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chickenfoot 5:18am, 24 February 2009
okay folks this is it
dqs6 will is now accepting pleas for admission!!
we are closing sign ups at 175 members this round
partners will be assigned on Mar 2, and the deadline for
shipping is May 1. those shipping to another country will have a week earlier deadline

please send an email to iamchickenfoot@yahoo.com
please include:
email addy
flickr name or blog addy(you must have one or the other, we are NOT accepting players that dont already have photos in their photostream)
if you have done DQS before or not
willing to ship international?
what level quilter you feel you are
your preferences and/or quilters choice
NOTE: could you please put in your sign up whether or not you use "fun" language in your blog, please. some of us have family members checking out for their quilts. thanks so much
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chickenfoot Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 10 years ago
i just wanted to let you all know who your swap parents were for this round....
and me...susan(chickenfoot)
Arnden's Space PRO 10 years ago
Woot!!! Email sent! I could not type fast enough... LOL
The Bella Modiste 10 years ago
oooooh exciting!!!!!! Sent my email off....can't wait!!
Lmdesign7 10 years ago
Just sent my e-mail! :-)
marja visser. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by marja visser. (member) 10 years ago
ohhhhhhhh, nice ! and i have mailed to chickenfoot.
(this is mine first)
monaw2008 10 years ago
Oh my God - I want to be in - my first doll quilt swap!!
Millie Quilts 10 years ago
w00t! I signed up again! So happy to be participating again!
feeble rainstorm [deleted] 10 years ago
i just sent you my email!
Oliveark 10 years ago
I'm in again...
hectichousehold 10 years ago
Yay! I emailed you...so exciting!
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 10 years ago
Oooh- I am looking forward to playing with you all this time- e-mail has been sent!!
Petit Design Co. 10 years ago
Looking forward to joining you
bangkokmomquilts 10 years ago
I had fun with DQ5 so want to do it again. Off to email you now.
Pink Trees 10 years ago
this is a toughy! i want to sign up but 2009 hasn't brought any crafty mojo...oh! what the heck! i'll give it a go and hopefully my mojo makes a comeback!
Sødeste PRO 10 years ago
Hmmm...this is hard.....ack!
weepereas PRO 10 years ago
I will be in for my first time with this DQS as well as my first quilt!
feeble rainstorm [deleted] 10 years ago
come on tine!

yay weepereas!
alexdk 10 years ago
I am in! first time doing a swap and still beginner quilter! sending you the e-mail right now :)
Domoshar PRO 10 years ago
Sødeste, join it!
Petit Design Co. 10 years ago
just wondering how long will it take to get a confirmation email to let you know you are in? I keep thinking maybe my email went to junk mail! I've been drooling over the past pictures and waiting anxiously for over a month for the new round!
Lynn Carson Harris PRO 10 years ago
I'm with Tine. It is hard. I don't want to be in over my head. I have a son graduating High School this spring. Ack. Too much, too much. But, I want to play.

I will step away from the computer and see what I can get done in the sewing room to catch up and then return...
chickenfoot Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 10 years ago
i opened a new email just for this swap, and that is the only email i will get. i dont get anything else sent there, so there should be no problem with emails going lost. i hope!
welcome everyone!!!
oh, and tine and eggmoney, you HAVE to do it!!!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
can all that have already signed up please check the added note at the beginning of this thread please
truthful laugh [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by truthful laugh (member) 10 years ago
THANK YOU to all past swap parents & all swap parents in this round!!!!

Everyone who is participating is lucky to have you and I never would have been able to get through the last round without you! :)

If you wouldn't have stepped up to the plate, there would be no dqs6....
Petit Design Co. 10 years ago
what do you mean by "fun" language?
LittleWhimsies Sews 10 years ago
Already signed up! And my blog is child-friendly ;D
Petit Design Co. 10 years ago
oh -lol, yes my blog is g-rated too!
The Bella Modiste 10 years ago
I'm confused by the "fun" language bit too....
My blog and photostream are both clean though.
chickenfoot 10 years ago
there are some bloggers that tend to swear like, oh well heck i will say it, sailors. i am not saying there is anything wrong with this, its just some members have family read the other persons blog to see the quilt they made.
chickenfoot 10 years ago
we are doing good today, we are at 40 members so far.
if you have emailed me with your info and havent gotten an email back yet, please email again
thanks, and thank you so much tanaya, you are the bestest swap mama evar!
feeble rainstorm [deleted] 10 years ago
not to be a complete pain in the butt (is that a fun word?), but can you post a list of flickr names who are participating? maybe in a separate thread or something?

thank you
mini_milly04 10 years ago
I'm in!

Tine, you HAVE to go in! Look at the beauty you got a few rounds back! LOL
RebeccaSewsAlong 10 years ago
You may want to update the little gray group note spot... I almost didn't notice this thread! :)
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 10 years ago
My blog is family-friendly- my mom reads it, and I really think she'd still wash my mouth out with soap, even though I'm 30 now!
CampFollowerBagLady 10 years ago
I just sent my info! I hope I am in time!
Uplifting Arts 10 years ago
yah! i will have some time to sew this round ( i missed the last one) i just sent off an email so my fingers are crossed its not already filled!
Isaacsmama 10 years ago
My blog is G-rated ( I think at least), and will make sure to keep it that way for the swap!
~LilFrankie~ 10 years ago
Ok - you twisted my arm!!!! :o) Sending the email now!

PS: For the newbies, last time we linked a bunch of favourites from other flickr members under our flickr to help our swap partners with ideas.
~LilFrankie~ 10 years ago
Oh and I forgot to add in my email, that my blog is family friendly! :o)
lej619 PRO 10 years ago
OK !! I will go and email you just as soon as I stop typing.
lej619 PRO 10 years ago
yeah here we go again!!!!
is there going to be a theme??
tlhcrawford 10 years ago
There really isn't a theme per say....you scope out your partner's favorites and blog to get a feel for their colors and styles. Everyone when signing up has a chance to indicate favorite colors/styles OR quilter's choice,meaning the person making the quilt decides.
chickenfoot Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 10 years ago
someone mentioned to me in their email they would like to know whether or not their quilt is going to be used by a child or hung up,so that might be good to add to your email
sarah i will try to put a list of flickr names in a thread, but it wont be until after the matchups go out
we are at 54 sign ups as of 11:30 central time
i work tomorrow, so i wont be able to get to the emails until dinner time, so dont panic if you dont hear from me right away
tessophia 10 years ago
austysmum 10 years ago
Woo hoo... I wanna get in on this again - I have sat out since DQS3
Pink Trees Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Pink Trees (member) 10 years ago
my blog is family friendly...my grandma reads it!
p.s. i'll hang my quilts once i don't have concrete walls
Two Cheese Please PRO 10 years ago
Oops I forgot to say in my email that I'm 99.9% sure my blog is g-rated. Also I will be hanging (somehow! So far undecided) my doll quilts.
Silly lil' Doe! 10 years ago
Woohoo! Just sent you an e-mail.
Arnden's Space PRO 10 years ago
My blog is also G rated and I hang my quilts most of the time.
Annieshouse 10 years ago
I'm sitting out, but can't wait to see all the little quilts from this round!!
neighborly window [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello! I'm a newbie too! I'd love to take part in DQS6. I sent an email yesterday but haven't heard anything, so I sent it again. Hope I'm still 'in'!
~LilFrankie~ 10 years ago
QB - Chickenfoot posted yesterday that she was at work today, so not to panic if you've not heard anything!


neighborly window [deleted] 10 years ago
Thank you LilFrankie!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
got home just a bit ago, i am off to check the new emails!!
mini_milly04 10 years ago
How many we got Miss Chickenfoot?
katias_stitchin 10 years ago
I hope the swap isn't full yet! I just sent Chickenfoot an e-mail.
chickenfoot 10 years ago
i have gone thru the emails that were in my inbox, so if you have sent me an email and NOT gotten a reply, you need to resend
i have had one email go missing already
i have only had one end up in spam so far! so that is good
we are at 69 players
rachelgriffith 10 years ago
just sent my email.
SUPER stoked.
The Bella Modiste 10 years ago
Super excited about this....working on a private mini quilt swap tonight (really mini..9in by 7in), and can't wait to see who my partner is for this swap!
Modernsewl 10 years ago
Hi Susan! I just sent you my info. Thanks!! :)
mochistudios 10 years ago
I met so many new friends in the last round, and I'm happy to be a part of this swap again!
I just emailed you. I can't wait to get started!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
once again i am up to date, so if you havent gotten an email as of 545 central time, resend me an email
we are hovering at 84 players
sign up will probably close late tomorrow(friday) nite, so we can start matching up partners
if you email in the next few days tho, we can usually accomodate a few more
Fun & Comfort Quilts 10 years ago
Okay, I'll try this! I've never swapped before, so this should be fun!
sewdeerlyloved 10 years ago
sent my email. hope i get picked to be in this fun swap! :)
sewtobed PRO 10 years ago
Can I join in? {Waves shyly from the sidelines}

I've sent my E-mail so hopefully I'm still within time

I'd love to be part of the doll swap. I'll get my email out right away. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Soukies 10 years ago
I would like to sign up for this one please
Holee 10 years ago
I did sign up..Thanks Tracy for letting me know. My blog is clean and I am even writing a children's story on the blog.

I don't have many photo's in my flicker but I have a link to my webshots on my blog.
Erin Learns to Quilt 10 years ago
Woo hoo - my first swap!!! :)
Kelli in Wonderland 10 years ago
Me please.
Whippet Good 10 years ago
I'm in! I'm in!
chickenfoot Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 10 years ago

did you send me an email?
its 12:30 central time here, and we are at 93 swap bebes
i will be checking in the am before i take off for the day, but unfortunately i will most likely be without internet until sat.
i am waiting on some recovery disks for my bad bad laptop(which i am hoping arrive friday), but in the meantime i have to give my sister her laptop back.
if you send an email before i get back online, you WILL be in.
swap parents will be doing their matching up of partners over the weekend, and we hope to send emails out mon nite
thanks everyone!
[meggie] 10 years ago
Woo hoo! I'm so glad I checked Flicker before bed!
partridgepeartree 10 years ago
I'm in! Sent you an email and am looking forward to it.
fresh level [deleted] 10 years ago
If you still have room I would like to join! Flickr mailing you right now.
alexdk 10 years ago
i am already signed up and received confirmation e-mail (thanks!)..just wanted to add that my blog is child-friendly, it started as a home school and family blog. it is a family blog with the home school part on hold for now, but still talks about projects, books, etc...along book club readings, cooking, sewing...just all "clean" stuff LOL
hanies 10 years ago
I'm already signed up too ;) and received confirmation e-mail. Just wanted to add that my blog is child friendly too!
whatisneversaid 10 years ago
my fingers are still crossed tight - hope to join in this swap!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
its 2:20 pm and i am signing off until sometime sat
we have 102 members signed up for dqs6 so far!
roxie_jc 10 years ago
aw right! I skipped the last go around... so now I'm ready to get started... =b
Soukies 10 years ago
I sent you my email and my blog is child friendly!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
oh yippee, my lovely sister let me keep her laptop thru the weekend, so i have gone thru the emails i received while i was gone today
we are at 110, and we will be closing sign ups tonight at midnight (my time)
as ive said before, we usually let in a few stragglers (as long as its not too far into the future)
i will be sending info to the swap parents tonight, so we should be on schedule for partners on mon.....
our plan is for partners to go out the evening of monday
fresh level [deleted] 10 years ago
Thank you Susan!! So glad your sis came through for you. I wouldnt want you to go through withdrawls or anything....
rachelgriffith 10 years ago
what a nice sis!!!

and yayyy to partners on monday-ish.
Pink Trees 10 years ago
yea! what a great sis you have!
I would love to join this swap! I hope there's still room.

Hi! I emailed you two days ago and never heard back. Does that mean you didn't get my original email? I'll do it again if I need to.
lej619 PRO 10 years ago
WOO HOO can't wait to see how I get to send to !!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
woot woot! yes my sis is super sweet, and i WOULD have gone thru withdrawals kim!!
i have sent out the swap bebes info to each of the swap parents and they will spend the next day and a half matching up you wacky folks
i still havent worked out the time thingy, but partners will go out later monday
we are at 114 swap bebes, but a few more might trickle in in the next day or so
try not to gnaw off all your nails waiting.... :o)
lululollylegs PRO 10 years ago
Well hopefully that will include me too! I couldn't bear not being able to play this round!
chickenfoot 10 years ago
haha! yea, i would have missed you!
tamara erbacher 10 years ago
Is there still a chance to join...pleeease...Tam xo
fissiett 10 years ago
gosh, I'm too late, snif, snif
Whippet Good 10 years ago
Not sure if this comment goes here - but I would love to see the list of all the swappers (with links) involved in No. 6! Might that happen this round too? Pretty please?
I think that I missed it as well :(!!!!
chickenfoot Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chickenfoot (moderator) 10 years ago

no, it is not too late, send your info super quick to iamchickenfoot@yahoo.com
look at the top of this thread to see what you need to send

we will be attempting to put the list of swappers up soon!
fissiett 10 years ago
just sent you my infos, thanks for letting me join
Just sent my info !!!!! So hoping !!! :)!!!!
heidielliott PRO 10 years ago
Sent my info in this morning too, woo woo. I'm just so excited!!!
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