Winter Magic

JoyfulAging 4:43am, 4 January 2011
Please join me in sharing photos of wintertime in your world. There is such beauty in this season. Some mystery too!
chandih 8 years ago
I am not sure why many people dont write on this sharing section. I love winter photos. I have a few to share.
We didnt have much snow this season.
siouxj73 8 years ago
I'm in Australia, and it's summer here. We've been having a bit of an interesting time with the weather at the moment. We're all hoping it will settle down soon.
Singing Shells 8 years ago
I love winter photos as well. I live in southern California; therefore, I don't get to really experience winter. I vicariously live through everyone else's photos. :)
steen76 5 years ago
I live north of the arctic circle, and we've hardly had any snow this winter either.
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