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We have decided to add a Megacolon side to BLU. There will be some new members coming over from other forums and facebook to check this out. If you have never heard of Megacolon...dont worry! Its not common.
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just putting this here for the minute while i decide where to put it.

motility meds for megacolon bunnies:

always consult your rabbit savvy vet before using motility drugs (unless you've been given them for use at home) in case of a gut blockage as it could cause a rupture if they're used then.

SUB CUT FLUIDS. (Hartmans/Ringers/0.9% saline solution)
i've put them at the top of this list as while all they are is saline and some minerals, they are the most important factor in normalising a bunny gut in the first instance: ie rehydration. this will go a long way to restore gut motility in most cases and will be important to use alongside any other motility meds prescribed below. POM in the UK, but OTC in USA. anyone with an mc bunny should ask their vet to show them how to do sub cut fluids, and have them at home for use. any vet worthi his salt will gladly show you, if you have a 'gutsy' bunny of any kind. fluids can be lifesavers.

Domperidone (aka Motilium) used by specialist rabbit vets now, this one is available OTC in the uk in good chemists for about £5, used by vets on prescription too, it is prescribed for my mc bunny daily twice a day. additionally helps with nausea and vertigo (may be helpful for ear infection bunnies, tilt bunnies and EC bunnies too)

Cisapride (previously known as propulsid) one of the best lower gut motility drugs for bunnies. vet prescription only. used twice daily here. banned for human use (heart issues) but still used widely in all animal medicine. excellent drug. low dose needed.

Metachlopramide (oral reglan/emeprid) the *injectable* form is much more effective and rapid in my experience, and a lower dose needed. there is some concern over neurological side effects in very long term use, but those same effects are believed to also benefit tilt bunnies ironically. i use this as a back up drug when a bit extra is needed. normally used in regular hypomotility or gut slow down or stasis if a blockage is not detected as well as post operatively to reboot the gut after general anaesthetic or opiod administration. POM.

Ranitidine (Zantac), helpful where there are genuine concerns for gut ulceration. also moderately useful as a motility med in my experience with megacolon - possibly because of its other effects on the digestive process, but useful especially for slowdown in normal bunnies. oral syrup from vet. POM. but OTC pills from a pharmacy in UK about £5-10.
mossbinky 5 years ago
bumping for pam.
ladylagomorph76 5 years ago
Thank you!
ladylagomorph76 5 years ago
Are megacolon bunnies more difficult to "restart" after a stasis bout than regular color bunnies?
mossbinky 5 years ago
yes they can be. they can often overdose of motility meds to get them going again for a day or two, but most important of all is that definite megacolon bunnies who begin to have regular stasis bouts and fail to eat well should go onto a small daily dose of cisapride anyway, so the problem doesnt keep recurring.
ladylagomorph76 5 years ago

I will discuss that with the vet next week. Thanks. He has wonderful gut sounds, his tummy feels perfect. Thanks.
mossbinky 4 years ago
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