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StitchedInColor 8:32pm, 19 November 2010
Why Rules? To avoid misunderstandings. To help us finish what we've set out to do. So we can all play nice, bless others and have fun while we're at it!

All Members:

* Check our Flickr page at the beginning of each month for your circle's monthly project instruction/discussion thread.
* Complete your blocks by the end of the month.
* Post a picture of your blocks to the Flickr group by the end of the month.
* Any blocks received by the quilter after the 10th of the following month are considered "late".
* If your blocks are late more than 3 times within 6 months, you will be issued a warning.
* You will be asked to step down from participating if your blocks are late 4 or more times within 6 months.
* If for any reason you would like to stop participating, you can step down with no hurt feelings. Please let your circle host and Rachel of Stitched in Color know your plans. Complete the current month and go with our blessings.

Quilters (when it's your month to quilt):

* Create your project's instruction/discussion thread by the 1st of the month.
* Check your discussion thread throughout the month in order to answer any questions about your project.
* After the 10th of the following month, report to your circle host any blocks that still have not arrived. If all have arrived, let your circle host know that!
* After the 15th of the month, you may decide to complete the quilt without waiting on any missing blocks. Waiting or going without them is up to you.
* Complete the quilt by the end of the following month. For example, if September was your month as quilter, complete your quilt by the end of October.
* Share a picture of the completed quilt on our Flickr page, and let us know that you've mailed or delivered it to the charity! If September was your month as quilter, we'll expect to see the picture of your finished quilt by the first week of November.


* Email the quilter's address to your circle each month.
* Expect to hear from your quilter after the 10th of the month regarding the status of the previous month's blocks. Take note of late members.
* If any member's blocks are late 3 times within 6 months, notify Rachel of Stitched in Color. Rachel will issue a warning privately to that member.
* If any member's blocks are late 4 or more times within 6 months, notify Rachel.
* If the quilter does not post a finished picture of the quilt on time, please contact the quilter to check in.

Fabric Rules

This sewing bee is designed to minimize shipping and fabric costs by working from our own fabric stashes.

Quilters MAY require the use of particular Kona solids in their design. However, they must OFFER to provide those solids to any members of the circle who request them. This rule gives incentive for quilters to come up with a design that doesn't need a particular color and gives the opportunity for bee members to provide the solid themselves if possible.

Members of the circle have 7 days to review the quilt design and request solids if necessary. Contact the quilter directly via Flickr mail. You must contact the quilter within 7 days so that he/she is able to get the solids to you in time!

Remember, the overarching concept of this bee is to use fabric from your own stash, which eliminates waste. If you are able to conveniently purchase the solid requested by your quilter and it is not a burden to you, please do so! We are all in this together.

Quilters - If you know in advance that your design will require a specific Kona, please share that fact as soon as possible with your circle. Even if you add the design details of your project later, you could always post a note in the discussion threads before the first of your month. This may increase the likelihood that your circle is able to provide the solid themselves.


I am always here to discuss your concerns. I welcome your suggestions! Late blocks make it difficult on the quilter who may need to be able to complete the quilt during a specific window of opportunity. I hope that setting out rules will help everything run smoothly and that it never comes to asking anyone to step down!

xo Rachel, Stitched in Color

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This all looks very good and clear! I love being a part of this bee!
Tree Casiano 8 years ago
Seems pretty clear to me. Thanks for spelling it all out!
Looks great! :)
Little Miss Shabby 8 years ago
Works for me!
jenn of all trades 8 years ago
Yep. I'm good with these rules.
SunnyInCAL 8 years ago
Thanks for posting. Looking forward to creating some awesome quilts!
Undercover Crafter 8 years ago
Thanks Rachel! Looks good to me.
Very Clear and very fair. Thank you for giving of your time to do this.
stitchsister 8 years ago
All good here. Thanks Rachel.
jill y goat 8 years ago
Looks great! Looking forward to starting in January!
arajane 8 years ago
thanks, rachel! these rules are all great and i'm sure will be very helpful (says the girl who still hasn't finished quilting her september quilt)!
AleciaSharp 8 years ago
I wholeheartedly agree! Thank you for taking the time to give us some clear guidelines, Rachel, and for helping us all work together in an effective way. You're the best!
A Blond Quilts 8 years ago
Looks great to me. Thanks for taking the time to make it all clear! Looking forward to participating!
SoBella 8 years ago
Thanks for making it all clear & straightforward. Looks great!
HandmadeRetro 8 years ago
seems reasonable to me
Fiona @ Poppy Makes 8 years ago
All good with me too. I'm looking forward to getting started!
onehappymamma 8 years ago
Looks great! :)
splendorfalls 8 years ago
Yes! Thank you!
evelynfwells 8 years ago
Sounds great to me!
susanpiluk 8 years ago
Sounds good.
taffyjane-Des 8 years ago
Thanks for your time and effort. Sounds good.
Read and understood!
Clicky the Moose 8 years ago
Yes, these are good, clear guidelines.
izzy inspired 8 years ago
sounds good to me.
thejoycottage 8 years ago
Very good! :)
twinfibers 8 years ago
ok, I agree!
PiecesofFab 8 years ago
Looks great!
courtiepie 8 years ago
Sounds good!
Franswimmer 8 years ago
Looks good.
Oh, Fransson! 8 years ago
Fine with me.
little cumulus 8 years ago
Tally ho!
j_q_adams 8 years ago
Sounds good!
TipToeTango♥ Posted 8 years ago. Edited by TipToeTango♥ (admin) 8 years ago
Signed, sealed, and delivered <3
jmbyerwalter 8 years ago
looks good. Thanks
bulabean 8 years ago
Sounds good to me too!
chrissy@sewlux 8 years ago
Sounds great!
That Girl, That Quilt 8 years ago
Looks good to me!
Erin Learns to Quilt 8 years ago
I can't wait!
Thanks for setting all this up, Rachel!
freshlypieced 8 years ago
Sounds good, thank you!
Threaded Mess 8 years ago
sounds do-able.
WendyLouP 8 years ago
Looking forward to joining in!!
Got it! signing: ...................Michelle.............................
jaceycraft 8 years ago
Signed! I'm looking forward to getting started.
DropDeadCute 8 years ago
Sounds good. Signed. Thanks!
Don't Call Me Betsy 8 years ago
Thank you for organizing such a wonderful group, Rachel. Consider me signed :)
Orangebird242 8 years ago
Agreed and signed. Looking forward to getting started.
weezie lou 8 years ago
Sounds good - thanks. Looking forward to joining in!
confused deer [deleted] 8 years ago
signing in!
MyFabricObsession 8 years ago
Sounds good. I'm ready! thanks.
chloeandme 8 years ago
Great! ready to help!...Jackie
Got it! :) Can't wait to get started
I'm signing again Rachel. I think I've got it now. heheheee... :-)
linda beth 8 years ago
absolutely reasonable and very clear. Looking forward to joining in!
Cut To Pieces 8 years ago
sounds good!
Paula Wessells 8 years ago
totally agree!
Chantelandme 8 years ago
Wonderful! Looking forward to getting started.
~Me1issa 8 years ago
Gosh -- so thorough! Although I would expect nothing less! Rachel, thank you for organizing this, and thank you to the moderators for helper her make this run smoothly. I know it's a team effort, and you are all making it possible for US to be a part of something great. :o)
NeedleAndSpatula 8 years ago
Definitely agree! Thanks for setting up this system so well Rachel! I am very excited to participate :)
craftytammie 8 years ago
Can't wait to get started!
Handmade-by-Melissa 8 years ago
I'm just new to this group, so its great to see all the rules set out.
Read and agreed!
read and agreed!
Amanda Valley 8 years ago
Agreed! Looking forward to starting. :-)
greenleaf goods 8 years ago
Agreed! I'm excited to get quilting :)
calasbananas 8 years ago
Agreed. This will be great.
Dashasel 8 years ago
Kelsey Creates 8 years ago
Read, agreed, signed. :)
sewsanejane 8 years ago
excited to get to be a part of this!
meg_norrell 8 years ago
Read and signed!
linen&string 8 years ago
Sounds good!
ayla_moreta 8 years ago
Sounds great!
TheSunShinesBlue 8 years ago
kldemare 8 years ago
Signed! Thanks for being so organized.
Bijou Lovely 8 years ago
Signed :)
alliestitch 8 years ago
Signing up!
Lisa A Chavez 8 years ago
Signed! :)
Saricx 8 years ago
kiyote72 8 years ago
duzza bear 8 years ago
vidastyle 8 years ago
Purple Panda Quilts 8 years ago
Love that it's so clear. Signed! =)
banquopack 8 years ago
Love the rules! Signed :)
ammeandneb 8 years ago
Signed! (Wow, there are a lot of people here!)
Blue.Ridge.Girl 8 years ago
Rules are clearly spelled out and I *sign* them. Thank you for the opportunity to participate :o)
Angelina79 8 years ago
Signed! Thanks for letting me join!
marycatharine 8 years ago
Signed :)
JennySquawk 8 years ago
Works for me! Signing on!
{Karamat} 8 years ago
Stitch 'n' Bits 8 years ago
Signed :)
megmormel 8 years ago
Read. Agree. Signed.
colleenamareena 8 years ago
Adding my signature! Thank so much!
Hot Pink Peonies Sews 8 years ago
I agree & sign. I'm excited to get started!
gretters_h 8 years ago
Works for me :)
craftyplanner 8 years ago
I agree! :)
mybearpaw 7 years ago
I agree and this is my signature!
donnamarie4 7 years ago
I certainly agree! Looking forward to getting started.
KMJ_creations 7 years ago
consider me signed up.
tezzcan 7 years ago
I agree.
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