MARCO_POLO! 11:37pm, 27 December 2009
This might be a case of 'RTFM" on my part ;) but while reading a review, I realized that there was an awful lot that I missed when I glanced at the manual. Here's a link to page 2 of 3 (where most of the tips are). I find myself agreeing with most of what's said and I recommend reading the entire review (Some info isn't even in the owners manual).

Things I didn't know about the S90:

1) With the camera off, you can press the "playback" button (for 1sec), and you can view images without extending the lens. *I know. I'm an idiot for not knowing this.

2) While taking photos, you can zoom into taken photos during "review" by pressing the "FUNC. SET" button first then zooming (normally to zoom you have to be in "Playback" mode).

3) When in manual mode, half-press the shutter button (and hold it), then press "↑" on the 4-way cursor. The camera will automatically set-up the f-stop and shutter speed for a correct exposure. This makes a quick way of getting 'in-the-ballpark' and you can fine-tune the settings from there.

4) This is the most useful tip. It turns out that you can pre-set focus (not just focal length). This virtually zero shutter-lag technique comes in handy for "street-photography". To do it, simply use "manual-focus" and set a desired focus distance, then push the "menu" button, scroll down to the last item under the 'camera icon tab'. There you'll see "Save Settings...", confirm and now every time you turn the top mode-dial to "C" (custom), the camera will go to the pre-set focus distance. For more info (and a hyper-focal distance chart), read the link above.

Anyone else have any good tip and/or tricks?

EDIT: changed 'bullets' to numbers per request and thread clarity.
dvdyke 9 years ago
I'm gonna make me one of these to try. Ping Pong ball flash diffuser. :)
brionline 9 years ago
Thanks for the tips...number 3 in particular.
MARCO_POLO! 9 years ago
Haha. That's pretty ingenius :)

Your welcome. That tip really speeds up taking shots in "manual".
humorous mass [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by humorous mass (member) 9 years ago
Kudos for sharing dude. Agree with previous poster, in particular bullet number three on the list. Cheers!
myblackboxrocks 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing - Number 3 may push me to start using M mode more often now...
hogepodge 9 years ago
In Av mode if you set the ring function to something other than aperture control (I like to set it to zoom) you have the option to have the rear ring control the aperture. Pushing the up button toggles between using the ring to set aperture and using it to set exposure compensation.
Bracus Triticum 9 years ago
I haven't read the manual yet; I will after another week so perhaps this is covered but I found it handy with my old Canon pocket camera.

When the Camera is off pressing the "play button" and the "set button" at the same time brings up the current time.
dustysnowcrash 9 years ago
You made Tip #4 easy to understand. I read it in the manual and thought, Okay I'll come back to this. Thanks.
luisfraguada 9 years ago
Great...super speed increase with tip Number 3! Right on!
abhiiiiiii! 9 years ago
wow thanks for this!
can everyone number the tips?
It makes it easier when someone is commenting on a tip etc.
dvdyke 9 years ago
Not sure if this is a tip or just some useful info. From what I recall when you use exposure bracketing and then use exposure compensation this also pulls the bracketing up or down in conjunction with it (As it should). So you should still be able to use EC in bracketing mode.

I'll have to do some field testing to see how it works for the odd HDR shot. Also I think it holds that setting after poweroff. Again I will have to test (Too lazy to check right now and want my new Lensmate addon adhesive to settle).
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