Voting Photos

chicagopublicmedia 7:56pm, 4 February 2008
In case you didn't see my note, please take your camera with you to the poling place tomorrow. Then add your photos to the pool with the tag "election08"
KevinEdge Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KevinEdge (member) 11 years ago
I didn't know you would be allowed to take a camera into a poling place?
Mike-Chicago 11 years ago
I doubt if there's anything they can do about it besides ask you to leave. So, be sure to vote first unless you are looking for a real pain in the neck.
Does it make a difference whether you take photos inside or out of the polling place?
chicagopublicmedia 11 years ago
Part of my inspiration is this project:
I don't know what they'll say at different polling places, but at the very least you can photograph the outside...
Cody Pomeroy 11 years ago
I went, sat down at the election Judge's table and shot the photo from head on. I even moved her lunch out of my way... she didn't say a word.

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