jojo79 1:20pm, 7 November 2013
This thread will showcase typical megacolon poops.

To begin with here are from left to right some comparison photos:

normal (perhaps slighly dehydrated) small FECAL poop from small bunny, then normal round poop from bigger bunny, then megacolon poop from same sized bunny.

[george poop, buzz poop, beau (mega colon) and british penny]
mossbinky Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 5 years ago
a classic megacolon CECAL. long, fat, sausagey, strong smelling, non shiny, LARGE segments. nothing like the healthy 'bunch of grapes' type of cecals in normal bunnies.

[megacolon cecals (next to normal bunny fecal for size comparison)]

and the same thing next to a normal rabbit's FECAL for size comparison

[megacolon cecals (next to normal bunny fecal for size comparison)]

another particularly horrid megacolon cecal. you can see they vary in colour and consistency. one of their main distinctive indicators is that they really smell awful, like carnivore poops almost

[particularly nasty swollen and slimy mc CECAL 'tube' or 'sausage' (photo: helen halliday)]
mossbinky 5 years ago
photo of absolutely classic megacolon FECALS which are generally very large, and OVAL or torpedo shaped, rugby ball shpaed.

[megacolon FECALS (photo courtesy of helen halliday)]

and then more megacolon fecals this time beside large but normal round fecals from a non megacolon bunny (the two bunnies who produced these are brothers, one is ok one is mc)

[mc FECALS (ovals) next to large non mc fecals (round) (photo:helen halliday)]
mossbinky 5 years ago
megacolon bunny's FECALS top, normal bunny's poops beneath

[beau poops, clint poops, long ones are classic mega colon]
mossbinky 5 years ago
often you will see staining around megacolon fecals, especially if there has been a period of stasis followed by an explosion of poops. but even with regular output you can often find this staining and it's considered one of the symptoms.

[poop comparisons]
mossbinky 5 years ago
really good comparison photo between megacolon fecals (left) and normal fecals (right). although the mc fecals are irregular because of moult (see the fur strings) the size difference is very clear.

mossbinky Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 5 years ago
Clint's poos, Beau's poos (beau  has mega colon) by mossbinky

clint's normal fecals (left) - beau's megacolon fecals (right)
mossbinky Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 5 years ago
some of horatio's cecotrophs. this was a long sausage which has broken up so lost a couple of segments to the top on their own. you can see their huge size if you compare them to the newspaper print they sit on. [horatio's cecotroph]
note also the classic wet staining beside the bottom one far right (the top wet middle is urine)
[very large cecos from horatio]
mossbinky 5 years ago
horatio produced this very large megacolon fecal today. it had a classically shiny but not wet coating and is hard inside. it's not a cecotroph. it is over 1 inch long.

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