muckster 12:11pm, 31 August 2007
Hello --
I love my 50 dearly, but lately I've been noticing a green lens flare that is bothering me. Is this a problem with the lens, or is it dust or something else I could fix? You can see it pretty well on these shots:

Thanks for your help.
Matt_Lew 11 years ago
Do you have a UV filter? Try taking it off and seeing if it' still there. If not, it could be specs of water/rain on your lens. This happened to mine and that was the problem.
francisbedard2002 11 years ago
To me, this looks like the candles reflecting on the UV filter too.... I had something similar happen once but I removed it digitally.

muckster 11 years ago
Thanks, I'll try cleaning the UV filter. Much appreciated!
ikilledversace 11 years ago
dont use uv filter. that should fix the problem. worked for me ^_^
Rickd248 & Sharond252 11 years ago
Are you shooting film or digital? If digital, a green tinted UV filter could cause this. I agree, take the filter off and try under the same lighting conditions. If the problem still persists, I suggest a good camera repair shop or ship it back to Canon.

BTW, Promaster has now introduced a line of clear "untinted" UV filters just for digital cameras. I have one on each of my lenses and have not had a tint problem since. One of my lenses is an old EF 50mm F-1.8.

Good luck and please let us know what you find the cause to be.
Andreas Helke 11 years ago
You will always have flare problems if you use a filter with a digital camera. The problem is that the filter and the sensor are parallel to each other. And both are good enough reflectors that you will get visible flares if you have bright lights and a dark background combined in a photo.
jeff saylor 11 years ago
I had the same issue. It wasn't on all my shots, just ones outside at night. I had a UV filter on it and now it's in the trash. That will be the last time I listen to Amazon and their filter suggestion when you buy a lens.
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