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clear brass August 4, 2009
Welcome to the Converse GB Group on Flickr!

This is the place for you to share your shots of the music moments that fill up your life, the gigs you attend, the albums you love and the other little snippets in life that influence you...

Remember to tag your best musical moment pictures with ConverseScenes to upload them to the ConverseGB group pool!

Group Description

Welcome to the Converse GB Group on Flickr!

This group is being run by the Converse GB team based in the UK (but don't worry we won’t turn away the rest of the world).

As part of the Converse’s continual quest for creativity and originality we are launching this Flickr Group. We want you to get together with other Converse fans and share the music moments that fill up your life, the gigs you attend, the albums you love and the other little snippets in life that influence you.

We’re not looking to pilfer ideas, we just want you to enjoy sharing and discussing your creative musings. The photos and video you submit may also be displayed on Everything you post will be credited to you (by name and with a link back to your photo on Flickr). You never know, we may even contact a few of you to work with us in future projects.

Just remember; Music and Originality. If you’re not sure what you mean – just check out to get some inspiration.

Sounds Cool… What’s next?
Join the group and add your photos! Please bear in mind:
1. All images must be your own original content.
2. Please add ConverseScenes tag to the content’s existing tags, (in English).
3. The Group Rules apply to your participation in the Group, so please make sure you read them before joining.

A few Do’s and Don’ts
1. Make sure you read the Group Rules before submitting your images. Uploaded content must be your own and you’ll be giving Converse permission to display your content on We won’t display anywhere else without your prior permission.
2. Upload your original music-related photos and videos
3. Feel free to post discussion threads (preferably in English, as we’re not too good in other languages).
4. Go ahead and take the time to comment on your fellow group member’s imagery and tell us about something special you’ve seen.
5. Tell your friends!

1. Spam the group.
2. Post anything that you can’t claim ownership of.
3. Use inappropriate language, (this is a public group, so remember the children).
4. Post images just of your favourite Converse. Don’t get us wrong – we love our trainers but there are loads of marvellous groups (hyperlink: already on Flickr that are dedicated to Converse trainers, we’re looking for shots that fit our ‘Music’ and ‘Originality’ theme.


About Converse
Converse has always been at the forefront of originality. The iconic design of the All Star is etched into history, and yet the shoe continues to push boundaries and shape the worlds of fashion, art and music. Originality is equal parts invention and artistry. Ingenuity and self-expression. Throughout the century-long existence of Converse you’ll discover originality at every turn. From the creation of the All Star, to the exploits of countless one-of-a-kind athletes, musicians and artists who’ve adopted the brand as their own, originality appears as the heart and soul of Converse.

Group Rules

Converse GB Group Rules

We've set up this Flickr Group because we want you to share with Converse fans, the music moments that fill up your life, the gigs you attend, the albums you love and the other little snippets in life that influence you.

Please read and agree to these Group Rules before submitting content to the Converse GB Flickr Group (‘Group’).

(i) By adding your content to the Group, you confirm to Converse that your submitted content is:
• consistent with the Flickr Community Guidelines,
• it is your own original work;
• it does not contain or reference any third party trade marks;
• sharing it with the Group and granting a licence in respect of its use as set out in these Group Rules will not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third party; and
• it does not contain any illegal content or material.

(ii) You understand and agree that the content you submit to the Group will appear viewable by visitors to the Group and may appear on (only in connection with the Converse GB Flickr Group), as long as your content is in the Group.

(iii) You consent to allow Converse to contact you through FlickrMail regarding any request Converse might have related to obtaining permission from you to use your content for purposes outside of the Group or

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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