chickenfoot 5:30pm, 14 July 2009

Mailing address

Blog URL

Flickr URL(you must be a regular uploader)

Have you done dqs before? if not what level quilter do you fancy yourself?

Email address

Are you willing to send international?

Likes/dislikes/quilters choice

Anything else you’d like your partner to know

EDITED: please make sure you give some kind of preferences, or quilters choice, as it helps the swap parents to match you up with your partner. it is NOT just for your partner to get ideas from
Extraordinarily_Laura 9 years ago
FIrst question: What is the cut off dates for sign-ups?
chickenfoot 9 years ago
sometime this weekend
i put it on the group front page, but obvy not everyone reads that! haha
fresh level [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm emailing you right now!!! Sign me up!
TerrieSandelin PRO 9 years ago
I'm in!
marja visser. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by marja visser. (member) 9 years ago
i,me also in, please!!
i mailed chickenfoot mine info.
cathygaubert PRO 9 years ago
and when would our quilts be due to send out??
chickenfoot Posted 9 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 9 years ago
geez, sorry!
i am such a bumblehead this round, uh oh!!
i put the info on the front page
it is sept 7th for int'l
sept 15th for local (within your own country)
SweetteaMom 9 years ago
Yeah sign me up!!! *Does a little happy dance*
Yeah my first DQS!!
chickenfoot 9 years ago
send me an email sweeteamom!
country hill 9 years ago
I mailed my info--I'm so excited!
Arnden's Space PRO 9 years ago
Don't forget about me! I sent my email already.
chickenfoot Posted 9 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 9 years ago
yes yes i have you already :o)
if you dont get an email from me within the day you sent it, please resend or email me, as i send a confirmation email as soon as i open emails
we have 17 signed up so far!
july 14
a.m.5:30..... 24
july 15
11:30...105(with 9 i havent replied to yet)
july 16
p.m 6:30......128 (15 in my inbox i have to get to)
july 17
p.m. 2:30......168
july 19
p.m. 4.........190~
final count!!

off to borders for a bit to relax
off to bed with me!!
i am off to take a bath...
i work tomorrow during the day, so dont expect any email confirmations from me until evening. i expect to have a lot to
get thru, so it may take a wee bit of time to get to everyone. sign ups are going well already tho!!
SweetteaMom 9 years ago
K I did.
mrsmcporkchop 9 years ago
omg sooo excited!
sewtobed PRO 9 years ago
I've just sent my email - hope I'm still in time to join
I want to play again. I'll email you tonight!
I love to see the number growing ... thanks for responding to my email so quickly.
Lonelilly7 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Lonelilly7 (member) 9 years ago
I want to do this but I have never made a doll quilt and I'm worried :S lol sad I know.....indecision....I might keep an eye out on his one and then do the next one since I really have no idea what it is all about??

well sod it I joined :) Now to research what size a dq should be :S lol
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 9 years ago
Maybe one of the swap mamas (or papa) can do a post telling all the newbies what DQS is all about?
Isaacsmama 9 years ago
Just emailed you!!!
chickenfoot 9 years ago
i put the guidelines in a new thread
we have generally had info on the dqs blog, but no one has had access to the old blog.
i think we will be opening a new blog, so keep an eye out for it.
a big part of this swap is the chatting that goes on in here. please, make it a habit to pop in at least once a day and see if there is anything new.
peeks of your quilt in progress in highly encouraged, but please remember that this is a secret swap, so dont include anything that would give away the recipient!!
Pink Trees 9 years ago
just emailed my sign up!
mandalin18 9 years ago
Just emailed my details, yeah!
sleighd 9 years ago
I'm in! Will email shortly... yay!
mini_milly04 9 years ago
Whats the latest numbers Susan?
Sawyer's Nana 9 years ago
I just joined too! This is my favorite swap because it's secret! I love the sneak peeks and the anticipation!
chickenfoot 9 years ago
the latest number is 72
i am at work right now being bad, but i couldnt resist!!!
cathygaubert PRO 9 years ago
susan, i don't want you to get in trouble at work! ;)
but, someone making up a blog button for round 7? also, will there be a dqs blog again this round?
now back to work, missy! ;)
KnittingInPink 9 years ago
Just sent my info!
chickenfoot 9 years ago
a little lull, we are working on a blog as we speak, so yes there will be one. as for a button, we were seeing also if any of the parents knows how to do it, then we were going to see if anyone in the group wanted to make one, if we dont know how(because i dont!!)
neighborly window [deleted] 9 years ago
Just sent an email...I'm so excited for another round!
LittleWhimsies Sews 9 years ago
Yay! I'm excited to get started on a new round!!
rachelgriffith 9 years ago
emailing you a button now susan.
chickenfoot 9 years ago
yea rachel!!!!
woohoo thanks!
Millie Quilts 9 years ago
I'm trying to decide to participate in this round or not. Anybody want to help me make up my mind?
Extraordinarily_Laura 9 years ago
Millie Quilts: You absolutely MUST join the swap! My life* depends on it!!

(Not really but needed a little dramatic emphasis here to make you join!)
feeble rainstorm [deleted] 9 years ago
i think you should join too!
AsiyahK 9 years ago
I'm new to Flikr but love making quilts, especially doll quilts. I've just joined too.
neighborly window [deleted] 9 years ago
Millie Quilts - I agree iwth LauraJay and krommama - you really must join. Your quilts were my inspiration for the last round (love those pieced butterflies) and I'd love to see what you'd come up with this round!
Domoshar PRO 9 years ago
Wow, you are fast!
It took less time than the 6th round to begin... I waa about to miss it...
I will write the e-mail tomorrow.
chickenfoot 9 years ago
geez lynne, of course you have to join!
you can be so silly some times
Well, Lynne, we're waiting ...
whatcha gonna do ?!!!
We'll be ever so disappointed to do this without you,
and you know you'll miss us!
jessicaquilts 9 years ago
I just sent my email....I hope there is still room?!? I've never done one of these swaps before. I'm a little nervous. I'm no expert, but I like to think that I know my way around a rotary cutter and a 1/4" seam fairly well ;-)
j_q_adams 9 years ago
You'll be just fine!
littlethingsforu Posted 9 years ago. Edited by littlethingsforu (member) 9 years ago
Thank you Quilt Dad for the heads up..... never done this before but after looking through the gallery of dqs6 posted - i'm feeling like this will be a lot of fun. So my email's been sent and I will patiently wait, with fingers crossed, hoping I've made it in.
Stitchin By The Sea 9 years ago
Hi! Would love to join the swap. I am new to Flickr and this group. My blog is -- I recently participated in a doll quilt swap. I am in the process of uploading my photos to Flickr. Should have some uploaded by the weekend.

chickenfoot 9 years ago
just a heads up that sign ups are officially closed and we are at 190 players
whoosh im beat! thats a lot of emails you people were sending me!!
give us a couple days and we can start playing!
fresh level [deleted] 9 years ago
Susan, can you hear the thunderous applause??? Awesome work girlie!!
chickenfoot 9 years ago
aw stop it sweetie you are making me blush :oP
seriously, i love doing this swap!!!
we have such an awesome group of people, cant wait to get started on this round too
i have a few ideas swimming around in my ole noggin
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