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boncey 5:13pm, 8 April 2008
Hi all, I've created a Web site to allow people to link their Flickr photos to film developing "recipes".

The basic idea is to build up a database of films developed in various chemicals so people can see what a particular combination looks like (HP5+ in DD-X etc).

The Web site address is and I have set up a Flickr group for discussions etc too.

Any problems, questions etc, just ask...
picsbymac 11 years ago
How will the filmdev group be different from the bw film developer combinations group?
fantastic pipe [deleted] 11 years ago
If you take the time to read the description, it's an external website that allows people to link their Flickr photos to film developing recipies. The website is searchable by film and developer so if it takes off it looks like it would be easier to browse and compare samples of the combinations you're interested in.
picsbymac 11 years ago
I did take the time to visit the site and look at the flickr group, but given the vast amount of contributions in the existing pool wanted to ask the question.
boncey 11 years ago
Hi, unfortunately, I only found out about that group yesterday (one of the people who helped me test the site mentioned it to me) so I didn't have it in mind when I developed FilmDev.
It does seem as though the site and the group have similar aims, although obviously go about it in different ways.

I do intend to add more ways to compare film/developer combinations which may make it easier to do comparisons, but obviously only if the site becomes popular and there's enough data to make it worthwhile.
Sino Banes Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sino Banes (member) 11 years ago

I think it's a great idea and I appreciate the effort and time you put into it. Keep it up, when I've got straight scans from negatives I'll make sure I upload some stuff. For now I've got a problematic scanner. Cheers.

BTW, I think it will be worthwhile to inform other film maniacs in and for the website. Can't hurt. :-)

gifted day [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi Boncey,

thanks for the effort. I agree with Sino - it's a great idea.
Now, when I've checked the Agfa APX 100 in Rodinal samples from your site I am even more eager to try'em out.

I will post the link to a local newsgroup, if you don't mind.
boncey 11 years ago
@Sino Banes
Thanks - hope the guys on those sites don't mind that you need a Flickr account.

@Grouchy Smurf
Thanks - I too have been looking at various combos and it makes me want to try different things - I've been a 100% Ilford user so far.
No worries about posting the group to anyone really - the more the merrier.
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