Till Dettmering 5:28pm, 3 February 2006
Hey hey!

Since evolution is a very interesting theory, I'd like to know what u guys think about it! Do you think that it's the truth or do you deny it and say: "Only God created the world!"? I also like to know your reasons...


God bless you!
ChasingFuries 13 years ago
I don't believe in evolution at all.. instead, I believe that only God created the world, because thats what it says in the bible.

God bless :)
Till Dettmering 13 years ago
This is a joke. Isn't it?
french_horn_girl_13 13 years ago
My religion text book said that science is nothing without religion, and I think that is true. For instance, science can't explain how something came from nothing. Like the bible says, first there was nothing. So how could the universe be created without God creating it? Scientists believe that we come from apes, but I don't believe that. The bible says he ceated us in his image, so how can that be right? I think that we are 2 different species, and humans didn't evolve from them. I think God created the world. The possibility that Earth was at this exact place, the only place that we know of that sustains life, is like taking the contents of a junk yard, dumping it out, and getting a 24 speed race car that works perfectly; next to nothing. So God must have put us here. So I think I basically agree with Girl4god.
goofy action [deleted] 13 years ago
blind faith is dangerous folks, The whole noah and the ark thing ey? Well their is a lot of evidence that supports evolution and the ark not existing however it says that it happened so i believe it did. Though i don't believe the world is only a few thousand years old. I think creationists have made mistakes with the dates and that the ark happened. Anyway if "evolution theory" is correct why is it that people have a concience. go study independent values C.S. Lewis
Big Bubba 13 years ago
All am going to say is that Christains should not believe in evolution,for that is not what the bible says, therefore i most christains do not believe in evolution.
XxitsmeK!MxX 13 years ago
i believe that God created this world (only we destroy it X_X)...and the only reason why other people would believe in evolution is because the devil is trying to make them ignorant of God's wonderful works. king kong is NOT my grandpa. -__-
i don't think that we should believe in something that charles darwin or whoever made up. i believe God created this world because i believe in God. :)
mengher89 13 years ago
like everybody said before.. i believe that God created everything since the beginning. it says in the beginning of genesis that God created all of these animals and stuff like that "according to its kind." and i think this means God of course did indeed create all things according to its kind for a main purpose. poeple and many scientist say that we came from some sort of primate of some sort. so knowing this... just imagine about one million years from now. (if jesus hasn't returned yet) if dogs will be able to use the bathroom in a toilet, make their own food, and have all of this technology that we have today. from what i believe, i would'nt think this would be possible. and as for the question.. i don't believe in the evolution stuff.
zippy fish [deleted] 13 years ago
As was stated earlier, "science is nothing without religion" more specifically Evolution is nothing without religion.

It takes faith to believe that literally everything came from literally nothing as there is no way of proving this.

It takes faith to believe that all the matter in the universe (ALL OF IT) was compressed in a spinning dot no bigger than the period at the end of a sentence. Again, no way of proving it.

It takes faith to believe that living matter came from non-living matter. There is no way to prove that life came from rocks, so it is a belief.

There is no need to debate the whole monkey ancestor thing because when you take out "the beginning" of their theory, the rest just seems a bit fairytale-ish.

Yes, small variations within KINDS exist ex. big dog and little dog. But this does not even begin to explain where the kinds come from; because as far as we know animals of the same KIND always produce that same kind of animal. For example a horse and a mule can bring fourth because both are a "Horse Kind".

But a horse and a sealion cannot bring fourth because they are not the same kind.

So in surmation, the Belief System of Evolution is entirely religious. It is hiding behind the mask of true science and either knowingly or unknowingly, scientists, science teachers, and many others are passing their faith off as fact.
Abby13 12 years ago
First of can you be a Christian and believe in evolution?????? Evoulution does not agree with what the bible says..... contradicts what the bible says. can you be a Christian and think that what the bible says is a lie? THERE IS GOOD EVIDENCE FOR CREATION! The theory of evoulution is just that.....a theory....NOT the truth! For more info and all that stuff Check out:
It has very many good articles.
..amanda.. 12 years ago
I studied Biology at highschool...I learned stuff about plants and was so amazing to see how everything just WORKS...every living thing has so many different parts, all working to help it LIVE...I'm talkin about tiny, weeeeny, microscopic things that all do stuff together, making chemical reactions and somehow everything can ppl say that living things just "evolved" into existence? That they just "blehhed" into reality? All good and working inventions were DESIGNED first...then someone very creative and very smart...and they still work after all this time...then there's humans!! Sooo many parts working together....
The point I'm trying to make is...we were be just the way we someone who took the time to do it all....who put his life, his blood and his love into creating us...I believe and I know that God created everything...What would be the point of our lives if he didn't? What would be the point of our lives if he DIDN'T? We would have no reason for being on this planet...We were designed and created to bring GLORY to God...that we would know him and love him...THAT is a MUCH better reality than just evolving from goop, isn't it?
Chrissi Gurl 12 years ago
If your really wondeing about "Evoulution" I think you should read "Case For Christ" it's in both Adult Version and in Youth version. but the youth version in easier to read.
nachisimo 12 years ago
Has anyone researched HIV and AIDs? Look at how the virus has evolved. I suggest that you guys look into makes sense to say that God created microevolution as part of creation along with the Genesis "narrative."
smoggy stem [deleted] 12 years ago
What the heck does that mean?!!! Please explain your theory for those of us who haven't reached your level yet! LOL!
nachisimo 12 years ago
I wasn't trying to sound arrogant. All I meant was the HIV virus was evolved...doctors have developed medicines to cure it, blocking white blood cell receptors from the disease just for an example, but the virus learns to reprogram itself, taking notice of the new medicine, and it learns how to get past the medicine. The same goes for all antibiotics if used improperly. All evolution is are mutations that alter an organism for the better. In this case, microevolution, micro meaning on a small level, is taking place. Anyone ever have strep throat: after a few days of being on drugs you feel fine, you stop taking them...there are still bacteria which have only been exposed to low amounts of the antibiotic. They reprogram themselves to no longer be vulnerable to those drugs. It's the truth. I believe that God created the heavens and the earth...I don't think that we evolved from monkeys; that is called macroevolution. I believe that God has created microevolution to provide for variance in organisms. Why is it so hard to believe that God has designed evolution on a small scale to account for the variance in types of frogs...or the amount of melanin in our skin? It's a known fact that African Americans are less likely to develop Sickle Cell Anemia because of microevolution. Give God the glory, I'm not saying to belittle him at all. All I am saying is that we should be glorifying God for forming and then filling everything as told in the Genesis story, but as Christians we should be aware of what Science is discovering. Science is not evil, and any Christian who refuses to learn about it is hurting themself. Science is proving that God exists, as daughter of kings32 put it.

The main problem here is that nearly all evangelical churches teach that evolution is bad. Instead of learning what it really is, most pastors dismiss it as a satanic scientific principle.

In the end, only you can decide how much you will know about anything. Science is not evil, it never has been, and it never will be. I strongly believe that until a Christian understands evolution, that he or she should not dismiss it as many Churches have today. All of your ill fillings are only the result of apathetic brainwashing. Instead of bashing science, churches ought to teach it and apply it to show how science glorifies God.

I hope this helps.
smoggy stem [deleted] 12 years ago
Today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! 10/17/06
Kira Koop 8 years ago
At this point in my life, I really don't know.
I believe that God created the heavens and the earth, separated the sky from the water, etc,
but I also know that God's ways are not our ways. What we interpret as 24 hours when Genesis says a 'day' may actually mean several thousand years.

It's one of the questions I plan on asking when I get to have a face-to-face conversation with God.
Haley Q. 8 years ago
Evolution is just that: a theory.
The Bible clearly tells us that God created the heaven and the earth, and "without him was not any thing made that was made." He made everything. It think it is much easier to believe that God created everything than to believe that everything came from nothing.
PicsbyJack 8 years ago
this is going to be a subject that is coming up in my blog verry soon.

Evolution is not science. we did not see it. we can not test it. we have no real explination how a living cell came from a rock.

It is a religion. cuz u have to believe in it.

We believe
In the begining God.

they believe
In the begining dirt.

If you rather listen to the Bible I have an audio Bible @ my site

If you do like it, Please click on some of the spouncers at the top and to the right to help support the site

Thank you and God bless you.
padrone007 7 years ago
The Sabbath is the birthday of the world and proves the religious evolutionary theory to be worthless and foolish, hope this helps!
GlasgowAmateur Posted 7 years ago. Edited by GlasgowAmateur (member) 7 years ago
The facts and evidence must be accepted and I have no problem doing that and maintaining my professedly conservative theology, of course God initiated the process that brought us here today and evolution was part of that. Doesn't it seem typical of God in his goodness to initiate and guide a system which leads to an ultimate good through all the suffering?
bored root [deleted] 7 years ago
I think the theory of evolution contains a lot of truth as does the sentence "God created the world." Lots of truth to go around. We do't hafta bicker and fight over it all.
five seconds of summer Posted 7 years ago. Edited by five seconds of summer (member) 7 years ago
If evolution was real, how did the monkeys/fish get here? The definition of "theory" is literally something thought to be true, but probably is not. SO, evolution is not true! ALSO, Darwin never explained how the ORIGINAL life came to be, he just explained how it evolved out of the single celled organism or fish or whatever the heck they think it is.
Sarah........ 7 years ago
I don't believe evolution is true. I believe that God created everything.
LovelySoulsColide 6 years ago
I read in this book once, that God universe to show his glory, so we can see these things and give him glory for the wonderful job he did. it show how awesome, our God is. And that He created it all.
Rafae| 6 years ago
The theory of evolution has been conceived to explain the existence of every living being and everything without the existence of god. The main goal was to build an atheistic worldview on a scientific base.

This theory is actually very fragmentary and has no solution to its main problems, which are: From where came matter, the laws of physics and 95% of the universe? Whence came the genetic information and the cell organelles? Where are all the fossil missing links?
Most of the theses of evolutionists are not reconcilable with the empiricism of science.

Despite everything media tries to manipulate us to believe evolution is the answer to everything. They say someone who doesn't believe in evolution is backward and so on...
But there are many scientists who disagree with evolution!

Microevolution is an everyday process, which bases on genetic variability and selection. However it can't get over species boundaries. Since evolution stands for higher development, microevolution can't be called evolution.

Taking all these facts into consideration it is easier to believe in an almighty creator than believing in the theory.
[Caution Sarcasm] Something funny at the end: Evolution doesn't state in the slightest something about the existence of GOD.
And I dreamt of you Posted 5 years ago. Edited by And I dreamt of you (member) 5 years ago
There is no actual proof of evolution or proof of an old earth.

You should listen to Dr Chuck Missler on evolution, he is a brilliant man although I don't 100% back him on every subject he has some very great food for thought

This site is great for any scientific questions, and if you aren't satisfied, you can email them and get a response from a scientist in a short time

Dr John Lennox is a brilliant math professor at oxford

Ravi Zacharias is a great christian philosopher

Proverbs 18:15 An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
Josh Nicol 5 years ago
Ok so, from a scientific standpoint, evolution is easily disproved. I don't think you just require faith to believe that evolution is false, but that it can also just be proven wrong just by the facts, ok, here we go-
1) Too many gaps in the fossil record
2) The earths magnetism is rapidly decaying, at this rate only 20,000 years ago, the earth would have dissolved.
3) The moon is continually drawing away from the earth and therefore if the earth was millions of years old, the moon would have rubbed against the face of our planet a few million years ago.
4) The sun shrinks at five feet per hour and therefore life couldn't have existed till at most 100,000 years.
5) The earth's rotation is gradually slowing down so if the earth was billions of years old, centrifugal force would have deformed the earth.
6) If our planet was millions of years old, it would have been overpopulated by animals and man a long, long time ago.
Anyway that is just a few, I stole most of them from this guys website so please check it out! Hoax/evidences.htm
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