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Stop posting your stupid urban exploration shots here! opinioneditor98 9 Wingleaders2.0 7 months ago
Two new articles James Gonneau 0 James Gonneau 5 years ago
Why Can’t We Take Pictures in Art Museums? agranek 1 polapix 6 years ago
Off-topic pictures opinioneditor98 13 Seth Gaines 6 years ago
DC recognizes constitutional right to photograph and record police officers Mississippi Snopes 0 Mississippi Snopes 6 years ago
Harassed by Wackenhut for Bank of America Images by Tom™ 23 Joseph Kubik 7 years ago
Canadian Laws: Pictures and Video in Public Spaces nika witkowski 2 ludicrous hair (deleted) 7 years ago
The laws of taking pictures of people in public workable payment (deleted) 8 Albatross Wing Photography - Leo Butchaiwang Y. Ph 7 years ago
Potential loss of photographing Denali James Gonneau 0 James Gonneau 7 years ago
Anyone familiar with laws for the DC area? Joseph Kubik 2 opinioneditor98 7 years ago
New law in Canada: its ok to try to smash someone's camera James Gonneau 3 notinponce 7 years ago
Photographers Legal Rights - The ACLU littlebike 8 notinponce 7 years ago
Idiot Rent-A-Cops! (XSIG Security) Smart City Police! Images by Tom™ 2 noxious airplane (deleted) 7 years ago
Long Beach Police Chief Confirms Detaining Photographers Within Departmental Policy miseryxchord 1 opinioneditor98 7 years ago
" You can't take Pictures of the products" littlepeacetin 16 purple way (deleted) 7 years ago
Land of hope & glory? giant profit (deleted) 0 giant profit (deleted) 7 years ago
Is this a bird group? Rick Drew - 21 million views! 1 purple way (deleted) 7 years ago
New urbex forum Mexico75 0 Mexico75 7 years ago
Permitted photography -- taboo here? reflective wilderness (deleted) 4 purple way (deleted) 8 years ago
Eiffel Tower brendadada 4 Ken Zirkel 8 years ago
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