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nima; hopographer 7:39am, 19 November 2009
Any cases or bags??
what is your recommendation for Canon S90?
dinglepeninsula 9 years ago
I am using a Olympus case. It is brilliant. I got it from BestBuy when I got the camera
HoosierPhoto 9 years ago

That little guy fits the S90 perfectly with room for a couple SD cards (has two little pockets on the interior. It's very inexpensive, but the build quality is excellent. The 'olympus' badge is sewed on to the front, and I didn't have any problems cutting the threads to remove it.
Seedeich PRO 9 years ago
I use a Lowepro Rezo 20. Perfect fit for the camera and spare battery in the front pocket.
It's easy and secure to mount on a belt.
MARCO_POLO! PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MARCO_POLO! (member) 9 years ago
I went to Best Buy today to pick up one of those Olympus cases and I was dissapointed when I found out that it had a belt loop, rather than a belt clip. Otherwise it was a very nice case.

So while searching around at the store I came a across this Kodak case. It's a simple, handsome, all black, semi-hard case (EVA) with a durable zipper closure and a nice clip on the back (for when I'm not wearing a belt.) I bought one and the snug case fits the S90 very nicely with enough room for a small cleaning cloth and an extra SD card behind the mesh
interior divider.

EDIT: I forgot to mention 2 things.

1.) I have the Franiec grip on my S90 and the case fits well with it attached

2.) The Kodak™ logo (stiched on a fabric loop along the bottom seam) can be easily cut off with a pair of scissors.
hogepodge PRO 9 years ago
I'm going to sew my own this January.
MARCO_POLO! PRO 9 years ago
Do you intend to be snowed-in this January?

hogepodge PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by hogepodge (member) 9 years ago
Nah, I just know what I want, and have the resources to do it. And I don't want to pay $100 for one of these.
MARCO_POLO! PRO 9 years ago
I know we're going way off topic here but why not just do what I've been doing for a while. I just use Domke inserts in any messenger bag I wish.

Mesenger/Camera Bag open

It'll probably be cheaper too.
Her Royal Juicyness 9 years ago
I use an iPod sock :)
SoCalBob 9 years ago
I found a great little leather case with a top flap with Velcro closure and a belt loop at WalMart for only $6. The S90 fits in it snugly and securely with no room to spare -- perfect for carrying on your belt.
djh644 PRO 9 years ago
Be careful if you use a bag with velcro closure for your S90, the strap will stick to the hook side and tear up your strap. :-(

mikebaird 9 years ago
I too noticed the strap get torn up w/ Velcro - anyway, I use the $9 Tamrac #5204 model camera case - snug like I like it, no real room for extras, but I bought the S90 for its max compactness. I use this same case for a Canon SD950IS.
Amazon has it at
oscar_en_fotos Posted 9 years ago. Edited by oscar_en_fotos (member) 9 years ago
I bought a couple of bags that fit my S90:

Canon PowerShot S90 bags

National Geographic NG1150
The S90 fits perfectly, it has space for cards; it has both a belt loop connections and a shoulder strap. The "explorer" look and feel is also great and I feel a little bit National Geographic using it; well... almost :-)
$17 (Amazon)

I also bought the Canon PSC-500 Deluxe soft case. It is not as stylish as the NG and it hasn't all the little pockets for SD cards and battery, but it is softly padded and it won't scratch the LCD monitor. It has a belt loop. It is much cheaper ($8.50 Amazon).
hilld PRO 9 years ago
I use the leather Lowepro Napoli 30. Beautiful fit for the camera WITH its Franiec grip. (But won't hold spare battery.) Cheap from Amazon.
fauzzz 9 years ago
Finally found the perfect pouch my perfect camera..fits this little beast snuggly with slots for extra memory card..pouch has a hook and a belt loop at the back.

IMG_0790 by fauzzz
PhillyRover 9 years ago
The best camera is the one you have with you. So a case in my book takes away from its portability. The bigger the case the more junk you will carry. After buying my S90 I stuffed it in a black sock. Took into account the wrist strap and measure up a few inches then cut the sock. Now the camera is protected from any lose change in my right pocket. Its a sweet set up. Trust me, I carry it everywhere I go. Then when I'm shooting I stuff the thin sock in my pants pocket. People laugh when they see it. I see this as a good thing.
MARCO_POLO! PRO 9 years ago
@dusty eyeball: that's actually a good idea ;)
ruchai 9 years ago
Lowepro Ridge 20, main compartment fit S90, two small compartments fit spare battery and spare cards. It looks ugly but well padded. Should protect the S90 well.,2019,25.htm
djh644 PRO 9 years ago
I use the Lowepro Rezo 20. It has the belt attachment that I like, velcro at the bottom with a little snap strap for added security. The camera resides inside a zippered compartment in which it fits perfectly. The front has a velcro flap with an expandable pocket with two compartments for battery and sd cards. It also comes with a neck strap that I never use.
dvdyke PRO 9 years ago
iPod sock.
leo.mary 9 years ago

iPod sock.

What I also use.
dmdctusa Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dmdctusa (member) 9 years ago
I use the Lowepro Terraclime 30. It's 95% recycled material and holds the camera with the S90 grip, extra SDHC card and battery. It also has a belt loop and detachable strap. When the cover flap is pulled over and clipped, it rolls down like a dry bag and helps keep dust and debris out which is the one thing I did not like about the black leather Olympus case, which the dealer sold me at a very steep discount (but I admit the leather case looks better if one has to dress to the nines for an event).

Edit: with the Terraclime, I keep the S90 in a Sockit micro fiber pouch for longer term storage and it seems to clean the LCD on its own, probably via normal movement of the camera when walking.

available view [deleted] 9 years ago
lowepro ridge 30 works for me its been on my hip since I got it!
Nivad PRO 9 years ago
Guess I'm the odd one out here - I just drop it in my left jacket pocket. Works a treat. With an 8GB flash card in the camera and a spare battery in my inside jacket pocket, I've always got the camera ready when I need it. I suppose I'll need another system come spring, though!
myblackboxrocks PRO 9 years ago
This Lowepro Tasca 20 neoprene sock fits perfectly and the magnetic closure is so neat.,2099,25.htm
Riddlerovis 9 years ago
As anyone tried Canons own case, DCC-1400.
HollywoodToronto 9 years ago
I just ordered the Olympus case for the S90. I heard it comes with a belt loop which is actually what I a belt clip is easy for pick pockets to steal. Can anyone post any pictures of their Olympus case with the camera in the case to see how snug it fits.

patricklikeslight PRO 9 years ago
I second the iPod sock! Works perfectly for protecting the camera while its in your pocket...
BobC2009 9 years ago
I bought a Lowepro Ridge 30 at Walmart. Room for a spare battery or two and SD card. Fits nice on a belt or around your neck.
AMDavidson 9 years ago
I have a Built Hoody

Fits like a glove and has a hard side to protect the LCD when it's bouncing around in my bag.
marcel.prasetya 9 years ago
I'm using PSC-900, one of the official cases for Powershot S90. It's a hard-leather case and a little bit bulky, but I can still put it in my jeans pocket.

I just saw a picture of DCC-1400, another official case, that IMHO looks nicer than the PSC-900. It's a soft-leather case, and looks a little bit thinner than the PSC-900. But I heard they won't sell it in the US.
HollywoodToronto Posted 9 years ago. Edited by HollywoodToronto (member) 9 years ago
I just received my case the Olympus 202320 and it fits the S90 like a is absolutely perfect. It's not bulky and flexible so if you want to attach the lensmate adapter it will still fit nicely. I cut the Olympus sewed badge off easily with some small scissors. The build quality is excellent as mentioned above.

I also like that it has a belt loop instead of a belt clip to prevent any pick pockets from stealing the camera off my belt. I also really like that the case is horizontal for quick easy access.

The price is great as well, you can order it from Amazon or if you're Canadian from they ship to Canada.

Thanks to "dinglepeninsula" & "HoosierPhoto" for suggesting it in this thread.

Scott.Symonds 9 years ago
I bought this Golla Beam case today. Excellent, snug fit with a belt loop and mini carabiner for attaching to stuff:

Just enough space in the front pocket for an SD card or two. Have a Lowepro Napoli 20 on order, so will post that when it arrives.
chris.roberts403 9 years ago
The official leather case is, as said above, very slim and elegant looking, but more importantly gives you very quick access to the camera. it's perfect for everyday use because of that quick access.
For weekends away, I use a Lowepro made for Jessops as it has storage for a spare battery and card but it is more of a fiddle to get the camera out
stevefreitag PRO 9 years ago
Case Logic TBC302 Compact Camera Case, Black

Cost about $8. Frond pocket can also hold a spare battery and/or memory card.
MARCO_POLO! PRO 9 years ago
FYI: -Been seeing some really nice, classy-looking leather cases coming out of Hong Kong on Ebay lately;

They're selling for $100-$130US (+shipping). Not sure of the quality tho-
Flpz 9 years ago
HollywoodToronto 9 years ago
I'm trying to post pictures of my case and camera using ImageShack link but the picture fails to show up in this thread. I've read that Imageshack has been blocked by Flickr due to spammers can someone recommend another webhost that allows me to post pictures up without having to use my flickr account. Thanks.
MARCO_POLO! PRO 9 years ago
Just tried posting a ImageShack image on Flickr. Seems to work fine for me.
HollywoodToronto Posted 9 years ago. Edited by HollywoodToronto (member) 9 years ago
Marco I uploaded a few pics and used the BB link..actually I used all the link available and couldnt' get it to work. What format did you use place an astrix in front so that I can see the code or just look at my link below and tell me what I'm missing....thanks for the help. Usually I never have a problem with imageshack.
MARCO_POLO! PRO 9 years ago
I think you forgot the "http://"

the correct code is

btw: Here's your picture
HollywoodToronto Posted 9 years ago. Edited by HollywoodToronto (member) 9 years ago
Marco thanks for the info I was putting [IMG]then http;//. I will try and re-post. Cheers.
HollywoodToronto 9 years ago

photocat001 PRO 9 years ago
Canon Camera Case by photocat001

Canon PSC900 Deluxe Leather Case from $30

I love it, very accessible, thin, and great fit.
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