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A gathering place for politically moderate or middle of the road people, which is not to say those who base their views on a poll of those around them. Conspiracy theorists and members of the far left or far right who attempt to co-opt the concept of centrism will not be greeted gently. Eg. Barack Obama is not a Centrist. Support for the practice of indefinite detention without charge is an extreme position.

The centrism of this group will tend to lean slightly to the right, but not so far to the right as to accommodate those who love the idea of torturing confessions out of criminal suspects. This is a group for people who understand the words "behave yourself" and know that it isn't synonymous with "mind your place"; ethical rationalism that remembers what traditional, normative Western values were, and has no patience with the faddish replacements that have followed.

Photos should bear some connection to the discussions in the forum in which one has participated. Personal squabbles and drama are to be taken over to the Angry Centrists group. Material which is not safe for general audiences (eg. abortion shots, photos showing freshly injured victims of police brutality or gang violence) should not be posted here; that's what the Explicitly Centrist group is for. Those wishing to follow this group may do so through Twitter by subscribing to Chill Session.

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Group Rules

1. You must have a pre-existing body of writing, one in which your centrism shows, and you must include an url for it or link to it in your request.

2. Accept that this group is not a democracy. Think of it as being my living room, and yourself as being my guest. I'd like to be a good host, so I'll treat you with respect if you let me, and I will listen to your concerns, but we're not going to put policy to a vote.

3. Honor the nature of the group, as set forth in the description, including the comment about your photos needing to relate to your comments in the discussion section. If you haven't posted to that forum, then don't post any photos to the pool.

I don't mind sending a little extra traffic to those who are helping to make the group happen, but the group is not here just to promote your photos.

4. Civility is demanded of all participants. Docility is not - if you misbehave, others do get to call you on that. Posting offensive commentary is misconduct.

Offensive does not mean the same thing as "politically incorrect", and offensiveness will be defined unilaterally by the benevolent dictator for life running the group, in a manner which no honest person should find surprising. So, no, freedom of speech is not going to become one of the negotiating points.

5. All material posted must be adolescent safe. If something is too crude to post on a high school bulletin board, don't post it here.

No nudity, no graphic violence, no profanity.

6. Don't break any laws, not even stupid ones, and don't violate Flickr's TOS. You know I'm going to have to take action if you do that, so please don't make me throw you out. I really don't want to do that, but I also don't want to see the group get deleted.

7. No cyberstalking. If you bring one of your fights into here, and the case can't be reasonably made that your fight was relevant in here, you'll be asked to leave.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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