jojo79 1:22pm, 7 November 2013
This thread is a discussion one for you to add your thoughts. Members will help you to find out if your bunny is suffering from Megacolon or not. This is NOT a veterinary diagnosis and Veterinary help should always be sought in the first instance.
mskilian 5 years ago
Is it possible for a bunny to develop MC after, say, surgery?
mossbinky Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 5 years ago
yes it is. it's a sort of mechanical or functional mc from traumatic origin rather than genetic mc. you can read about that in the medirabbit diagnostic differential for it. in the mc master threads 'what is megacolon' mskillain. if you think it is possibly a problem for your bunny then post some poop pictures? cecals and fecals.
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