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not an active account anymore 4:12am, 12 November 2006
I joined DA first and later I joined flickr and I like flickr a lot better.
1. There are no "flickr celebrities" (well to my knowledge, at least.) There are certain people who you see on the front page all the time on Deviantart. Not going to say who but we can probably guess. :-p

2. You can make your pictures so people can't download them on flickr. The only way they would steal your image is if they were to take a screenshot. Well...that has happened to me...:-/ but when some person stole my picture from DA they get a better quality one.

3. People are nicer to me on flickr for some reason.

4. I get more feedback on flickr.
(101 to 200 of 275 replies)
Lorenzo Maiano Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Lorenzo Maiano (member) 11 years ago
as i read written before

i think they both have bad and good sides

-i think Flickr for me is not heavy as DA, that has lots of bugs, maintenance problems, and shutdowns..

-in Flickr i've got less friends than on DA, but i have to say that i'm new on flickr, and that i'm getting more and more contacts on it, faster

-flickr has no Art pretences, and i feel more free, less judged, i feel free to post pictures i worked hard to get, and also snapshots of my friends. On the other hand, I like not to work just on Photography, but any other kind of "art" i can practice.
I mean, i spent a lot of my DA journal entries expressing my meaning for the word "art" in DA, I've got not Artistic pretences, but artistic ones

-admins of DA sometimes are really annoing, like those who changes category of your pictures whitout asking you anything, because your pics of your grandma's cat don't fit into "domesticated animals" category, but into "dog and cats" one

-category are useful for searching and exploring, but are a pain in the ass when you had to said that a portrait is more "spontaneous" or more "emotive" or "expresssive" or even more just a "conceptual" photo, or any other else

-DA is free, i mean, you have no limitation on space and pictures you can upload, if you don't mind getting paid account. flickr limit to 200 pictures for free-accounts, is not so cool. i have paid account on DA, but maybe soon i'll get one paid on flickr too.

i don't think there is noting more to say
john_bolin2002 11 years ago
I like DA more than flickr.
I´m not a cute kid and puppy guy so i feel that I fit in more on Deviant Art than here.
fiikus 11 years ago
Well, I don't like Flickr all that much, but the interface and site design are far superior to DA, and pretty much everything else is superior too (though as I'm also a writer and create visual art in more than a dozen different genres, that part of DA was great - at least until my favorite gallery was fucked up). No abusive assholes admins ruining the community, no mediocrity parades or lynch mobs - at least I've yet to encounter any here. I doubt bugs that could be fixed in seconds take six months to be fixed here, like on DA.

DA was ruined for me by the horrid administration after I had invested thousands of hours on the site. As a result pretty much anything is better. Neither feels like anything like "home", though. That's what I go to Usenet for.

Almoace 11 years ago
I think dA is much better and seems to be more of a community and you get more help, support and comments on dA. Also dA is not just photo's but a lot more eg. the flame fonts I use a lot in my work are from dA and all my WindowBlinds skins etc etc are all from dA.
Since having a PRO account here I have used Flickr a lot more, but I wouldn't pay for a PRO account (I am PRO because of BT giving me a free PRO account)

dA rocks
available transport [deleted] 11 years ago
I prefer Flickr..
All those categories in dA are pretty annoying and when you accidentally put a picture in a wrong category no one notices it and when you thought u put it in the right one they place it to another one..

And all those comments on the main page of dA: "thanks for the fav"
They don't even look through your pictures! :l

And besides that, Flickr allows you to upload more pictures in one time, is faster, much easier to use, you can edit more pictures at the same time, you don't have to fill in thousands of things before you can submit your picture.. If you want to delete some pictures you don't have to browse for 10 pages before you got 3 pictures deleted..

Okay maybe there should be a reply button over here, I agree with that and the limit is annoying too sometimes but what do you people prefer: Posting loads of pictures in one time or wait for like a whole day before dA posts all of your pictures?

About the page style of Flickr: It's kinda white, maybe they should make it another color or brighten it up a bit.. But the dA layout annoys me too, I really HATE green! And besides that it takes a long time before you finally get onto another page.. AND (last one I promise :P) there are lots of bugs and maintenances all the time!

I just prefer Flickr, in my opinion it's just better.
snogglethorpe 11 years ago
One thing I really like about DA is the "scratch" page, where you can upload stuff that you want online for some reason, but don't really want to show up on your main page.
Cage Alumni Auk Lay 11 years ago
since i'm on flickr i "left" my da account...
camillefontanez 11 years ago
I prefer dA better. I rarely get feedback on flickr. I find dA to be more of an art appreciation community than flickr. There is a wider range of things you can find on dA. and most people are always open to give more than a fav and express their opinion as well as give suggestions.

But i like both.
sketch3030 11 years ago
flickr is better overall.

people here are friendlier.
more styles than just anime and the redundant digital manipulations.
no thumb whoring.
succinct pigs [deleted] 11 years ago
I find that DA has higher quality photographers... not saying there aren't any on flickr but they are harder to find.

so if I want to upload my personal pics for online use i'll go to flickr. If I want serious feedback or to check out quality pictures i'll go do DA.
The Truth about Diana 11 years ago
I have the same opinion of you, I joined first D.A them I saw many people with Flirck pages so I saw the site and enjoyed and made my account, I prefer Flirck because of that, people give more feedback I have more friends and people like my work.
In D.A I have less friends and people looking to my pages, the thing about D.A is that everyone knows the site and it's more artistic than this one but I prefer this one...
◊ Jolita 11 years ago
I'm relatively new in flickr so I get more feedback in DA.

I think both have pros and cons, but it is true that DA is all the time about some photoshop or anime "celebrities" and that is getting more and more trashy.
snogglethorpe 11 years ago
I see that complaint all the time (on this group at least ... :-), that DA is some sort of celebrity contest, but... doesn't it all sort of depend on how you use the site?

I totally ignore the DA front page and the groups. I just post some stuff, get a few nice comments from people, and discover some cool stuff by random search and looking at the pages of the people who comment, their favorites, etc. This way I don't really see any of the crap people apparently dislike about DA.

I mostly use the flickr the same way, FWIW.... in particular, most groups with tons of members on flickr seem to be cesspools; luckily, there are plenty of smaller groups with a less moronic membership.

One thing I quite dislike about DA is the periodic "mail" from admins about various topics (contests, advice, etc), which is usually cringefully banal and useless...]
Cage Alumni Auk Lay 11 years ago
well... right now i don't use dart anymore.
too heavy, too slow, there's too many things béérk...

flickr is simply, easy, etc...
all the stuff like flickr api, flickr plugins for last fm, facebook etc...
no, really, too bad for dart, but i'll dont miss this website
Artist Rodney 11 years ago
I use FlickR just for my photographs, and dA for everything else (and occasionally putting a favorite or single photo there). I like dA for all the fun emoticons, plus its easier and more casual to talk to new people there.
delightful door [deleted] 11 years ago
Flickr is easier to use (for me at least) than DA.

I like that Flickr resizes you stuff to different sizes, and you can make them downloadable or not.

As for feedback, I rarely get any on either, so that's not really an issue. I just love Flickr's ease of use, organization and flexibility.
Caroline 154 11 years ago
I'm still trying to find my way around Flickr. I also need to make more contacts. I haven't even got any comments on any of my stuff here. =P
So, dA is what I use most.
i put my best on dA where on flickr i put everything! hah

secretive cannon [deleted] 11 years ago
Flickr, hands down. I used devART for a while, but then eventually left and made myself an account here. It sat idle for a while, but then I uploaded all of my junk here and Im much happier. :) I deleted everything on my dA and only use it now for browsing purposes.
Vinyl Art 11 years ago
I don't know if it's the way the searches work, but I continue to get people finding my work here, even older work, while my pieces at dA seem to be lying dormant. Maybe I don't know yet how to connect with others on dA. It seems to be a matter of figuring out the quirks of each social networking site.

I agree that the functionality of this site is much more user-friendly and efficient, but then it is owned by Yahoo!

Vinyl Art 11 years ago
Added thought for dA comrades:

Don't police the thing. We're not idiots.
!HELLOmarty 11 years ago
DA rules!!!
gabby cows [deleted] 11 years ago
i love Da.
In flirck there are limits.
Fantasy-Dreamer-489 11 years ago
I prefer deviantART because I focus more upon my artistic skills and realism rather than photography.

And I appreciate the gray neutral background of dA because the font doesn't burn my eyes like black on white does.
roomy achiever [deleted] 11 years ago
I much prefer Flickr. People are more friendly on here, not only do you get more feedback on here but its more helpful, its easier to find pictures and people from your area, no adverts anywhere and i think everything is layed out better.
Since ive started using flickr i havnt really bothered with deviant
makow 11 years ago
I like and use both.
redundant floor [deleted] 11 years ago
I've been on DA longer, and I feel like I get more feedback there. On Flickr, I love that there aren't celebs all over the place...Even though some of those popular deviants have flickr pages too. The thing about that is, if you don't add them to your contacts, you can pretty much ignore them! I can navigate around DA much better than I can on this site, but I guess it's simply because I haven't been here as long. Either way, we should try to have fun! Putting our art up for others to see shouldn't be a big popularity contest =)
timeisatraveller ✈ 11 years ago
Interesting question, and my answer is I can't decide :) They both have good and bad sides. dA was my first love though.. but lately I've really started to get more of a community/online home feeling from Flickr as I've become more active.

Though I think the community side is still stronger on dA, as it's much easier to follow up on your own comments, reply and all that. Plus the journals and everything.

Love the sets and collections on Flickr, though now they've been introduced on dA as well. I love it that you can collect your faves into categories on dA.

The groups on Flickr are really awesome, plus all the widgets and extra stuff you can get.

On dA I really like the prints/shop. And the new Fair Exposure thing is awesome. I really like devWatch more too, it's easier to follow your friends work through that than Flickrs contacts page, methinks.

Just a few points.. :) Put a gun to my head and make me choose one, I'd choose dA.

Fortunately I can just keep enjoying both! :)
pennemin Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pennemin (member) 11 years ago
i think i joined dA first, but i just started to get into it a few weeks ago. flickr is my favorite, though. the groups, the contests, just the whole thing. also, i don't feel like i HAVE to be a 'true artist' here all the time. on dA, i only publish my best photos, or what i think those are ;)

AND, without flickr i would've never even heard of the 365 project, which i enjoy a lot, so that is a definite plus ;)

i'll still keep dA, though, for some reason ... but i definitely prefer flickr.
apple0hs PRO 11 years ago
I lean towards flickr, I get a lot more feedback on here. I agree with people that you can ignore any celebs on here if you so choose to, while that isn't quite the case on dA. I think which you prefer has a lot to do with which you started off in (I started here), as well if your focus is beyond photography.
Kristine Bergheim 11 years ago
I have been on Deviantart longer and have a much greater attachment to DA as a community. For me Flickr is more a place to upload and store lots of pictures - and socially the local group of Flickr-people in my town are a nice group to meet in RL from time to time. I find the commenting here unpractical, since Flickr does not have nested comments, it is not so much fun to discuss pictures. I am lazy in commenting here - and I get little feedback. I am more selective with what I upload on DA - I focus more on "art" there, while Flickr is great for snapshots and pictures from activities I have taken part in.

Just to illustrate the difference for me:
this picture has 2 pageviews and 1 favourite in Flickr:


on DA the same picture has more than 200 favourites and 79 comments as I write this: linlith.deviantart.com/art/snow-white-79331837

So. DA is for me the COMMUNITY closest to my heart, while Flickr to me is a very practical site for storing and uploading lots of photos.
For both I guess the same rule applies - you receive more when you give more - and I am not giving much to the community here, - hence the low response...
opposite sheep [deleted] 11 years ago
Seems like Flickr has more fakers and picture thieves though.
Gary B. Watts 11 years ago
I like them both. I use DA for my "art" and Flickr as an online photo album. I'm very choosy about what goes on DA, but will upload most anything I take to Flickr.

JRDesign1 11 years ago
I gotta go with Flickr as I tried to join DA and it said that my IP belonged to a block of IP addresses that had been banned from DA.
E. Lassen 10 years ago
Deviant has a community that is easier to get involved with. At Flickr though you have to put yourself out there more (this isnt a bad thing though). The design of Flickr is more spohisticated than DA. It is easier to naviagate and organize (imo). I'm not into having to click around a million times before im done. I want to upload my work and be done with it and go back and take my time and add tags, descriptions, ect later.

I dunno though I think both sites have just as many thieves as the other. People are going to be idiots wherever you go.

I have noticed though. When I talk to magazines, papers, galleries or whatever. They never ask do you have a Deviant gallery. Always they will ask "Do you have a website or Flickr page?". This is only my experience, but I would have to say that Flickr is what you should be looking into to get your work out to people that are interested,.
Bawss Hawgg 10 years ago
I wouldn't know.. I just tried to make a DA account and it told me I was banned for some reason..and now every time I even type in the web address it gives me the same "banned" screen..any suggestions?
limnides 10 years ago
Bawss Hawgg: sounds like there is a ban on the IP range. The following is lifted straight from "FAQ #568: I tried to create an account, but it says i am banned. Why?" (help.deviantart.com/568/)

"If you have not been banned on a previous account what you are seeing is an IP ban. This ban does not target you, this ban exists because of a very abusive individual or small group of individuals who have repeatedly created accounts in order to harass and abuse our members and the site in general. In order to stop this behavior we were forced to prevent new account creation by anyone using that particular IP range or service provider.

There are, in fact, three ways you can create an account, despite your Internet Provider being temporarily banned (none of these methods apply to you if the staff has already banned you on another account):

Option 1: You can sign up from a different internet service, from school, work, relatives, or ask another friend who uses a different Internet Provider to let them access the internet for a few minutes and sign up. Once your account is created, you can log on to the account just fine from any location.

Option 2: If you have a friend on deviantART, you can ask them to create an account for you and hand you the username and the password. Even though the IP range you are using has been banned, you will be able to log on to the account just fine from any location.

Option 3: You wait for the ban to expire. IP range bans don't stay forever, and they will be removed at some point.

We hope this information is helpful, and again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have questions concerning an IP or Host Ban, please email violations@deviantart.com only!"
pinklimoncello 10 years ago
I like flickr better because it's mainly photo oriented, as opposed to DA which caters to a lot more on the artistic spectrum. there's nothing wrong with that, I think it's wonderful, but for me I'm primarily interested in photography, but not to say I don't appreciate other art :-)
Also, DA is a lot heavier and has a lot more maintenance issues [as alrayd mentioned by some of you].

However, I really wish that flickr would offer the same option of replying to individual comments like you're able to do so in DA..

i think if you combined the best characteristics of flickr with those of DA, you'd have a perfect site
greenvelvet 10 years ago
dA is filled with egoistic and mean people who cant take criticism or critique in good spirits!!

Flickr! is more like a community thats out there to help people who just bought their first DSLR or are professionals looking out to hang with people n share!!

dA .... go screw yourself!!

A much better and richer community for inspiration is :-
snogglethorpe 10 years ago
Er, there are certainly mature and thoughtful people on dA, and plenty of oversensitive and whiney idiots on flickr (just go to the HDR groups to see huge numbers of them!)...

My general impression is that on both sites, the most popular groups with tons of readers are where the morons congregate, so I just avoid those.
vvdarkonevv 10 years ago

I agree.
I find that DA has higher quality photographers... on flickr they are harder to find... too many people just repost random porn here. Although there are a few that have terrific personal photos posted.

If I want to upload my personal pics for online use I'll do it on flickr. If I want more serious feedback or to check out quality pictures I go to DA.
(although at this point I haven't visited in many MONTHS... since I haven't been all that creative lately.)
well, I find Flickr to be a place where you can post almost everything so it's easier to use in general especially when I need to share my photos with some friends

but when it comes to high quality photography I would prefer DA. In DA, you can only post artistic material and not just anything. Here you could browse through basically everything posted so the chances of having your photo noticed and give good critiques is quite small.

In contrary, I find DA more interactive. Those in the front pages (I bet I know who) are those who get lots of critiques and fans cuz they make good work. Yeah that's kind of unfair for newbies but maybe we'll just need to get better to get on the front page. LOL
Trung Rwo 10 years ago
DeviantArt is a community for Art, i post my best on DA, flickR is just a simple photo album.

I prefer DA, with more friends, more views, more comments, ...
but flickR has some excellent features ( for example : adding notes or changing your screen name )
LetzteSchatten 10 years ago
Hm.. i love dA, and i am a newbie here. On dA i've got 2 accounts - 'art' account and 'stock' account. My 'stock' one is not the most popular among other stockers, but it is pretty populr if to compare with my main acc. Then - there is a possibility to send poetry/prose on dA.

When i came to flickr i did it only to tag some photos from concerst, to make them appear at last.fm events. Then.. i have submitted a couple of my portraits and... and i recieved no views yet, though they were already viewed on dA.

But i do not care of becoming dA or flickr 'celebrity' so - i love both. Flickr, as my 'photoalbum' where i can submit pics i do not treat as 'art', and dA as my small art-stock home =)))
JaredPallesen 10 years ago
i love flickr so much more, but thats probably because im new to dA and im not really familiar with it -nods-
freezing horses [deleted] 10 years ago
dA is nothing but a social networking site. It is a place for the Myspacers and Facebookers to post their lame ass pics so mommy and daddy will not see them in their other accounts. Nothing like posting a true work of art and have it sandwiched between an erect cock and some 15 year old laying in a bathtub full of false blood or cutting up their arms or legs with a razor. If you want to have a laugh just read the ass kissing comments on Daniels and Lolly's page or better yet go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and read about the dA Admins there. I grant you there is some art there but the majority of what is posted is tenny bopper trash that should go to Webshots or Photobucket. If you want to see excellent art then try Renderosity. Now they do not play around there and Admin has an excellent zero tolerance attitude. No teenage bullshit , porn, underage nudity, or self harmer's.
Schoolbookdepository PRO 10 years ago
DA has more wankers per square pixel...
dazzling lettuce [deleted] 10 years ago
Deviant Art truly sucks. I know. I have spent more money on that site then most.

Flickr Rocks!! Digital Eloquence!
freezing horses [deleted] 10 years ago
Flickr by far is the best. In fact any art site is better than devART. I think they should sell that site to someone who can manage it much better and get rid of those Admins who think they are computer wizards and the worlds foremost authority on art. I was once a member there and left because of the damn drama and the little assholes who are still in puberty. It is quite obvious that the admins play favorites to certain members there. If I were still a member there I would surely leave because I know the federal authorities are monitoring that site and its members because of all the underage nudity posted there and the hate groups that thrive on this site not to mention the pedophiles. If you are still a member I would watch what I type to other members because it is being read not just by the authorities but by the admins also. Big Brother is watching.
ashley.santiago 10 years ago
1. i get more feedback on DA
2. I get more ideas/inspirations on DA
3. i can create resources for ppl to download on DA

1. Flickr makes my pictures looks good when i upload ém
2. Flickr has more exposure in wordpress
3. Flickr is simple to use.

im still more active in DA but i like them both for different reasons
jasperio 10 years ago
I prefer Flickr. First of all, i think DA focuses too much on certain genres while leaving others out. Also, and most important, it's a lot easier to spread your work here at flickr, at least i think so. Obviously they both have their respected + and - .
roomy card [deleted] 10 years ago
1. dA and Flickr are the same better.
2. dA have better commenting system. it has a lot of photography
3. Flickr have nice community. it has nice pics, photography and user friendly.
4. For free account, we can make just 3 sets. But, in dA, w can make more sets as we want.
BasiliskSam PRO 10 years ago
Only just discovered DA so giving it a try. I've seen some great photography there and there seems to be less of a tendency to just upload everything. I'll see how it goes. I don't see me giving up flickr though.
Agamid 10 years ago
i used to like flickr more, and certainly, i still prefer the unloading process, but dA is sooo much better these days.
i get some much more feedback, people are generally nicer (though anywhere you go there are going to be jerks) and i get views and FAR less creepy people who have galleries full of porn asking me to cyber.
+ the gallery display is sooo much nicer.
markmorrison82 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by markmorrison82 (member) 10 years ago
I joined DA first and a couple of weeks ago I joined flickr and I like DeviantART a lot better. I'm very new to deviantart, and im putting up my flight simulator screenshots there!!!!
creative jones Posted 10 years ago. Edited by creative jones (member) 10 years ago
DA any good for comics?
Mjranums Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Mjranums (member) 10 years ago
I am personally becoming very tired of Deviant Art. Tremendous amount of people's attitudes are beginning to cause me to think otherwise about posting my best works there for use.

I have become tired of the theft, and the administrations ability to deal with the disfunctions of other members.

slave4electronik 10 years ago
i think there are better visual artists in DA that here in flickr..
DA includes good desginers and excelent draws..
But definetly Flickr has the best interphase ever..
TroisM 10 years ago
thats a really hard choice because the art i mainly do is Stock art and i cant submit that here without permission most of the time and so its a hassle to get permission from all of the stock artists i use just to post it here and on DA i get more feed back on how to make things better instead of "cute." and things like that but flickr you don't really need to go through the submission process you can just drag it into the flickr uploadr and send it away and rename it whenever and you dont have to add tags and things so its a hard call
countzeero 10 years ago
I am new to flickr today and can safely say that it will NOT replace DeviantART for me - a professional Graphic Designer. The reason i made an account here is because of the wordpress integration and the fact that i can post a few snapshots/pics of my incredibly cool french bulldog Stitch - something i wouldn´t dream of doing at DA. I am sure that there are many talented Photographers here, but most of the stuff i´ve seen is typical digicam snapshot quality. DA on the otherhand is not only a source of inspiration, it also provides me with application/stock/collaboration resources for my daily work, as well as allowing me to present my work to an audience more aligned with my personal style and interests. Flickr is maybe "easier to use", but in a "Yahoo-ified" mass market way that just doesn´t appeal to me. Flickr´s Design and Usability reminds me more of a typical faceless corporate website than a Platform for genuine creativity. DeviantART may have its drawbacks but it is devoted to creativity and quality. Feedback at DA means something and if you are getting bad feedback then you need to step back, look at your work and do something about it. Every comment i have read here seems to be on the lines of "aah how cute" or "wow sexy model" and so on. Due to the strictly Non-Commercial restrictions here I cant see Flickr ever becoming more than just another dumping ground of web 2.0 mediocrity. One last thing! I really dislike being forced to open up a Yahoo mail (rocketmail) account in order to register for Flickr. I have been online since 1995 and have never felt the need to have a Yahoo Account - in my opinion this "compulsory" account is just another Investor Relations Scam devised to add to the number of Yahoo "Users" and ultimately boost the share value of Yahoo.
invincible zebra [deleted] 10 years ago
I like DA more than flickr
Str8upSkills 10 years ago
no question DA , to me this is a photosharing site, yes there are pros on here, but to me dA is like the artists sharing site, thus making major improvements all the time , commisssions , on here I dont know to a beginner the layout of flickr is horrible , dA is my wife , flickr is my girl on the side.. :)

BUT - Getty images is now on board , is very nice, VERRRRY nice....

dA: str8upskills.deviantart.com/
__wasteland Posted 10 years ago. Edited by __wasteland (member) 10 years ago
I like DA better myself. I deleted my Flickr once before because of images getting stolen, but it hasn't happened to me on DA yet.
Hopefully it won't :/
.:Crispy:. 10 years ago
Hm... deviantART is a little more user-friendly... you can reply to comments... and I love the message system. But I like flickr as well... they both have their perks.
aback bucket [deleted] 10 years ago
I like DA better, it's easier and there's less creepy 76 year old pervs. Also, although there are "celebrities" most of them earned that title. Also, on there you can share more stuff.
UAE_Professional 10 years ago
dA for me is better as i got more comments and pageviews, here not that much, to my opinion even if it is not always true that the more comments and views there the more your work is interested.

I stopped to go to devianART these days because of flickr, but seems in flickr i can't get more than deviantart, so later i will go back to deviantart and not focus on flickr that much.
bustling slip [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by bustling slip (member) 10 years ago
i havent been 2 DA for ages
hmmm i must go 2day i like it here n there
i have friends with different intrests in both places =(^-^)=
Schoolbookdepository PRO 10 years ago
This is a photographers site...DA is full of everything else. It's a graphic design site.
Vieux Askew 10 years ago
Wow lots of dA folks on here now :)
icy stranger [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by icy stranger (member) 10 years ago
I like flickr way better. Its a photogaphy themed site, and the muse of everyone here is the same.

You cannot copy images or steal them unless you enable that right on flickr. A lot more ripping occurs on DA

If you allow it, commercial sites actually can access your flickr and you grant them a license to use your photos .

There are -celebs- on flickr, they are actually real accomplished photographers; not favorite whores like www.karil.deviantart.com that have slaughter the hell out of their images in photoshop and the aid of colorful stacked filters.

There is a ton of annoying crap and drama on deviantart.

No annoying anime ......anthro...artists...on flickr :)

I get more feedback and connect with real professionals nearby my area, join clubs that actually benefit me and the flickr gallery serves as a good portfolio which everyone in the world knows. I once showed a potential buyer of one of my prints my deviantart account as a relay of where he could buy from me and he snorted in my face and said -Are you serious?

Much prefer flickr to deviantart.
CatJoySees PRO 10 years ago
I could never get off the ground on DA.
Too hard to figure it out.
Greg Williamson PRO 10 years ago
I don;t like the "cuteness" of DA. i mean - calling a picture a deviation.... it's just a picture. i also really dislike the awkward interface - esp for uploads.

on the other hand i like DA's lower level of censorship.

i have only a few picture on DA.

am thinking of posting more on redbubble.
FigureNo.5 10 years ago
Flickr is way more simplified when it comes to uploading photos, especially if you have the FLICKR uploader.

If deviant was simpler for uploading, I'd be Deviant 100%.
embarrassed cats [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by embarrassed cats (member) 10 years ago
I used to prefer this but have since changed to dA.

- The ability to sell prints on dA... although I have not yet experienced it :( Haha.

- I personally prefer the appearance of it..

- And I'm sure I get more feedback on there :/

Iuno, I just like it (:
concerned farm [deleted] 10 years ago
there on DA I upload my more ''artistic'' pics, and on Flickr I take the liberty of submitting photos which are not that professional too.

DA has better comments, replies, favs and journals, so I get more feedback there.

I cannot say I prefer one site then another, because I use each one for other purpose.
melodic baseball [deleted] 10 years ago
i prefer flickr,
the images seem much more contrasty, and look better. like you said, there's no "celebs".
i have had a DA account for ages now and had hardly any views, or fav's.
yet i have had a flickr account for a couple of weeks and i seem to be doing much better here.

just my 2 cents worth...
mmh, I don't know if I really like DA...
Funky Red Dog 10 years ago
i have a DA account but it so tricky & slow to use compared to Flickr.
Nick Creevy 10 years ago
I get waaay more feedback on my flickr than my dA.
nedeko (on hiatus) 10 years ago
flickr for me too

1. practical to post sl-artworks.
2. many many many more things can be shown. and you wil find for all groups to get support or feedbacks.
3. its true, the ppl are more friendly and you come more in touch under each other.
4. more fun.
5. nothing spams my mailbox full xD i hate it have their liek on DA a mess of posted artworks/favs etc . on flickr it is better shown. nothing to feel overhelmed on it xD

- ppl dont giving visible stock credits often (especially not the sl-artworker .. who using a lot of da-stocks).
- DA has a some very good stock-recources . here you have to search longer for.

that it was.
Coffee Shoppe Writer 10 years ago
I prefer DA

1. Flickr has Celebs, they're just harder to find.

2. There's an option on DA that protects your picture so it's not downloadable...

3. There are mean people here too, just like there's nice people on DA. It depends where you go.

4. I get the same feedback, but I'm more likely for me to get it on DA

5. I HATE that I can't get notices when my friends update. I mean, they're here, but you have to check them often. On DA the information stays there forever.

6. I like the organization on DA and there's NO limit to uploads, I don't need to be a pro to upload all my work.

The only thing I dislike about DA is the lack of a bulk uploader... but really, why would I be uploading bulk on DA?
Bart1986 10 years ago
Both have up- and downsides ...

Flickr is much easier in uploading stuff, add tags, names discriptions etc. But i hate the bullshit with groups, grouprules (you can add 1 photo each 536 year, you HAVE to post 10.000 comments for each photo you place and so on)

DeviantArt just gives more feedback but you have to upload stuff one thing at a time. Wich gets boring really fast when i want to upload 20 pics :)
Markov Igor 10 years ago
like them both..
flickr has more users
..but DA has better options & i like the way i can edit my gallery & the watermark
..so i post my best stuff there

Jeff the H 10 years ago
Flickr, at this point.
heady spark [deleted] 10 years ago
I like flickr better. I find people on DA harsh most of the time and they often don't know what they're talking about. On both sites I find crappy pictures but that's everywhere but I find much more quality work on flickr than on DA. I don't get much comments on either DA or here so doesn't change anything in my world. And like you've said it's harder to steal the photos off flickr unless you print screen! :)
excellent act [deleted] 10 years ago
I've both a normal and a stock account here and in DA. In Deviant Art is pretty normal for people to share contents in a stock. Here it seems to be stranger for some reason.

Broadly speaking... yes, I get more comments here, the system of groups is great (one only upload shared in different forums), but DA works better if you aim to receive quality comments (instead of a sparklin' image or a comment about the legs of your model).
Talei-uno 10 years ago
For me, deviantART. I get a lot more comments there, most of my Flickr contacts are from dA. Plus dA seems better for people with a wider range of art forms. But I do rather like flickr, too.
scarce sheep [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by scarce sheep (member) 10 years ago
As a site: Flickr!

1.by a click You can change the description, title, and tags are easier to add.

2.no need for dozens of pages and stuff to upload 1 digital image.

3.You can submit Your image by email!!!!

4.The design is better: fresh, usable, clean and not confusing.. DA design is just lame sorry.. those who made it has no idea what usability and readability is.

5.if You click here a user id icon, u can find some options.. flickr is a time safe

6.flickr mail box is better than deviant art, where deviant art is too confusing in it's notes and messages..

community wise:
1.most of DA users are under 20.
2.DA is a fame contest.
3.the fact that DA has more comments is a bullshit, sorry.. few DA users who really have a good art education and who knows how to taste.. the rest are very post modern and really they are into manga and fan art stuff, if u don't do those both type of art then without u comment on 500 pictures and add some to favorite no one will care to comment on u.
4. most of DA users has no feel of the world around them, the breast cancer campaign is made and it drove them no where. compare it to the breast cancer in secondlife.

DA should be left in fact from those who has unicode fonts.

good things in DA:
1.Flash is possible.
2.the ability to css a journal, and gallery.
3.print feature.
5.countries clubs.
6. a lot of RL business are looking for designers/ artists there.
7.open to any one.
8.the ability to edit the gallery and place ur art in specific order, and folders.

have fun
Kelsey Landsgaard 10 years ago
I had deviantart before flickr and for awhile I liked deviantart better, but now I'm liking flickr better and better...

At first I didn't get much response on flickr, but now that I've been joining groups and posting more I've been getting much more response.

Deviantart tends to annoy me because it loads so SLOW on my computer, and often freezes. But I do like that you can post journals on deviantart.

For now...I'm going to say flickr xD
rHythm123 10 years ago
To reply to the original post, I think people go where ever they get more attention. Personally I use both, dA and flickr almost equally.
linnhauge 10 years ago
theres no question about it, I prefer DA
Emm Enn 10 years ago
I think flickr is friendlier for your eyes.
I really love these white-pink-blue thing.
But I guess I couldnt leave my dA Account.
Lau of PhotoAxe 10 years ago
I just posted on DA that I will be leaving DA for Flickr. Flicks is much better because it allows me to upload faster and with no restrictions like "you must add a description". I don't have time now to add all the details to the pictures, and Flickr understands that much better than DA.
SPEED is why DA has lost so much.
I've been on dA longer, so I'm more used to how things work around there. But I'm beginning to love Flickr more each day. Members here give good feedback, not just you're typical "that's so cute" that I see on dA. Probably because a lot of the members here are more mature and over 20 (like someone mentioned). In dA most of the people I find are around 14, and all they want to see are fanarts of their favorite anime character. Don't get me wrong, I like fanart. I draw a lot of fanart too ... it just annoys me that my fanarts get more feedback then some of the stuff I worked harder on

Also, there's a lot more chance for interaction here (at least for me). The group discussions are really interesting and many groups hold weekly contests that make fun for me :D

But I don't hate dA like some people, in fact I love dA ^___^ I won't give up my dA account. I love to draw, and that's where I post my artworks and get my inspiration from :D
aurelio MONGE PRO 10 years ago
I think DA and Flickr are quite similar if you're only looking for upload your photos or creations, with faster system uploading here in flickr, but better to dedicate the really correct catalogation in DA...

I prefer flick for general pictures, non restrict contens and no censure at all. I had censured photos in Deviant without any logical, only because another user thought my photo was censurable for him. I say "censure yourself and don't see my pics if you don't like it". Where are the line border between art and action?

I PREFER FLICKR for photography, but I PREFER DEVIANT for all the utilities, tutorials, variations... and the MOST CREATIVE VISUAL ART you can see IF YOUR ARE GRAPHIC DESIGNER or DIGITAL CREATIVE ARTIST.

I prefer flickr also because you can erase your account if you want and when you want: YOU CAN'T ERASE YOUR ACCOUNT in Deviantart NEVER! Can you understand it?
marvelous winter [deleted] 10 years ago
Da is so better flickr! so why?
because flickr based on photography and we never seen the a art be explorer in flickr!
however DA is more professional that flickr!
I have problem with both
the DA is block for me (I-ran gov block site for us)
and the flickr too! but I can navigate on flickr with p-roxy servers!
ginormous direction [deleted] 10 years ago
I would in general have to say that I have a greater fondness for dA than I do for Flickr.

I find Flickr's method for browsing images clumsy at best if you only have a broad idea of what you want to look at. Part of this is that you search based on arbitrary tags rather than any known categorization that can allow one to casually browse and actually see what they are looking for.

In contrast to most of the posters here... I prefer that dA is somewhat more cumbersome to upload to, it means people aren't posting 50 images from a single shoot based on subtle variations of gesture. If I'm looking to find interesting photography I want to see the one masterpiece, not the 50 interim shots. dA forces you to put a little (not always a lot, especially when the user is stuck in a 'dump it all here' point of view) thought into your uploads and possibly take the time to limit what you upload.

I like dA's policies in regards to nudes and mature content... they keep their policies well defined and (for the most part) when content steps over the line it is taken down within a reasonable timeframe. In contrast, If I want to look at Fine Art nudes on Flickr I have little choice but to be subject to thousands of poorly lit and poorly composed crotch shots and pornography. I'm all for adult images... but they have their place and randomly mixed in with other hard working and respectful artists just isn't it.

dA's policies as stated are well defined... In general dA has a good relationship with Fetish images, as long as you aren't posting shots clearly abusing the privilege (although a brief look on dA in the category shows that the Fetish admins are clearly slacking as of recently) you're okay. With Flickr I have been told point blank by other users that my Shibari photos are 'likely' to get my entire account arbitrarily deleted even if they are respectful because Flickr has a long standing problem with Fetish work.
ValentineChaos1 10 years ago
I would say I like both the same as each other since I tend to post up my work I've got on here on deviantART as well. I use both websites frequently to show my work to many people.
Cassie D.J. 10 years ago
I adore deviantART, I love the community there. But Flickr, I feel like it's neater, and it doesn't require you to have titles or description like dA (bigggg plus in my opinion!)

I prefer dA in general, but some photos I just don't find fit for dA, but are okay for Flickr.
Markov Igor 10 years ago
have them both..like them both..really can't decide..

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