Closing Down

duncandavidson 10:28pm, 5 October 2011
Just a quick note to say that Mike and I are mothballing the Daily Shoot site. It's been fun, but as you know there were things that needed to be worked on, and the time's not there.

More on my blog:

obsolete basin [deleted] 7 years ago
689 thanks for what you did!
J Zachary 7 years ago
Well, I went and read the blog entry, and I certainly can understand why you're shutting down my beloved Daily Shoot. Time is precious.

But gosh, from a purely selfish standpoint? Noooooooo! Don't go!

This year, I made a New Years resolution to shoot every day, and except for a couple days in there where I had some darn good excuses, I have kept that resolution, which is pretty amazing in itself. I found out about Daily Shoot right about the time I was really in a rut and looking for inspiration. Thanks to your daily suggestions, I've not only kept shooting, but I've learned a lot and challenged myself, too.

So, here's my proposal: Would it be possible for you to publish a list of the 690 assignments, for those of us who need our Daily Shoot fix? I know there won't be any more Daily Shoot website, and that's fine. But sometimes I need a little inspirational poke in the ribs - and the Daily Shoot has been perfect for that.

Thanks for helping me become a better photographer!
DeForestRanger Posted 7 years ago. Edited by DeForestRanger (member) 7 years ago
I was hoping you'd let it run to 700, Duncan. As much as I've grumbled about the repeating assignments, I've still enjoyed the project. Daily Shoot was responsible for getting me back into serious photography, and for that I'm extremely grateful. It has meant that for the last two years, I've had photos in the International Salon at the Puyallup Fair, and has spurred me on to other projects as well.

As for the request from , this has been in existence as far back as I can remember. I hope it doesn't go away when DS shuts down. It would be a good go-to, and I'm sure word will get around.
(and now available here in the Pool)

Thanks, Duncan and Mike, for two years of prodding, poking and inspiring. Thank you for acquainting me with the great gang on Flickr. I will miss you.
Free 2 Be 7 years ago
Wow, sad to read this as Daily Shoot gave me some of the impetus to continue on with a second 365 project. Thanks for the inspirations.
DBJohnsonPics 7 years ago
I totally understand...but it's sad to see this on the very day that I just found the site. Glad to see the archives are posted here so I can work through them.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this project/service!
Wes Iversen Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Wes Iversen (member) 7 years ago
Gosh, I am saddened by this news, though after reading your blog, I certainly understand the reasons for closing down DS.

I discovered DS this spring, just when I was looking to reenter the world of photography after many years away. DS provided daily inspiration and challenges. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this project and I have learned a great deal. Further, in the short time that I've been doing the DS assignments, I have made many new Flickr friends.

Thanks for everything that you have put into the project.
ordinary voice [deleted] 7 years ago
Sad news but very understandable. Great idea that gave me Inspiration when it was lacking, thank you.
karenstuebing 7 years ago
I got a Flickr mail telling me about this. It showed up in my email this morning. I went to the site and read the sad news.

I enjoyed the Daily Shoot. Toward the end, I wasn't doing it every day but who was who had been doing it any length of time?

It was fun. I was already on another photo site and had been since 2002 so I can't say it spurred me to take my photography more seriously. But it was through the Daily Shoot that I discovered Flickr which is a fun site too. And when I started Daily Shoot, I did do all the assignments and I really did like them. When they started repeating over and over, not so much.

But thank you Duncan for the time and effort you did put into it. I met a lot of great people here on Flickr through the Daily Shoot.

To be honest, I don't understand about the archives here. Are we supposed to just pick an assignment and do it and then post it to the group pool?
J Zachary 7 years ago
DesotoBend said it best. I've made friends, too, and I'll be scurrying around, sending out contact requests, like I should have done months ago.

And MANY thanks to DeForestRanger for posting the assignment lists. Would you believe sat up last night copying the assignments, one by one, off the pages on the website? (I'm putting them into a spreadsheet, where I'm going to figure out some way to pull them up randomly. Yes, i'm a crazy geek.)

This has been one of the best creative experiences of my life. Thanks.
Elli :-) 7 years ago
I'm sorry to see The Daily Shoot go - it's been a great source of inspiration, and often just the prodding I needed to get out and shoot. My photo group has been doing the assignments for months, too. This will be quite a change for us!

I also made quite a few Flickr friends through TDS, and I am thankful for them - they also spur me to shoot and work at my photography - another reason to be thankful for TDS!

Thank you for all the work you did over the 2 years. The Daily Shoot will be missed!
LIKE Art Photography 7 years ago
I owe you so much!! Between your ideas and the encouragement from the other photographers in the group I have grown tremendously in my photography and confidence. I can't begin to express my gratitude to you for all the work you have done to keep this running. It takes a wise person to know when to call it quits. I wish you all the best on your other endeavors and want you to know how much this site will be missed. It was the first thing I checked every morning and the last thing at night. It was my inspiration and my fix. I have met some wonderful people and have gotten some great tips. The only thing I can think is "NOW WHAT!!"

Thank you!! And best wishes.
Wendy: 7 years ago
Appreciation to DS administrators
I did a 365 Flickr project last year --good habit but no direction; then I started admiring the creativity of others in the DS group and liked their approach to the daily assignments. Also there wasnt the awful 24hr deadline!
One of the main things I learnt was to really see all of the picture and on the days when I took a lot it honed the editing skills--some might say not enough!
Photography for me is an ongoing learning process -one can always push oneself further either technically or artistically -it has been a rewarding and stimulating journey so far!

Yes sometimes when one first read the task it seemed daunting or perplexing --often in these cases a dictionary word search lead one to consider other approaches!
Scarygami 7 years ago
Would it be okay if I put all the assignments into a spreadsheet and upload it publicly to Google Docs for people to have easy access to the full list?

Or has anyone else done this already?
Sharon Drummond 7 years ago
I'm with everyone else. Great inspiration, and I've met some wonderful people. Thank you for getting me into the hobby to begin with!!
jlodder Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jlodder (member) 7 years ago
As I said in my description for today's photo, mostly what I want to say is "Thank you." I posted close to 400 Daily Shoot assignments over the last two years, some of them my most popular photos, photos I might not otherwise have taken. So thank you, very much!
precious stomach [deleted] 7 years ago
Although I only briefly took part in the daily shoot last year I have been watching with interest how people have been doing.

I can fully understand why you have chosen to close it down, having the time to do everything is a nightmare, and also the reason I could not continue with my entries.

I will miss checking out the great images people create for this group and hope that sometime in the future something will take its place. Maybe we should create another group or FaceBook page, "The ex daily shoot mob" so that members can keep in touch and add images when they like.

All the very best to you all

Alan (Newspics09)
weswaz 7 years ago
Hey all, although I left the dailyshoot site due to the repeating topics some time ago, I still like to participate when the topics match the topics given at I host the this facebook group, which was inspired by There were just too many "line" assignments for me... parallel, leading, intersecting, etc.

Great job to the dailyshoot folks!

If anyone is looking to continue their 365 Project, we'd love to have you at !
Remek T 7 years ago
a simple "thank you" from an old-timer...
duncandavidson Posted 7 years ago. Edited by duncandavidson (admin) 7 years ago
Thank you all for the thoughts and for getting out there and shooting. I'm finding that shutting things down is quite bittersweet and while this instance of the idea has run its course, there are other ways to approach it and I'll be looking for 'em.

As to the assignment archive, I've linked to it from the front page of the site. Now that the bots have spun down, it can stay like it is for a bit. That way, if you need to rummage through and find a quick hit of inspiration, you can.

And sure, it's totally fine if you take the lists, put them in spreadsheets. Whatever you'd like to do. Mike and I are totally cool with that.

Scarygami 7 years ago
Thank you Duncan :)

Here's the list in easy accessible format:
joferluna / Fernando Luna Posted 7 years ago. Edited by joferluna / Fernando Luna (member) 7 years ago
I dont speack english very well, but I´m sure that Thanks for helping me become a better photographer! I´ll miss u everybody. I owe all of you so much!
I was a member of Daily Shoot for quite sometime and enjoyed the prompts, discussions and the photography lessons/education I gained through the Daily Shoot Assignments.

I always attempt to give back something when so many people have helped me develop. In good faith I have created a group that works in the same way as the Daily Shoot did.

I realise to administrate a group and constantly update information requires a tremendous effort, so I have created a mainly automated system associated with a new group Todays Posting, please come and join us and help others like you guys and girls helped me. If your new to Flickr you may also want some assistance from a friendly bunch of people to.

We are also available;
Twitter: @TodaysPosting
Website for assignments:

Many thanks to Duncan and the team and trust we can continue, learn and hopefully grow from the initial Daily Shoot group.
Groups Beta