muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺ 1:39pm, 7 October 2011
i've had a couple of ppl ask me about posting here. it looks like this would be ok, if people took a topic assignment and shoot then posted with the old #ds hangtag. does that sound about right??

would hate to see this flicker group become a dumping ground for just any old picture of aunt bertha's 80th birthday party-- (apologies to anyone who has an aging aunt named bertha :):)

any thoughts?
karenstuebing 7 years ago
I think that would work IF people check the group. That's the big IF. It would need some guidance from the admins and mods so it's up to them. I have my doubts anything will happen. A badge would be nice to alert people to the fact a photo was posted here. But then some people hate badges. Hi Ho. :)
SatanaeI 7 years ago
What about start shooting from item #1? I will start tomorrow Monday...
Elli :-) 7 years ago
We are doing the assignments from the beginning over in my Facebook group. I don't think anyone from my group is using Twitter or the hashtags, though. If anyone is interested in being part of that group you can find us at
A Motley View 7 years ago
I am doing the assignments from the beginning too!
Stella Blu Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Stella Blu (member) 7 years ago
muffett68 ☺☺ wrote
any thoughts?

It would only work if the admins are willing to control what's entered into the pool.Free posting will bring the 'Aunt Bertha' photos for sure :-)
obsolete basin [deleted] 7 years ago
I would start out by setting a one-post-a-day limit.
Taken a little longer than expected to complete, but I have created a group and email prompt for a daily assignment. The group has an associated website which produces a subject or topic at 05:00 GMT and mails anyone on the list or you can view the website.
Twitter and Facebook still to come but work in progress

Need some daily inspiration why not pop over to Today's Posting, compare similar subjects or just have some fun.
Philhouse 7 years ago
I'm glad to hear that people are still looking for inspiration and that people like Rusty Marvin have taken up the gauntlet. I too am working on a daily photography challenge website and I'm hoping that together we can fill the void that was created when our beloved DailyShoot closed down.
Philhouse 7 years ago
If anyone is still lingering in these old DailyShoot discussion threads, you may be interested in
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