and bordering countries, north, west and south. I haven't travelled in a couple of years and am getting itchy feet and missing my friends in Ukraine and Czech Republic. I have a love for that area of the world—it became part of my soul. It changes a lot when you wait five years to go back, however. Still...I hope to. Last time I was in my village was in 2002.
Istvan 11 years ago
I'm from Budapest, Hungary, b. 1961, married with a 2yo child. The main body of my photos here comes from a previous age, from the first months of my first camera. Recently I began to take photos again. 11 years ago
My name is Andrej, but on net I mostly use the nickname Andreios. I am from Slovakia. I travel a lot, mostly in Eastern Europe and Balkan. I visited all Slavic countries with exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Eastern Europe is a beautiful part of world, I like it there because of people, society, nature, meal, music, culture...
tomomikx 11 years ago
Well hi then people,
My name is Tomislav and I`m from Croatia, country with the most beautiful sea, someone says, but I can`t deny the beauty of other europeian countries.
dramatic vase [deleted] 11 years ago
my name is kasia and i am from warsaw, poland.
aliteratia 11 years ago
i'm ioana, come from romania, the country with the most beautiful carpathians, delta, hills, sea and people :-)
joking (TOUGH::: .-)) love eastern europe especially for its inhabitants and culture, but the nature is also worth seeing
meszter24 11 years ago

I'm Eszter, born in Germany but grew up in Budapest. I currently live in England and I love going back home at least twice a year(so my photos are either taken in the summer or over Christmas)
impartial glove [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello! Im Alla, im 24, originally from Ukraine but live in Moldova. Visited Romania a couple of times (yes, a very beautiful country) and spend holidays in Ukraine almost every year. So my pictures are mostly from these 3 countries. But id love to visit more!
baalands 11 years ago
Hi everyone.

I'm Susan. I'm from Maryland USA. I've been fortunate to visit several Eastern European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Moldova.
leggab 11 years ago
I'm Ben.
I lived in Romania for three years working as a teacher and I travelled around Eastern Europe during that time as well. I hope to return as soon as possible.
ošiantis 11 years ago
Hello everybody,
I'm Karolis. I'm from Lithuania. At this particular time I'm studying and working in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
julie&ivan 11 years ago
Hi everyone,
We're Ivan and Julia, from Russia. We currently live in Moscow, Russia. We've traveled around the former Yugoslavia and Ukraine, and our pictures are mostly from Montenegro.
nickandrosemary 11 years ago
We're Nick and Rosemary - we're from the USA, but we live in Eger, Hungary. I (Nick) am the pastor of an evangelical church here. We love to travel, especially in Slovakia, Poland, and former Yugoslavia. We also travel a bit to California and Colorado, where we grew up.
wise cakes [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi everybody!!
I'm Alina, I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. I've been to Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria. I'm studying architecture.
if someone is going to visit Kiev you could contact me. :)
five birthday [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm Peter from Budapest, Hungary. I've been in Bohemia and Slovakia... I'm studying economics. I'm 18 years old. I like black and white pictures, I using photoshop. I wanna get to know new people, who like also photographing. :]
deep pipe [deleted] 10 years ago
Andrej, 26, Kranj, Slovenia. :)
Hi, Matthias from Vienna/Austria. Spent some time in CEE countries, have friends in several countries east of austria - and love people, culture and nature...
amusing place [deleted] 10 years ago
from China!
mrlederhosen Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mrlederhosen (member) 10 years ago
I'm Grant, from Australia. I have travelled around much of Eastern Europe, especially around the Baltic countries. I love this part of the world and one of these days I'll hopefully get a job there. It is the most beautiful part of the world!
Kvjecinka 10 years ago
Hi All,

I am from the European Union. Having lived in Germany, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, but now temporarily stationed in Colombia :-)
konungas 10 years ago
Hello everyone ;)
I'm Andrius from Lithuania. Happy to be here.
accurate hall [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi there :)
I'm Mallorie, a French girl of 25 years. I've been living the last 2 years in Poland, Krakow... I was working there as a bookseller. My heart and all my best friends are there now :)
Unfortunately I had to come back in France and finally I'm moving right now to Canada, Toronto, for 6 months... new adventure...
marinal 9 years ago
Hi there,
Marina from Australia... I lived in Moscow for a year.
My Eastern Europe experience, for the moment, is restricted to Russia.
sned 8 years ago
Hi all. Apologies for my late reply to this thread.

I am 24 and from Bath, UK.
I have visited a fair bit (but still not enough) of Eastern Europe (which is why i created this group).

I have lived in Bath all of my life.
I'm glad to see so many different people from different places.
I am Cyrille and I am from France.
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